Third Time’s The Charm? 1937 Hudson Terraplane

I had just started to write this Hudson up that recently showed up here on eBay. As I was looking the body over, I got this strong sense of déjà vu. And then I remembered writing up a Terraplane a few years back, so I decided to do a quick search. Low and behold, I wrote this truck up once way back in 2015, when it was listed in Wilson, Wyoming. And a year before that, I featured it when it was in Oregon. Not much has changed since then, except that it’s listed as being in Driggs, Idaho and the asking price is $7k cheaper!

After some digging, I figured out that it’s the same seller from when we featured it in 2015. Clearly, their asking price was too high or it would have already sold, but the price drop and additional photos are a good step in the right direction. As a matter of fact, their asking price is now lower than what they paid for it in 2014! Since there hasn’t been any major changes to it, I thought I’d just add on to my previous post, that way we can see the previous conversation on it.

1937 Hudson Terraplane Truck

FROM 11/24/2015 – The Terraplane Pickup is still my all-time favorite Hudson design! There’s just something about the way the body flows into the truck bed that just works. The 1937 Terraplane you see above is past just being covered in patina, but I don’t mind the way it looks and I don’t see much in the way of cancer. We actually featured the same truck a year ago when it sold for $16k. Now it’s relisted here on eBay in Wilson, Wyoming with as asking price of $22k. Thanks go to both Matt K and Jeff W for the update!

1937 Hudson Terraplane Truck Engine

These trucks are highly sought after, as evidenced by the seller’s asking price, and it seems I’m not the only one who loves the way these trucks look. This example is going to take a huge amount of work to get it back to pristine condition.

1937 Hudson Terraplane Truck Interior

The seller claims it is all there, well minus the cylinder head. Finding mechanical parts shouldn’t be too difficult as it is just a Hudson Terraplane. Trim and replacement sheet metal, on the other hand, could be hard to source. Let’s just hope that the next owner gets a little further with the process than the last one did.


  1. David Frank David Member

    Anniversary addition?
    You wrote this up last November 24th when it was in Oregon. Interesting story there. So it is from Oregon perhaps?

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  2. Howard A Member

    Looks like someone wants to make a quick $5G’s, and I guess there’s nothing wrong with that, except, this truck REALLY needs to be restored, once and for all. I agree with Josh ( although, I wish people wouldn’t use the word “cancer” to describe rust, just a miserable disease, sorry) these were my favorite vehicles. The original El Ranchamino. Going to take a lot of work, but what a reward when finished. There’s probably 6 in the world right now. My biggest fear, is someone would resto-mod an important classic like this. Please, keep it stock.

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  3. Vince Habel

    These and the Studebaker Coupe Express were way a head of the Ranchero.

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  4. Jerome johnson

    I have a question how do you remove the rusted bolts out of a vehicle with that much rust.

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    • Mark S

      Heat mostly, usually carefull use of a torch. You would also use penitrating oils as well and after all that your still going to brake the odd bolt.

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    • Jeff Mac

      Hudson used anti seize grease in their cars, or so I’ve been told.
      I have a 28 Hudson Super Six project, and have had no issue getting bolts out, or nuts undone.

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      • Lance

        Jeff, I wish that was true. I’ve worked on nd own a number of Hudsons and most have never failed to supply me with the sinking feeling of broken heads off of bolts. LOL.

  5. Woodie Man

    So what…the seller buys it and jacks up the price to resell?………after finding out there’s bigger problems than he or she realized? If someone buys this for even more than last time….the greater fool theory is proven once again

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    • Jesse

      We own this truck now and trying to follow history. See it started as a barn find in Oregon, then went to Wyoming. It will be restored. Looking for history on it as to what or who’s barn it was in, Thanks Jess

  6. Brad

    Well, there’s a ‘best offer’ button for a reason – maybe it’s a change of heart rather than a flip…. somebody can offer the same 16K and poof, they’re back to where they started.

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  7. Tundra/BMW Guy

    What would worry me most about this deal?!?! This guy/company does restorations for a living?! Why is he taking a, hopefully, measly 5K profit when he could do the restoration, at cost, and turn around and sell it for more than a 5K profit? If Howard A was being serious, or even close, with the number that might be left out there, this thing restored, is worth a mint! Something doesn’t add up…………………..
    P.S. I am a truck guy and I think this would be probably one of the most handsome trucks out there, after proper restoration!

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Tundra/BMW Guy, apparently, they only made the “Terraplane ” pickup for 4 years, and made like 1900 units in 1934. They weren’t very popular, although, I believe Hudson made a car/ pickup even after the war. ( without the Terraplane name) Can you imagine, this truck looked like the truck in this ad once?

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      • Lance

        No Howard, not quite true. Terraplane pickups were made from 1934 until the name Terraplane was dropped in 1938. The pickups were then produced with the HUDSON name both pre and post war. Pickup production stopped in 1947 with the advent of the stepdown model. Terraplane also produced enclosed vans with the bodies produced from an outside vendor.

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  8. Wayne

    I have a ’36 Terraplane 2-door sedan that the in-line flathead 6 is totally seized. So I’m resto-ridding it with a 283 but not altering the body in any way. I bought it 10 years ago for $1,400. There’s an original (not trash) ’36 Terraplane 4-door sedan 2 miles from my house that the guy said he would sell for $20K+…….

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    • Jeff Mac

      Hudson’s are a great vehicle, but only Hudson people buy them. Where I live, they are very hard to sell.

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  9. Mark S

    What a fantastic looking truck. In the past there are times that I’ve said restomod it, this truck is not one of those times especially after seeing Howard A’s comment attachment. When new these looked more like a high end car than a truck. Does anyone know if these Hudsons were more money than your typical pickups of the day,

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  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    The problem with this is the initial investment. You’re going to double your investment (at least) by the time you get it on the road. It would be worth it but not many people have got that kind of change jingling in their pocket. If you were to come up with $10K to start then add another $20K over the next three to five years, that’s still a hefty expense. I wish I had the means to do this project from start to finish because I WOULD take it on. Unfortunately, my lucky numbers keep showing up on someone else’s ticket…

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  11. Wayne

    Only 6 left? Pull the other leg it plays jingle bells. These 1936/7 come up quite regularly. There are at least two that I know of fully restored here down under.

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    • Jeff Mac

      1936 saw 4,548 commercial vehicles shipped, 1937 saw 8,058 shipped. 37 was their best year, but 1938 wasn’t very good, and the sales fell off after that, to under a 1000 a year.
      That’s commercial, so includes panel vans. Can’t find exact figure in my Hudson book for pickups only.

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  12. Wayne
    • Jeff Mac

      In 1947, 2,917 pickups were built by Hudson.

  13. Don

    Pretty nice but it ain’t no Studebaker Coupe Express. Now that is a great looking pickup, much classier than this one. Sorry just my opinion.

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  14. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Good looking lines on these but this new posting makes one wonder why it’s not been sold and up for grabs again…

    • Wayne from oz

      Because it’s way overpriced.

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  15. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Great lines. So it appears that a couple of people have bought, stars in eyes, and eventually reality takes over.

    The biggest shame would be for this to go to a crusher. So no matter how it manages to be redone, I’d be good with it!

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  16. John Holden

    I think ‘lo’ – not ‘low’ – and behold

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  17. Paolo

    How classy is a pick-up with a sidemount spare? Very, very in my opinion but I am also quite fond of ham sandwiches and cold beer. Hard to know the “$$$” value but if you like 1937 Terraplanes (like I do) consider these two also on e-bay at this time.
    A nicely restored 4 door sedan for BIN $23,900. :

    And a good original coupe for $8,000.

    This is a wonderful truck in need of intelligent ownership. Maybe the reason it hasn’t sold is that the owner isn’t willing to turn it over to just any ham-fisted, dim-witted butcher with dull dreams of internet fame ridden full of hot rod cliches, possessing dubious resources and worse friends, associates and in-laws.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Those are both great finds, for different reasons.. Love ’em, and btw the coupe has been dropped to $7500.

      If I tripped into a Lotto win, this truck would be on my list of acquisitions, if the price could be made right. I’d spread the good fortune by getting a good building with plenty of space, and hire a great craftsman. And, also a few apprentices further down the learning curve.

  18. ILoveCarz

    Please, someone contact a good car restorstion guy, and tell him about this! Just can’t let it go to waste!

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  19. bone

    While I hope its something that can be restored , personally I think its ugly .I realize Hudson was using as much car parts on these as they could , but to me these look like someone took a nice 4 door sedan and cut the rear body off the frame and slid an old utility trailer bed in the back , something a low buck farmer might do . The panel trucks Hudson made look so much better. I love old cars , but this just isn’t something I would own -Feel free to pour on the hate !

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    • Wayne from oz


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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Hopefully no one here @ BF is so narrow minded as to pour on the hate, bone. Some folks have no appreciation for, say, Restomods and others think it’s the only way to do a classic shell. My wife and I particularly like the old ‘41 to ‘63(?) WM300 style Power Wagons whereas others think we’re crazy (we are, but another subject for another time 🤪).IMHO the cars and trucks of this era had personality often brought by innovation and in some cases desperation. My gearhead daughter howsoever just thinks they’re just old-like my humor, she says..🤔😁
      Everyone has their own taste, thank goodness so let’s raise our glasses to that which makes us all different!

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      • geomechs geomechs Member

        Actually I rather enjoy the variety that BF has. I appreciate that everyone thinks differently and in my home environment I’ve helped out with a number of resto-mods, even those where an SBC was put into a Ford (please don’t tell anyone). It’s a daily coffee row for me, and especially with the times being what they are right now, it’s something to look forward to. Take care and stay safe…

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  20. Don

    It sure isn’t well rounded like a Coupe Express.

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    • DON

      Agreed – the Stude looks like a well proportioned truck .

      • Don

        Part of the Coupe Express appeal is the double walled bed. Great lines round out the terrific front end. Try finding that on any other old pickup!

  21. geomechs geomechs Member

    You know this truck is worth restoring but with what’s being asked the buyer would have to be dedicated to the truck and the end product because you would be way inverted in any value. I look at the engine and see $5K + for it alone, unless you’re not only mechanically inclined but also have access to your own machining equipment. It would still be interesting to take on a job like this because you’re almost guaranteed to end up with something no one else is going to have. I’ve seen them restored and they always draw a crowd. Personally I think they lack balance; they look like a modified car which they are but that wouldn’t be enough to scare me away–if I could afford to see it through…

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      That one’s a Beauty!

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    • Carl Hutchins

      Very interesting vehicles. no question. As to this one, might be too far gone for a full body off restoration. possible, for sure, but might cost a ton more than the restored unit was worth. so, a labor of love rather than profit, mebbe.

      Missing cylinder head portends bad things, not merely find and bolt on the replacement. Why was it removed?? merely a blown head gasket or,

      Exposed to water and engine seized?

      as I recall these engine were peppy but the bottom ends not all that strong. Oiling system and babbit bearings.

      Circa the early 50;s a work mate stored his well worn 37 or so Terraplane four door in my large back yard. the engine ran nicely,. .

      Later, got promted and went to las Vegas. Restoration there began with new glass.. r

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever



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  22. Rick Moreland

    I’m looking for a 37 TerraPlane for a restoration and I’m committed to the project completion so very seriously inquiring if anyone knows the location of one.

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