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The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

The Fabulous Hudson Hornet

I know this one is a bit short notice, it’s going to end in the next couple of hours actually, but it is just too cool to not feature! The Hudson Hornet’s story is that of a true underdog. These cars were built by a smaller brand known for building trucks and big comfortable sedans, but in 1951 the Hornet upset the racing world when it dominated over the Big 3 at NASCAR from ’51 all the way through ’54! This example has tons of great patina, as well as some killer hand painted graphics! You can find this Fabulous Hornet here on eBay in Santa Rosa California, but if you want it you better act quick! Special thanks to Charles H. and Jeff for this tip!

1951 Hudson Hornet Interior

From what I can tell the graphics covering this Hudson were added more recently, but they fit the time period well and would make it a crowd favorite at most events. Personally, I’d love to take it on a road rally! The seller has it running and driving well. The interior looks fantastic and would be plenty comfortable for any long distance drives!

1951 Hudson Hornet Engine

The engine isn’t the original Hudson 308 and has been supplanted by a Chevy 292 inline six. To keep it looking somewhat original, they installed a dual carb manifold so they could install the great looking Twin H Power carb setup! The engine was recently rebuilt and should offer similar, if not better, performance as the original Hudson engine!

1951 Hudson Hornet

While I’m not a huge fan of most customization, I like the direction the owner took with this Hudson. They aren’t terribly valuable, even in perfect condition, so this owner made it into the car they wanted to drive and be seen in. It just so happens that their style really works for me and I like the direction they took this car! It might not be for everyone, but if you want a Hornet that’s going to garner a lot of attention and that is fun to drive, this one might be worth tossing a bid in on! What do you think, would you enjoy this Hudson?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    at $ 1150 with no reserve. someone put a lot of work into this. it sure does have a look to it. might be better with the hudson motor/trans but this works too. great find.

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    • Avatar photo John Hand

      Seems to be forgotten, but a lot of Hudson racers wore the sign MERCURY OUTBOARDS on the sides of the cars. The guy who owned Mercury outboards, name something like Karl Keikhaefer (going from memory not looking it up) sponsored the Fabulous Hudson Hornet race cars, but that was a sight to see, MERCURY written on the side of a winning Hudson Hornet.

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  2. Avatar photo ch

    I think the racers were 2-door models. Without the paintstick graphics, he’d probably get no bidders.

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    • Avatar photo RayT

      Yes, the racers had the two-door body style. And, for me, without that big Hudson lump under the hood — REAL Twin H-Power — it’s a no-go. I’m not really sure a Chevy “six” could out-power the original.

      Just as well, though. If it were the real thing, I would be sorely tempted to head cross-country to check it out.

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    • Avatar photo scott

      this was modeled after a Bonneville car that was a four door sold for 13.5k too

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  3. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I would rather have the Hudson 308 instead of the Chevy 6.

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  4. Avatar photo TBall

    To quote my kids, OMG! I got it, no Hudson thumper under the hood. Got it, 4 vice 2 doors. But I’m telling you, as a solid blue oval guy, if I had the garage space and coinage, that car would be mine. What an awesome looking piece of the way we used to be. Nice find, thanks for sharing Jeff.

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  5. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    I shouldn’t complain. Many times, I say to re-power old cars with modern motors, and I guess the builder did exactly that. However, usually, it’s for cars with big gas-guzzling V-8’s that have no place in a modern world. ( except at the dragstrip) I feel, enough was put into this motor, that someone could have easily found a Hudson motor, and then you’d REALLY have something. I can only think, someone who is looking for those air cleaners to finish their original “Twin H” is probably screaming right now.

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  6. Avatar photo Charles H.

    I submitted that one to you guys a few days ago

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    • Avatar photo Josh Staff

      Sorry Charles, I guess I need to stop going through the submissions late at night or when I’m half asleep! I will update the post to reflect that you sent it in first! Again, my apologies

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      • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

        Charles, great minds think alike. Nice find – it grabbed my attention for sure!

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  7. Avatar photo francisco

    Mario Andretti and his brother Aldo started out racing in one of these. I used to watch them at a nearby speedway when I was a kid.

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  8. Avatar photo Charles H.

    Nascar’s H.A. “Humpy” Wheeler has a really nice one made like a vintage Nascar racer, that he drives on the street.

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  9. Avatar photo socaljoe

    You see the craziest things on this site. I’d like the trunk lid for garage art.

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  10. Avatar photo randy

    I can see my dad driving this.

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  11. Avatar photo Mark E

    Sold for $13,500 so at least two people must like it, even the girly trunk art… -_-;

    I guess it would be different, having a car I wouldn’t have to wash/wax/detail before a show…

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  12. Avatar photo herb

    looks like ole Doc Hudson in Cars

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  13. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    That is what I believe to be a true example of “patina”!!!!!!!! I think that this thing is cool! Inside and out. The drivetrain upgrades might not appeal to all, just like the artwork, but to me, that is the real deal!! Too steep for my wallet but “if I could, I would” rest assured.

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  14. Avatar photo Mark S

    The trunk lid reminds me of the art on the ww2 nose art on the bombers

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  15. Avatar photo Tom S.

    You can see the real deal (claimed to be, anyway) at the NASCAR museum in Charlotte, NC.

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  16. Avatar photo Todd Hanson

    What a load of crap! Nothing like completely ripping off my lettering and paint job. Big loser in my book. No class, no talent from the owner who told the person to paint it this way, to the so-called artist who had no morals to say, Im not copying someone elses work. Here is what I did. http://www.hansondidit.com

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  17. Avatar photo phil w

    This work is copied from an original Hudson hornet done by none other than Todd Hanson. This is a shotty replica an unoriginal idea

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  18. Avatar photo Jeff Mac

    Well that’s a damn shame.
    Thieves suck, although there is a saying about all art being theft.
    Inspiration from someone’s work, sure, but not out wright straight copying.
    To the guy who copied Todd’s work, you suck.
    How hard would it have been to do your own version?

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  19. Avatar photo Don

    Hey guys slow down… Ever heard of a CLONE car. Just like so many gasers and nascar replicas this obviously is a reproduction and dedication to one of THE MOST BEAUTIFUL cars to grace the salt flats..Ron Earnsberger’s ’49 Commodore. The atrist went through great strides to reproduce this beautiful ride and Todds beautiful work. I happen to know that Ron contacted the guys who built up this car and was flattered by it and loved how it came out. A real class act guy! Thanks Ron! Just knowing somebody took the time to reproduce and emulate my race car would make my day! Well done!

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  20. Avatar photo Eddie Powong

    They did awesome on that paint job,looks better than the original. If I had that car I would definitely find a Hudson 308 and hydramatc to swap back in.

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  21. Avatar photo Paul A Ulrich

    Yes I also do love the Hudson Hornet. I drove a 1953 Hornet to high school as I graduated in 1966. Unfortunately mine succumbed to the mid West salt and I had to strip off all the chrome and stainless trim as the rocker panels were very rusted out. The trunk also had serious rust issues. I used fiberglass to patch all the rust holes and then painted it. Got about 15 or 20 cans of surplus paint from a surplus store that had all kinds of surplus merchandise, everything from A to Z . The paint color came out kind of a cinnamon color, even had some partial cans of metallic paint. Bet that color would be almost impossible to match today. If any one out there ever went to North Side High School in Fort Wayne Indiana they would have seen my Hudson Hornet Club Coupe with the real Twin H-Power. Paul Ulrich P.S. also had the GM- Hydromatic Trans. what a powerful hot car for it’s day. The kids movie Cars boosted the Hudson Hornets price up a lot I’m sure.

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  22. Avatar photo RJ

    Cars was a kids movie? My wife bought me a model Finn McMissle and told me it was a racing movie, so we watched it together.

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