Thumbs Up To The Thumbs Down!


Some of you may have noticed something missing in the comments section. We recently pulled the “thumbs down” button after receiving complaints that people were down-voting every single comment for no good reason. Well, then we received even more complaints for doing that. Sometimes we just can’t win! So, to make everyone happy we have reinstated your right to down-vote, but ask that everyone follow a few simple rules. First off, don’t act like a jerk. Second, don’t take it personally if you get a thumbs down. Got it? Good. Let’s get back to hunting!


WANTED 1968 Dodge charger looking for a 1968 440 R T charger half way decent looking. dont have to be a R T Contact

WANTED 1967 Chevrolet C20 4×4 I need a rust-free or easily restored cab for a ’67 small rear window C20 4×4. Contact

WANTED 1983-1986 Pontiac Grand Prix Looking for (White) preferably Grand Prix – Bucket Seats – Console – Maroon interior – Original Contact

WANTED 1960 – 1966 Volvo Pv544 Parts car. Need bumpers,taillights, turn signal housing at steering wheel, etc. Contact

WANTED 1970 or 1071 Ford Torino squire wagon Looking for nice car ready to drive. Might consider rust free car to build. Contact

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  1. Rock On Member

    Way to go Jesse. Let the whiners stay over at BaT.

    • Johnny

      How do you like them apples, Johnny?

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Downvoted because it isn’t classy to slag the competition and is a disservice to Barnfinds who should act as professionals among their peers.

  2. Ross892

    Thanks for returning thumbs down

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Downvoted because apparently that’s what we do when we disagree.

  3. Mark

    Make a t-shirt out of it!

    • Neil

      + 1 on the t shirt


    You can’t have one without the other.

    • Dolphin Member

      I don’t agree. There is no reason why there have to be both thumbs up and down.

      There could be only thumbs down, for that matter. I would not want that, but it would be interesting to see how well that would go over.

      As I said below, instead of thumbs down, the thing that counts is written comments that correct an error or give a different opinion about something that a reader disagrees with.

      Without a comment, thumbs down do not add anything. And since a few people have been giving thumbs down without adding a comment themselves, it suggests that the only thing driving those thumbs down is bad attitude, especially when the thumbs down is for no good reason, as we have seen at times.

      • Alan (Michigan )

        I agree with Dolphin.

        Funny that as I was reading his comments, an expectation grew that the post would garner 75% positive reactions. I was surprised by the opposite.

  5. JoeR

    Happy it’s back…not all of us here were born a millenial, the era where everyone gets a trophy.

    • kyle

      Do we still get ice cream? ;-)

      • Terry C

        Would rather have a cold one but hey, what do I know. No free beer for showing up to play?

  6. Dave Wright

    I only saw 3 guys complain…….I guess they can’t take someone disagreeing with them.

  7. erikj

    Yes jesse, This is ,to me -not a place to slam somebody for a comment when they are wrong or any thing of that nature. I am here as a big follower because I love to see what others have found or see what they have. If someone says something wrong or clamed something that’s not right or what ever I say let people say what they want and be done. NO BICKERING. move on. !!! ok I,m done.
    Thanks to all your staff for providing this site. I,ve been on it for at least 5 years(don’t remember-old age lol) I just moved to Spokane wa. from the coast Mt Vernon and I think you are close to Spokane. I have bought several cars through your site and am excited to see what I can come up with around here. Thanks again for a great foram

  8. DA

    Thanks Jesse!
    If you are that thin skinned how on earth does one survive in this day and age? There will always be jerks we don’t agree with get over it. It’s what makes the world go ’round.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Downvoted because the people down voting are the ones voicing THEIR disagreement.

      • Alan (Michigan )

        Not necessarily.
        A down vote by itself does not add to the discussion, by indicating only a disagreement with an opinion. It may simply reflect a voter’s displeasure with the tone or wording of the post, or who made it.
        So, I go back to Dolphin’s comments and double down: If you want to vote on a posting with a “thumbs down”, take a few minutes and explain the source of your disagreement or displeasure.

  9. bcavileer

    Never noticed the ‘thumb thing’… Guess that makes me a
    And notice, my name is on my comments. I do not hide behind a b.s. name.

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    Yes, you can’t have a top without a bottom, or a front without a back, or a highly desirable car without a POS. So let’s have ’em both. Thanks for putting it back in.

  11. Bobsmyuncle

    Bad move in my opinion. It creates dissension and pulls the focus away from the discussion. Especially in the stacked conversation format you’ve adopted where one can’t really avoid reading the junk posts.

    There is a reason all the big sites have taken it away, one might use that experience instead of reinventing the wheel.

    The problem is many users here aren’t terribly forum savvy, there IS a system if internet courtesy a way of behaving if you will, and it hasn’t been adopted well here.

    So down vote as you will and I’ll continue mocking you for being egomaniacal LOL!

    • Alan (Michigan )

      The “big sites”?

      Eh, to me, this is one of those, at least in content and participation.

  12. EJB

    Just a thought :require an explanation for all thumbs down

    • Moose Feather

      That’s funny or ironic or something that your comment got two thumbs down with no explanation.

      Here I’ll give more reason for a thumbs down. Maybe not an explanation, but maybe it could just show who gave a thumbs up or down. Not that I care all that much, but wouldn’t that at least weed out those just randomly hitting those buttons.

      • EB

        I got a good chuckle out of it too

  13. Barzini

    The only time I’ve ever used the thumbs down button is when a post was rude or disrespectful. Fortunately, that does not happen often on this site.

  14. Jeffro

    Someone might need to buy some Vaseline. If ya get a thumbs down…just try to take it like a man. Everyone seems to get butt hurt over trivial stuff.

    • Alan (Michigan )

      Thumb down for crude comment. I actually agree with the concept, just not the words used to state it.

  15. Chuck

    Glad to see the hands down option returned.

  16. Mark S Member

    To my southern neighbors, this has nothing to do with our thumbs it is just a message from a Canadian to his fellow US car nuts. thanks for being our nieghbor and freinds you have a difficult choice to make soon and you need to know that I think the average American is a decent regular person. Not like the people looking for the top job. I wish you all good luck in the future dispite the out come. Your neighbor to the north.

  17. Mark S Member

    This site used to be a battle ground of personal attacks until this thumb up/down was implemented. With thumbs down back in place you can disagree again without being an a$$ hole. Any one taking a down thumb personally isn’t really understanding how it works. I Like to get one now and then to use as barometer as to how people react to my opinions and ideas. Come on guys these are cars that most of us are never going to buy and this is nothing more than banter, good move Jesse the buttons helps keep us civilized.

  18. G.P. Member

    I’ve already seen thumbs down and do not see the reason for it.

    • Bobsmyuncle


      And the irony is all the false information given as truth that is NEVER given thumbs down LOL. Yet if I someone says to leave the patina the post is downvoted.

      Egomaniacs just like I said.

  19. Art M.

    A thumbs down only means you do not agree with someone. Do some individuals actually think everyone should agree with them or do they just not understand how it works? I prefer to think the latter. If I were to give someone’s thumbs down, it’s not personal, it simply means I feel differently that they do. No disrespect and I’m not trying to be rude. Also, I’ll have no hard feelings if someone does the same to me. Glad the option is back.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks Art, exactly how I feel. Take care Brother. Mike.

  20. David Montanbeau

    I have never received an thumbs down from all the comments that I have left until now. LOL!!

    • David Montanbeau

      Now.LOL I feel better now!!

      • David Montanbeau


    • john C

      Hey Dave…I just gave you one (11th)for being such a sport… Best of the day for you !! This is a great site for the content, both pictures and the ‘history’ about a vehicle. The thumbs bit is OK and most are here to share a pleasure and learn I think.

  21. JW

    I myself only give thumbs up because even if I don’t agree with a comment I feel they have their opinion and I have mine. I love to read everyone’s comments even if I disagree with them because that’s how I learn I may be wrong. Now TRASH TALK is a different thing all together as I take that personally.

  22. Mepo

    I use it only for what I would call really stupid posts where people are really just being a-holes, really nit picky and just coming across as a know it all db or just plain rude.

    I use thumbs up for thoughtful or interesting or well written post, whether I agree or disagree with a persons opinion is irrelevant

    • Bobsmyuncle

      I agree and am BAFFLED I’m the only one to upvote.

  23. OhU8one2

    To the staff at Barnfinds, I want to express my appreciation to your decision to allow all of your followers the right to choose Yes or No. I means so much to me,and some of your loyal readers. I will go back to wearing my Barnfinds t- shirt’s with pride! Thank’s once again.

    • Alan (Michigan )

      You put the BF shirts in a drawer because the thumb down option was removed for a while?

  24. sunbeamdon

    As a fellow , albeit expat Canuck, I love the negative comments, aye? If two wrongs make a right, then too many positives must make a negative, aye?? Must be aboot time for another Labatts; my eyes need a workout – when does Don Cherry come on CBUT???

    Keep-up the fun and games all you too serious comment makers!

    • TJPB

      Don Cherry? Hockey Night in Canada, aye? October 23…Chicago/Toronto. Original 6. Shoold be a good one, aye?

      I’m heading to the frig, aye?

  25. RoughDiamond RoughDiamond Member


    No qualms about having the thumbs down button return. Just a thought though. Sometimes it truly is an accident so how difficult would it be to make it to where if someone clicked on the thumbs down, it would require a second click to take effect with a reminder after to first one with something like “are you sure you want to…”(similar to eBay) and allow them to cancel it?

  26. JACKinNWPA Jack NW PA Member

    I’ve never down thumbed anyone,it was up or nothing, that’s how it should be. When I see a cool car comming down the road I’ll give a thumbs up but if I gave a downer for every un-cool car…….

    • Bobsmyuncle


  27. Dolphin Member

    Thumbs up are OK, but thumbs down don’t add much, and it’s pretty obvious that there are a few people on here with what I think are bad attitudes who give thumbs down for no good reason…..and that’s it—-no corrections of what they think is wrong, no counter opinion. Nothing.

    It makes no contribution to give a thumbs down without also making a written contribution. This site is supposed to be about cars and readers thoughts about them. If someone disagrees enough about someone’s opinions or thoughts then they can make a comment about it.

    Otherwise, thumbs down pretty much just amounts to trolling.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Exactly. As a respected contributor elsewhere I’m not surprised that you see it that way.

  28. Johnny Gibson

    More of a worry for me is the announcement something has returned when I didn’t even notice it was missing.

  29. Howard A Member

    Sigh,,, fine. There’s a few of us, I see, that don’t care for “tums down” foolishness. And JW, Bmu and Dolphin nailed it, so there’s no sense in repeating. I think there should be an ID to who gave the thumbs down, bet THAT would change things. Anyway, go ahead, thumb away, I still think BF’s is the best site on the rock, because of it’s plausible and varied projects that come through here, ( not 6 figure examples) and the comments are secondary. I do appreciate the people that tell me what’s wrong with my post, and I will continue to do the same. Can we get on with our regularly scheduled program now? (Thx BF’s for a great site)

    • Mark S Member

      Howard as I posted above before the up/down thumb this site was a battle ground of insults if you really feel it’s relevant to know how’s downing you then here goes I Mark S. Respectfully down thumb you on this post.

  30. Bruce

    First, Love this site & it’s varied content. I’m one of the people that enjoys seeing cars, trucks, planes, boats, tanks, or anything else different & interesting. The admins do a great job of keeping it fresh. Second, I enjoy the comment section. There are a lot of knowledgeable people here, and even though I’ve been in and around the car business for 50 years, there is something to learn every day. There are knowledgeable, there are “know it all” there are arrogant, and there are some that would bitch if you hung them with a new rope. I weed through the comments and know which is which. Thumbs up, thumbs down, who cares. I’ll post to state my opinion, and I’m sure that not everybody is going to share that opinion. That’s what makes the world go round. Sit back, relax, enjoy a cold one, and get along. Life is short, enjoy it….

    • Eric Dashman

      I’m with you, Bruce. I don’t even know how one would know that they had any thumbs. I post for the pleasure of participating in the hobby we all love. Love reading the comments in order to learn more about vehicles of which I’ve never had any interaction. I’m often astounded by the depth of knowledge shared in this forum. As to the occasional rude post or political rant, I tend to ignore the rude and politely protest the rant. Whatever our personal views about the world, this forum is a place were we find our common humanity in the most mundane of ways…love of cars!

      • leiniedude leiniedude Member

        Thanks Bruce and Eric, I am all in.

  31. Rock On Member

    @Sunbeamdon- just to clarify we Canadians say “eh” to end every sentence. Whereas Americans say “uh hah”. I believe that it is pirates that say “aye”.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Rock on, I live in Wisconsin and use eh all the time. I used to drive truck with some Canadians and it just caught on with me. It did seem more intelligent than uh hah. Although I do talk like a Pirate quite a bit also! Please give me a thumbs up! LOL!

  32. DENIS

    We’re all on here because of our love for old cars….but just like in the real world there are people that are self-proclaimed experts, people who are here to learn, and people who are horses’-asses. Let’s just enjoy the BARN FINDS and enjoy(most) of the comments. Play nice, children. Thanks for a great site.

  33. Jeffro

    I kinda figured if I didn’t receive a 100 thumbs up that everyone didn’t agree with me. But hey, that’s none of my business

  34. OA5599

    Kudos to bringing back Thumbs Down. It keeps BF real.

    Plus, it’s like having a car with 500 Horsepower…You may never use it, but it’s nice to know it’s there.

  35. nessy

    I for one am very pleased to see the thumbs down returned, I knew it would come back in time. However, I would almost be willing to bet that from now on, all of us will think for a moment before pressing the thumbs down button. I believe the thumbs down had to be removed, if only for a short time, just to show us how much we would miss it. It’s almost like getting ready to sell one of our cars, where we are about to make the deal, we think about the good times with the car, then, we stop the deal. The grass is not always greener on the other side. A little twisted humor but think about it. You really miss something only when it’s gone. Thanks from bringing it back.

    • Charles Collings

      nessy said “You really miss something only when it’s gone.”

      It’s odd but my ex-wife is gone and I don’t miss her at all. :-)

  36. Jay E.

    I think most of the comments are witty, insightful and amusing. The only time I use a thumbs down is if an opinion is badly thought out, argumentative, or off topic. I give many thumbs up to personal observations that add character to the post.

    Have we really become so sensitive that “we” can’t ignore a tiny icon on the bottom of a comment section? I mean really. The sight is about neat cars, if you don’t like the comments section, just don’t scroll down that far

  37. Steven C

    Glad it’s back. Didn’t know what i was gonna do if someone mentioned an sbc swap when it was gone.

  38. Noel

    If you are worried about someone trolling thumbs down for no reason then maybe put a limit on it…..something like 1. must be logged on to thumbs up/down, 2. can only thumbs down 3 times per hour (or whatever limit you want). After an hour, the limit resets itself. It would seem to allow the thumbing so many people want, but also self moderate the trolling. Most of us rarely use it and probably would never be affected.

  39. Rock On Member

    Thumbs up can also be abused. They are meaningless if given to every single comment. Personally, I come here for the cars.

  40. ClassicCarFan

    I prefer that the thumbs down button remains available. I do try not to over-use it but I like to have the option to be able to let people know their comments are inane or inappropriate. Thanks

  41. Dave

    It’s amazing something so petty has caused such rants. Regardless, the majority has spoken and is quite evident there is only a specific few opposed to this. Whatever you choose to call it (thumbs up, down, yay or nay, agree or disagree, etc) either option is a vote that every person here is entitled to exercise in a public forum. It has absolutely nothing to do with ego unless you cant stand the fact somebody might not agree you. Everybody has a choice, nobody here is being forced to do something they don’t like.

  42. Steve

    None of this influences whether I read about the cars or not. Keep the thumbs, drop the thumbs completely, makes no difference to me. Thank you for a blog I enjoy reading everyday. The only thumb I ever used was up. It’s the only one I’ll continue to use. I’m 66 years old now and I still remember that my folks always said if you’ve got nothing good to say, keep it to yourself

  43. Tom

    I have three teenagers so I get a daily thumbs down😜
    Folks take a chill pill🤗

    • Jeffro

      Your ahead of the game. My teenagers usually give me the finger. Of course it’s when I’ve left the room…down the stairs…walking in garage. Cause they fear the wrath! But I do love the little bastards!

  44. waynard

    This would make a great BF t-shirt. A big thumb with “BARN FINDS I’m with…(red or green / up or down”) See how many of each you sell and report on election day.

  45. The One

    I see this as “all in good fun” some folks just can’t keep from getting their panties in a bunch.

  46. Brian

    Thanks, Jesse! Well said.

  47. Ck

    OMG Is this Ground hog day who freakin cares ? Not me for one .I just wanna look at old cars .Cuz lets be honest ,once in a while someone on Barn Finds MIGHT buy one of these jewels but for the most part we are a Bunch of dreamers giving our opinions On SOMTHING THAT JUST DOESNT MATTER ……..

  48. jimmy

    Can I get thumbs down for bringing thumbs down back?

    • Tom Driscoll

      I tried, but I couldn’t do it!

  49. Rob S

    Thank you, thank you for bringing back the option to voice our opinion. Someone somewhere is going to disagree with something! It’s just how we are.
    Now bring on the dusty’s and rusty’s

  50. Tom Driscoll

    As long as we don’t get political or demeaning, I think thumbs down is like a first amendment right…everyone deserves to respectfully disagree. It might also help avoid a less than respectful comment reply?

    I really like this site…it’s not make/model/or year oriented (although we all know where the moderators tastes lie), it’s as diverse as any group I follow, and the comments are often informative, often nostalgic, and often personal…let’s not mess with a good thing!!!

  51. QB3

    I posted just so I could thumb myself! But I think I might have problems finding my post, post the posting to even thumb myself due to all of the other thumb posts

  52. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Many great comments here today. Myself, in my garage there is a lot of conflict between all makes and models of rigs. We all p&m about each others ride. It is all in fun and we have a great time hammering on each other! Somewhat like here. I like the option to disagree. I do not try to be mean, just disagree at times. I do not think I am alone. Talk to a Petty or an Earnhardt or a Baker. Cool site still. better with both options. Thanks for the show, Mike.

  53. Clinton

    Let’s just see how many can give me a thumbs down.

    • Clinton

      Ok why can’t I give myself a thumbs down?

      • rockribbedrushy

        For the same reason you cannot give yourself a ‘Thumbs Up’ mate.

        That would be like you patting yourself on the back, eh?

  54. chad

    Thumbs Up?
    Thumbs Down?
    Whadaya talkin bout?

    Oh, I C now…gotta squint! I DID C da numbers all along, tho. Didn’t No wha day ment dough, eh?

    Choice in which symbol to choose reminds me of the vehicles (or hair style, or so much else) pure opinion, like choice in exhaust note. Some like 1, some another…

    No what U do w/a thumb pointed down? Just as fun as 1 pointed down (just 4 the opposite genders, eh).

  55. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    do I have to….really do I have to….it’s not my night…..come on…..really ?

  56. Andrew

    I know a guy who lost two of his thumbs in an industrial accident. He can neither do thumbs up or down, but he just uses his middle finger in disagreement. Nothing personal he says.

    • Bruce

      Andrew ! You sir are a genius ! I implore the barn staff to now install a middle finger button !!! Thumbs up if you agree, thumbs down if you disagree, and a middle finger button if you REALLY disagree and feel a message to the author is in order !!!

      • Howard A Member

        Hi Bruce, while I’ll agree, the middle finger has lost a lot of zing, possibly due to overuse, but that’s still offensive, and if you’re that pissed off, you probably shouldn’t be here.

      • Bruce

        This being said tongue in cheek….Lighten up and smile, life is much easier that way !!!

      • Alan (Michigan )


  57. ytisland

    I don’t understand why we have Ups and Downs in the first place. If one has an opinion then say it so long as the opinion complies with the philosophy of this site. I come here to see what motorized vehicle has come out of the woodwork. that’s all. I don’t know need to know whether a 57 Chevy is “better” than a 57 Ford. They’re both vehicles in their own right. The question I would have to ask is which year should be a cutoff for vehicles appearing on this site. Is a fairly current Ferrari a more worthy submission than a 59 Riley 1.5?

  58. sidedraught

    I never really noticed the thumbs down thing, I can see the value in being able to give praise with the click of a mouse but maybe being rude should take more effort.

  59. john C

    All this ‘thumb’ conversation wore out Bobsmyuncle !!! Peace in the valley folks !! Bring on the cars !!! (and associated transportation as well of course !!)

    • Bobsmyuncle

      Sure did.

      I know what’s best for the SITE, but the masses want what’s best for their egos. And have won.

      Old men love to spout off their cantankerous opinions to everyone in hearing distance.

      Not my site.

  60. David Montanbeau

    What I think of this post.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Meme this, I believe this site is very successful and very enjoyable. If you have never had a battle with a buddie between which is better, a Chevy or a Ford or Mopar, Hudson, AMC or whatever, you are not a car guy. Come on. That’s part of the Jazz! Hey, we are still above ground working and driving on cool old iron and fiberglass. If it was all one sided, I think I would prefer the old Folks home. If you know what’s best for this site, the easy answer is to start your own. Take care and have a great day! Mike.

  61. TC

    Over-sense sensitivity. Get over the thumbs down. (Say that 5 times fast). I may not agree with your opinion of certain makes and models, but I will fight to the death, your right to have one.🇺🇸

  62. JW

    Please no more comments on this subject, let’s get back to cars, trucks and whatever just no more thumbs down talk !!!

    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      Agreed. Commenting has been closed. Thanks guys!

      Like 1