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When we received this submission from reader Larry C. with a photo of this barn, we asked ourselves what could possibly be housed in this beautiful barn. Maybe an old Ferrari or Maserati, perhaps some long lost gem of automotive history, the possibilities were endless. But what was actually housed in this barn surprised us more than the cars we dreamed were there.

1958 Hillman Minx Convertible In Barn

What was housed in this barn wasn’t a million dollar Ferrari, but two late ’50s Hillman Minx Convertibles. While the Minx isn’t an expensive car or even a particularly rare car, ask yourself when was the last time you found two parked in a barn. We would guess you probably haven’t, we know we haven’t.

1959 Hillman Minx Convertible Rear Corner

Larry came across these two Minxes while at work. Like most of us he was keeping himself busy at work by surfing Craigslist, when he came across the listing for these two cars. He contacted the owner and went to take a look. The older gentlemen that owned the cars said he had parked them in the barn close to 30 years ago. He had planned on repainting the ’59, but work had required him to move to California part way through the project, so both cars had been left in this barn since. He said his sister and brother-in-law were selling the farm, so his Minxes needed to go. Larry bought both cars and took them home.

1958 Hillman Minx Convertible Rear Corner

This ’58 Minx is actually in pretty decent shape and wouldn’t need a lot done to it to get it back on the road. The ’59’s body is pretty rough, but not terrible and the powertrain is complete. These Minxes were probably both powered by 1.5L 4 cylinder engine that produced approximately 40 hp. There were a considerable number of Minxes built, with close to 300K built between ’57 and ’59 alone. There weren’t a ton of the convertibles that made it state side, but parts should be plentiful for these cars.

1958 Hillman Minx Convertible Front

We are glad that Larry was able to get both of these unique little cars before they rioted away. He is planning on restoring the stripped one, but for the right price he would sell both cars. If you’re interested please contact us and we will give you his information.

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  1. Jim Rizer

    Sweet little cars.

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  2. nick danger

    first car i ever owned was a '54 minx., bought for $25.00 in 1972

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  3. clarke

    My father paid $50 for one in `66 I think, a frog green convertible. He drove it for a few years then traded even for a nice black 1950 Hudson Pacemaker Coupe with Drive Master.

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    • Mike

      I bought a ’50 in Denver while in the Army in 1964. I could never afford to get it to pass inspection while earning $87 a month, before taxes. Drove it with temporary stickers until I was discharged. I sold it for parts for $50. Fun car.

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  4. chris

    I would like more info please..thanks

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  5. Larry

    Chris you can send me an E-Mail

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  6. Mary

    First car I ever owned was ’64 Hillman Minx – paid $75.00 for it. I remember that it was hard to find parts for it – but old MG parts sometimes worked. Never could get the brakes fixed. Great little car. I still have very fond memories of driving it all over North and South Carolina before it finally quit working.

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  7. Bradley Johnson

    Hello – – just admiring the pix of the Hillman. In 1970, my dad bought a 1958 Minx convertible in really nice shape. He paid $75 for it (hard to believe), and it was bought on South Shore area of Mass. Loved that little car – – so British, though it was left hand drive. I was only 10 at the time but fell in love with it. Just the smell of that leather interior….all because it needed a new starter, my dad decided not to invest the $300 he was quoted at the time (which included other servicing as well) and so sold it, 3 weeks later, for the same amount – $75 – just to get rid of it. That was many years ago…I always thought that someday, I would avenge the premature disposal of that great little car and buy a nice, 1957-60 (though preferably ’58) Minx convertible of my own. I am sure that years later, my dad kicked himself for being so much in a hurry to sell it. Later on, I was to buy my first car, a 1960 Metropolitan hdtp. which helped to take the sting out of losing that little green Hillman. Ah, the memories…it’s never too late, though, right??

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