Thunderdome Approved: 1971 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 4X4

Looking for the perfect vehicle for the next warlord meetup at Bartertown? Well, dust off your spiked shoulder pads because I’ve got the car for you! Thanks to reader Scott R. for the heads up on this 1971 Chevrolet Camero Z28, which has been lifted and converted to a 4×4 drivetrain and can be found up for auction here on eBay. It is located in Springfield, MO and is just over $4k at the time of this writing, but with 41 bids so far I think this one is going to get competitive towards the end!

These types of conversions are really a love it or hate it type thing; I’m gonna out myself as part of the “love it” camp generally, but it really depends on the donor vehicle. Like many of these projects, this one is built on a K5 Blazer chassis. Not a whole lot of info on the build from the seller, whom I gather is not the original builder of the vehicle. Obviously, there’s always a degree of risk taking on someone else’s project, but what we can see looks to be well put together and the frame and body are declared to be solid and rust free.

The interior is the main area that looks truly post-apocalyptic; clearly, this was the point where the builder gave up and the seller pretty much says you’re on your own here. Evidently, the PO was installing some kind of custom dash, whatever that means… thankfully the exterior does appear sound and sourcing interior parts for this era Camero (or even just putting in whatever fits) shouldn’t be too hard.

This Camero sports the 350 cu/in V8 which runs fine according to the seller, transmission is installed but just needs a shifter attached. It’ll be interesting to see where this auction lands as it’s always hard to put a price on custom work; that being said this one at least appears to be decently done and doesn’t need a whole lot more work to get back onto Fury Road!


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  1. J.T. WILSON

    There is always a reason that these projects are abandoned. Could be alright, but I worry what that reason is.

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    • Merritt

      I ended up with the POS for 3000. Ive put new tires. Working on the dash. New seats. New fuel cell. And cleaned up the engine. Which surprisingly does in fact run fine. But it’s actually the 305 from the blazer. Transmission works too. The car didn’t have any wiring in it. But luckily doing my own wiring is one of my favorite things to tackle. The plan is to make it street legal and sell it. But who knows

  2. Will Fox

    I just hate it when `ol Cooter and Zeke get tweaked, and ‘think’ they can build a bad-ass 4 by 4!!

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  3. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Another desirable, collectible car ruined. What a waste.

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  4. Wayne

    Just another Bama Cruiser!

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  5. slickb

    Well this is going to tick people off

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    Wheres the Confederate flag front license plate? Deplorable!

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  7. local_sheriff

    Some builder managed to screw up not only ONE but TWO possible classic cars at some point. Given all the time and effort put into this , it’s a bit funny that the Camaro on top now is LESS worth than what it would be doing nothing to it… How many K5’s will be left until ‘creative’ people realize there are only very few of these hybrids that actually look OK…?

    Also; I thought Barnfinds primarily was for unmolested forgotten rides…?

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  8. Gloin

    Eventually we’ll see a split window Corvette 4×4

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  9. Wade
    Already a 4×4 Vette

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  10. AZD

    Remember those battery powered Stomper toys from the 80s? This is the life-size version.

    I’ve seen a few such conversion over the years but only one was completely finished – a Corvair that looked (for what it was) really nice. My guess is the novelty of the idea usually wears off before the funds to finish them can be secured.

    I’ve always been puzzled by these conversions. You lose the performance of the car and the utility of the truck. What you end up with is questionable fassion statement. Of course that could be said for a lot of other things, so maybe that doesn’t matter.

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  11. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    55 total bids between 18 different bidders.

    Call me flabbergasted.

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  12. William Denny


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  13. J.T. WILSON

    Yeah people say we gotta torch and a stick welder so lets build it. But then how many times do they end up for sale saying “just needs the trans shifter the clutch,the four wheel drive selector hooked up.

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  14. James Sterrey

    No seat backs required as the occupants are assumed to be lurching out the windows yelling ‘MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!’

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  15. JoeMac Joe Mac Member

    Why, why, why, why, why, why, why……….?

  16. KevinLee

    I was seriously considering the purchase of this beastie until I saw the seats. No lumbar support, no sale!

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