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The Stojadin: 1977 Zastava 101

1977 Zastava 101

Now here is one we don’t see in our part of the world very often! Reader Vanco out of Thessaloniki, Greece has decided to part ways with his sweet little Zastava. The 101 was Zastava’s first vehicle to be designed in house, although it’s essentially a Fiat 128. They built over a million of these things, but given that they were meant to be cheap transportation, few have survived the years in this nice of condition. Vanco believes it’s all original and I’m inclined to agree! If you’d like to give this unique survivor, you can find it here on eBay with a current bid of $1,800.

1977 Zastava 101 5 Door

This Zastava isn’t perfect, it has some rust starting to show in the typical places. Much like it’s Fiat counterpart, the 101 is prone to rust. At this point, the rust doesn’t look too bad, but I’d recommend treating it sooner rather than later. If the metal is anything like the metal Fiat used, the rust will expand quickly.

1977 Zastava 101 Interior

The interior looks to be in pretty good shape. I’m guessing the seats need new upholstery, but the current covers don’t look too bad. I really like the looks of the dash, but I’m not a huge fan of the newer stereo. I’d want to return it to original, but that’s just me.

1977 Zastava 101 Hatch

The Fiat 128 is actually a fun little car and I imagine the Zastava version is too. The front wheel drive layout made for a very versatile car, capable of being offered in a number of body styles. Long before Fiat offered it, Zastava was building this 5 door versions, which made them even more practical. Fiat even used the drivetrain as the basis for the X1/9. Power wasn’t that impressive, about 50 horsepower. There was an S model that offered up 74 horses, but sadly this is one just a base 101. Considering these were still being built and sold in 2008, I guess they must have had enough power to satisfy the budget minded driver.

1977 Zastava 101 Survivor

I know this isn’t the kind of car most of us would think of collecting, but I have to admit that I kind of want it! What a great conversation piece! You wouldn’t ever see another one at car shows, at least here in the States. And I imagine when you bring up it’s decedent the Yugo, that will lead to all kinds of fun conversations. Unlike the Yugo, finding parts for it shouldn’t be too difficult, it’s more or less a Fiat after all! So would you import this 101? If so, would you leave it as is or would you upgrade it with an X1/9 engine and make it into a 101S?


  1. brakeservo

    Regarding Fiats and rust – they seemed to have invented rust with their cheap Soviet steel. Simply looking at a Fiat will cause it to rust, not painting it will cause it to rust, painting it will also cause rust, rain and water will cause rust, but clear air will cause rust. Not touching the car will cause it to rust, and touching it will also cause it to rust. Even thinking about it will cause it to rust, and they may be the only car that exposure to sunlight will cause rust! Did I mention that these cars have a tendency to rust??

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  2. JW454

    On my bucket list would be a car something like this one. Then, tastefully paint it up to resemble an old European rally car from back in the day. I like seeing the sixties and seventies rally racers such as the Sabbs and Fiats.

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    • Josh Staff

      I know exactly what your talking about! I’ve been going back and forth on what color to paint my Fiat 124. It originally was maroon, but boy would it look sweet bright red with flat black hood and boot like the Abarth 124 Rally cars, complete with rally lamps and hardtop of course!

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      • JW454


        Not to offend anyone but, I’m thinking something along these lines. I just think it would be a cool ride to tool around in.

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      • Josh Staff

        I love it! Dang it, now I want a 128 to rally out!

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      • Mark-A

        I had a friend who had a 127 or maybe a 128 Sport in the early 90s that was a Bright Green Colour with a replacement Bonnet (Hood) in the Matt Black as supplied & it was always cool looking to me! Pretty sure it ran on Twin Carbs too!!

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  3. Mark

    I have owned quite a few Fiats and Alfas over the years, including a 1979 Fiat Brava 2 door sedan (I believe it went by the 131 model name elsewhere). Very upscale version of this car with the more potent 2.0 liter used in the Spiders. 5 Speed, RWD, fun, comfortable. Mine was bright yellow with tan cloth interior, and although I lived in NH at the time, it had no rust (go figure). It finally succumbed to some electrical malady I didn’t have the skill or cash to figure out.

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  4. Steven C

    I know i’m a weirdo, really lusting for this one

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  5. Francisco

    If I had the time. I would buy this, travel to Greece, take the grand tour of Europe with it, sell it, and come home. With what you save in car rental, you might do better than break even.

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  6. Chris

    Im not sure I could get my right leg in there, much less the rest of me. This type of car just isn’t rated for my kind of, ahem, “action.”

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    • Jwaltb

      Thanks for sharing, Chris. We’re so pleased for you…

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  7. Mark P

    I had a 1975 Fiat 128, 4dr sedan. To this day I wish I still had it. People thought I was nuts with the snow tires on the front in winter. Handled like it was on rails. Not fast but I’d lead the muscle cars to the twisty roads and never see them again. Sold it in ’79 to girl that rolled and totaled it just weeks later. One night got it stuck in some sand, me and a buddy had the great idea of getting the wheels spinning and then locking the throttle in place (there was a knob on the dash????) and we both got out to push. Once it hit the pavement it stalled but rolled into a nearby building. No real damage, stupid kids we were.

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  8. Bob

    Something for Josh, Fiat 128 Rally from 1973, very close relative to 101, but see for 101 on Rally Monte Carlo Historiqe always between first 10 cars, so with little tweaks this can be true fun race car :)

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  9. Bill

    A 128 sedan was my University car. i have been looking for one since mine was “taken” (long story) There are not many left, but it was a brillianlty fun car (bright yellow with racing stripes FTR)

    If one pops up near me..IT”S MINE!!!!

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