They Are Still Out There! 1957 Chevrolet 150

We love seeing the barn finds that our readers discover! This find comes to us from Larry B in Angleton, Texas. He actually sent us his find via mail, with physical photos! It was an awesome surprise, when was the last time you received a letter you actually wanted to open? I will let him tell you about this find in his own words below.

Barn Finds Friends,
Enclosed are pictures of a 1957 Chevy that was found while painting a ranch, west of Roshar, Texas. It had set in this barn for 23 years after 2nd owner had gotten too old to drive. It was complete, except for the battery. All 4 tires were flat, they were changed out as soon as we drug it out. We installed new plugs, points, a battery and it started. I’m waiting on a new gas tank & fuel pump, then intend to drive it to the local cruise nights & car show. I will swap the 6 cylinder out later for 350 or perhaps an LS1. I am really proud of this find. They are still out there…
Larry B

This looks like a great find and we can’t wait to see what Larry does with it! So, would you make this Chevy a good driver, leaving it looking rough, or would you give it a full restoration? If you have a barn find story, we would love to share it with the world. You can email us your photos and story at


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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Be different. Be brave. Leave it the way it was born

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    • Mark A Luttrell

      Yes give it a paint job and a restoration as needed but keep it as original to factory as possible and leave the 6 cyl in it. Yes I’m a original person myself. I like to see them restored back to the day they were drove off the showroom floor.

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  2. Rick

    Drive it! (But I’d put steelies with dog dishes back on it.)

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  3. Chester

    Out of curiosity, how much was paid for it? Is that wrong to ask? It would be helpful for others in similar situations.

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    • Curt Lemay

      I would like to know that too. Just like in buying real-estate, the money is made at the buy, not at the eventual flip. I believe most of us here are not BJ buyers, we buy at a different level, and those numbers would be helpful as a baseline in future endeavors.

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  4. Red

    HOPEFULLY… You LEAVE IT as a 3 pedal Manual transmission rig… [even a 4sp/5sp manual transmission swap Would be OK.]

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  5. Ian C

    Congrats on the find! Do what you want with it. Stock ones are nice to look at, but I would go pro-street as my first pick, or maybe old-school hot rod. There are plenty more ’57s out there, so don’t let the purists keep you down. (Unless they want to pay stupid money to keep you away from it LOL)

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    The heading Are 57’s still out there? The answer is YES. Thanks to Danchunk and China there will never ever be a shortage. The long time owners are moving on and their families are selling. If that isn’t enough you can get a reproduction body.

    Larry, Nice find. The base 150 series used to be the car no one wanted……or quickly wanted to change. Not the case now. I think it is pretty unique. That being said if it runs now leave it alone. That six has called the body home since I am to assume new. Why make it homeless now ?

    Swapping out the engine to a V8 you will have the same clone of everything else that everyone else has. There are more V8 57’s today then when GM made them. I wouldn’t change a thing. Well the wheels for sure.

    But it’s your car. Good luck

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  7. Steve R

    Congratulations on your find. Personally, a few well selected vintage 60’s performance parts make a car like this stand out. It’s how they would have looked at the height of their popularity, when they were still a common sight roaming the local cruise and drive in.

    Steve R

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    • Steve R

      Go away troll.

      Steve R

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    • William

      Stay off the road, drunkard.

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    • Steve R

      Curt, he’s just some random user that likes to inject social commentary into his post and doesn’t like it when his opinion is contradicted. He’s been fabricating comments like this for several years, under many different user names. I’m not sure what’s wrong with him, but he’s not likely to change.

      Steve R

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    • Steve R

      Curt, it seems like the two of you think alike. There is not a chance I would ever apologize for something I didn’t do to appease someone, no matter how mentally unstable they are.

      Steve R

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    • Steve R

      This is just some random guy on a website, I won’t be losing any sleep based on what he thinks.

      Steve R

  8. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Fun story, including the part about the pictures arriving by mail. Angleton and Rosharon are not far from the coast, I used to live in the vicinity, good that the car survived the incessant humidity. I’d leave it close to stock but the new owner can do whatever he wants.

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  9. Dan

    If you feel the need. Hot rod the 6 banger

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  10. GCS Member

    I love it. I had a 210 as my first car. This is in much better shape..

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  11. Timothy Youngberg

    Frankly a V-8 swap is boring. I did it once with a Pontiac Tempest and regretted it. Boo

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  12. Richard Isenberg

    The Barn definitely seems to have a slight lean to the left. I believe it could be straightened back with some new wood inside and a little coaxing. I would try to get some replica doors made to go with the age of the barn. Love the small door at the top wondering if there is an upstairs hidden in there. There are some great paint products out there or possibly some colored stain after some serious scraping. Did owner say if the car comes with it???

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    • Phil

      hay loft

  13. Steve Thompson

    I’d go with disk brakes in the front, a 5 speed, 283 engine, redue the seat and dash, satin clearcoat and drive it. Relative inexpensive easy driver.

  14. Desert Rat

    I’ve have to go big block 427, 4 speed with paint and a new set of Cragar SSs (aka project X from the Car Craft days) and I know it’s been done to death but that’s the way I like my 57s!

  15. HJR

    Awesome find! But the whole “I’ma gonna pull out the 6 and put a bent 8 in” is SOOOOOOOOOO overdone it’s boring as Hell.
    When I go to a car show I love to see a Model A with the original engine, they’re so rare!

  16. John Klintz

    I frankly am so bored with “tri-fives” that I almost get nauseated looking at them. What’s the big deal, other than a “pretty face?” Yes, they had better V-8s than the Fords of the era and were (subjectively) better looking. Big deal. They had NO outstanding, industry-changing features. They didn’t hold a candle to the Chrysler 300, the DeSoto Adventurer, or to say nothing of the Rambler Rebel. Enjoy it, but leave the stovebolt in it.

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    • Desert Rat

      I know how you feel John, I’m so sick of looking at rusty 68-70 Chargers that I want to throw up but, fair is fair if I have to look at Chargers you must also look at 57 Chevys…

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      • John Klintz

        Well stated, Desert Rat! Fair enough; we’ll all take the “medicine” with the gourmet pasta!

  17. roger

    why are there more 57 chevys out there now then they made ?

    • James lantz

      V 8 57’s then originally made…

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  18. Hemidavey

    Very cool find, hope you get many years of enjoyment in it. I’ve grown to ignore the self appointed experts who tell me what I should have or not done to my own car. Walk away from them and build what you want. You be happier! Everyone has an opinion, yours is the only one that counts.

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  19. Kenn

    “No…..personal attacks.” Either there is a rule or there isn’t. Frequent – or favorite – commentators shouldn’t get a pass.

  20. Patrick Michael Shanahan

    If you show up at the Saturday night shine and show you will attract way more attention than anyone else. Everyone will want to hear your story of how you found the car.

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  21. Edd L. Brock

    Bel Air? I don’t know. 3 on the tree seems to fit this car more than perfectly. Turbo Fire twin-barrel 283 ci V8, you’d have this car running like it’s straight from the factory.

  22. Edd L. Brock

    Bel Air? I don’t know. 3 on the tree seems to fit this car more than perfectly. Turbo Fire twin-barrel 283 ci V8, you’d have this car running like it’s straight from the factory. This is a great-looking find, and the patina goes with the car.

  23. martinsane

    Be a waste to cut it up. Plenty of donor cars available to ruin.

    Leave the old girl with her b cup she’s plenty pretty without the knee shooters.

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  24. Dave Kreitzer

    I’d leave it just the way it is except finish sand it and clear it. What a awesome find.

  25. Whynot Member

    Great find congrats to you. Was my dream car bought a project 57 Belair two door post when I was in high school. Tore it apart big plans drug it around for 20 years. In that time got married started a family. Or was it started a family got married bla , bla , bla not an original story. Looking back I with I would have just drove the wheels off it. If I was in your shoes I would go through all systems. All new fuel system, inspect wiring, buff out paint patch and blend any rust. Split the manifold make it duel with glass packs straight out the back . Swap out the single barrel carb for a two barrel. With time maybe lower the gears in the rear end . Add dog dish hubcapsWhat a cruiser you would have. I guarantee you will get more looks and self satisfaction than the masses with 80 g’s invested . We are only giving our options. The beauty is it’s not a dream it’s your 57 Chevy to do as you choose. I’m excited for you enjoy!

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