Thirty Jaguars Found In A Greenhouse!

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While barns can be a cold damp place, they typically do a good job of sheltering a classic car from the harshest of the elements and of course, the paint and vinyl destroying UV rays of the sun. Now, it would be easy to think that a greenhouse with a cement floor would be a better place to store a few classic cars, well at least someone thought this greenhouse would be a good place store a couple of dozen Jaguars! The good folks at Beaulieu Garage in Beaulieu, Hampshire, England have been tasked with clearing out the 30 or so vehicles, many of which are E-Types. You can take a closer look here on Facebook. Special thanks to Steve for this tip!

Photos are sparse on this find, but the seller is upfront that the majority of these cars are huge projects. They believe a few of the cars are decent enough that you might be able to get them running and driving without full restorations. Jaguars from the ’50s and ’60s have a tendency to rust even when they are stored somewhere dry. Being in a greenhouse in England doesn’t seem like an easy place for these cats to have survived in.

Between the sun and humidity, it’s amazing they aren’t all beyond saving. Thankfully, someone covered the best ones with tarps and it looks like a few of the greenhouse’s windows are missing, which might have let some of the humidity escape.

It really is an incredible day when you discover this many Jaguars in one place. It’s just too bad they weren’t stored somewhere more protective. Once you see them all together in the seller’s garage, you really start to appreciate the magnitude of this find though. That’s a lot of E-Type projects to be in one place! Think about how much fun it would have been to be there to help pull all the tarps off, simply to see what was hiding underneath. It had to be quite the experience. Now let’s just hope the seller can find good homes for all these cars!

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  1. Rovinman

    What a Cat-astrophe.
    Someone must have thought they had discovered a gold mine !

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  2. sir mike

    Where Cat’s go to die….sad

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  3. Coventrycat

    Biggest litter box I’ve ever seen.

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  4. Classic Steel

    To much catnip pushed these jaguars 🐆 over the edge.

    Unless these greenhouses supply weed to offset buyers glaucoma Overlooking damages stay clear

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  5. KevinLee

    “Thirty piles of rust found in greenhouse”

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  6. Speedy Gonzalez

    I’m trying not to be a jerk here but when your selling a bunch of Jags at least take the time to uncover most of them!

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    • Mike

      That would require effort. They would rather have the buyer do ALL the work including uncovering, research and giving them an offer so they can use that number times 5 to come up with a sale price.

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  7. Sarc

    Five comments and four of you couldn’t resist a cat pun. You are all so clever! /S

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  8. Solosolo UK ken tilly UKMember

    The person that has done this to 30 of the most beautiful cars of all time should be found and shot with a ball of his own uno what.

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    • Chris M.

      Opinions, you know what they say Ken.

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  9. H5mind

    30 ways to turn a large fortune into a small one.

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    • Michael D. RogersMember

      –only if you’re profoundly STUPID!

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  10. Gaspumpchas

    wow–those xkes were probably good shape when they put then in there. Hope someone can do them right. I’m sure they will bring stupid money, regardless. SMH on this whole deal

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  11. Michael RogersMember

    NO problem: they’re home and among friends so every bit will be recycled into shiny recreations! A friend of mine here in the US used to gather hulks like this and ship them home to happy buyers. every bit saved is one less that one needs to procure in returning a valuable car to it’s original state–all you need is a few tags, Every single piece can be purchased new-in steel or alloy!

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  12. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    Takes the expression “Herding cats”to a whole ‘nother level!

    Sadly and More realistically, this is “HURTING cats” IMHO


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  13. 433jeff

    Holy greenhouse gassers!!!!

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  14. Andrew Franks

    Amazing. If I had the room I’d pick a few, send them to a British restorer I know, and have some gorgeous creatures when completed. I’d be in the Project for $500,000 or more when done as drivers, not concours. I have no place to put them until my new space comes through.

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  15. Thomas Allen

    Blue tarps can make for a great steam room. But don’t do well for cars located in high humidity areas. I would be looking thoroughly for rust in the hard to see places.

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    • canadainmarkseh

      Finally someone brought up the tarps. I once stored a stove outside under a tarp. It was only out there for about two months. When I pulled the tarp off the burners were a bright orange and rust was starting all over the stove. Only two months. Never tarp a car better to put it in a tarp type temporary garage with venting on both ends.

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    • John Elmgreen

      I agree with the “better without the tarps”
      comments. Just keeps the humidity in …

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  16. Little_Cars

    Blue tarps turn to shreds in windy conditions, and allow enough moisture in as to not be thought of as “protection.” I’ve only used a blue tarp over a newly acquired project car ONCE, for about a week, and in that time the grommets had come loose and the edges of the tarp frayed and shredded. Scratched what little paint I had on the car as well.

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  17. Eric_13cars Eric_13carsMember

    I have been to Beaulieu where there is a remarkable auto museum on the grounds of Lord Montague’s estate. The English pronounce what is clearly a French word as bew(as in few)-lee. I believe the translation should be ‘beautiful place’. Both the museum and the estate are a pleasure. To get there you go through a forest filled with wild horses. I have many wonderful photos of that excellent day.

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  18. TimM

    Maybe they thought putting 30 jags in a greenhouse would yield them sixty jags!!! Maybe he didn’t uncover them because he’s cat-a-tonic!!!

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