The Green Dragon’s Return: 1958 Studebaker Roadster

A while back, we featured a rather odd creation that looked like a British Roadster but was built off of a Studebaker. You might remember Jamie’s story on the Green Dragon in February, which you can read here. Well, after we featured it, Reader Troyce W had to have it. It wasn’t too far away, so he bought it and transported it home. Shortly after getting it, the realization set in that he doesn’t have the time or capabilities to take it on right now, so he’s decided to let it go to someone who does. I’m a little bummed he didn’t run it as an Exclusive, but at least he posted it in the BF Classifieds!

According to Troyce, this one off creation actually drives really well. It isn’t particularly fast, but that’s to be expected from something powered by a flathead Studebaker inline 6. The engine is said to run great though and is paired to a Borg-Warner Overdrive transmission. While the pair definitely gets the job done, a more modern transmission might actually result in better overall performance, but why fix something that isn’t broken?

The fabrication and fiberglass work that went into building this Roadster is unreal. Looking the body over, I’m truly amazed by how nice it looks. I’ve seen more than a few “professionally” manufactured kit cars that don’t even come close to looking this good. Clearly, the original builder was a talented and meticulous individual to get the hand-laid fiberglass body symmetrical. The interior is one area that needs work though. Some of the gauges aren’t working and you will need to do something with the seats. Troyce installed a modern high back bucket seat, which he says is more comfortable, but it doesn’t quite match the rest of the car’s style. With a matching passenger’s seat installed and a pair of tan seat covers, they wouldn’t look too bad and would get you down the road just fine.

This really is one of the more unique vehicles we’ve had come through the Classifieds lately. It really is a cool piece of history and I hope another Barn Finds Reader ends up buying it. Troyce is asking $7,500 or $1k less than when he bought it, which really does seem like a great deal. If you would like to give this one-off a good home, you can find it here on craigslist in Parrotsville, Tennessee.

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  1. Dirk

    Still a really neat looking car with a little Frazer-Nash style to it, especially at the front but please, somebody put the original seats back in, or something more appropriate than that horrendous highback.

  2. ccrvtt

    Credit to the seller for being upfront about the pricing and not trying to gouge anyone. Nothing’s really changed since February’s story – it’s still a very, very cool car.

  3. Alexander

    Great workmanship and attention to detail on this car. Agree about that one, horribly uncomfortable seat. I would chrome the headlights and some other bits of trim to make this car really pop.

    This is in my home state of Tennessee? Hmmm.

  4. 71FXSuperGlide

    Well, I guess you could have fun arguing with folks at car shows that it’s a Studebaker. :D

  5. Peter Atherton

    It really is a well done roadster;I could do without the lawn tractor seat, and the too upright windscreen…

  6. troyce

    (seller) The original seats are shown in the attached, are quite uncomfortable, and the driver’s side crowded me. They go back in easily with clips on the bottom. The plastic tractor seat is just sitting in there, not actually installed. There’s a mate to it, as well. Also I’d like to note that there is a two inch thick set of build records, pix, drawings, and whatnot with the car.

  7. Wayne

    Just plain cool!

  8. Bryan W Cohn

    Why do I envision a pair of Brooklands windscreens, a pair of aluminum bomber seats like were used in the 50’s and 60’s, a marginal roll bar, a drivers wearing a leather bomber jacket and his scarf whipping in the breeze?

  9. George

    Still want this. Alas, I still haven’t won the lottery…

  10. George

    Keep it Studebaker and put in an R2 engine to get some performance!

  11. Scott Friedgen-Veitch

    I bought the car in January 2019, and am looking forward to having a lot of fun with it. See you in P-burg in April, from Pastor Scott F-V

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Fantastic!!! Glad to know it has a good home! Please post some pictures and keep us up to date!

    • lc

      So glad you’re enthusiastic about the Green Dragon.
      This is me in the car when under my stewardship in NC. Actually this machine has lots of scoot! Would love to talk with you about it sometime. All Best and Enjoy!

  12. Scott Friedgen-Veitch

    I am so pleased with the Green Dragon. Is fun and has a great story. I would like to connect. Sincerely Pastor Scott


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