Time Capsule Cadillac: 1994 Fleetwood With 53K Miles

The 1990s was one of the great transitionary periods in automotive history, and although many of the vehicles produced during that time are now seen as dull or mundane, it is important to recognize the amount of vehicular progress was made. In the early 1990s, many companies were still using old designs from the ’80s, and even the ’70s. By 1999, every car sold in the US had multiple on-board computers, OBD (On Board Diagnostics) II, and fuel injection. Find this beautiful surviving example of the last “true” Cadillac here on eBay in Massachusetts with a whopping 53,254 miles and bidding at $4,700 with no reserve. 

I don’t know about you guys, but I can smell the interior here from. The seller claims it still has the “new car smell” and I believe him! Nothing beats a power leather heated bench seat in a Cadillac, at least for me. Scoff all you want, but if this car sells for under $10,000 its a steal! While the mileage is extremely low for the year, the cosmetic condition of this car suggests to me that not only did it see little use, it also had a meticulous owner. You can barely tell the seat has been sat in, and I’m a sucker for “90s blue” interiors. There are a LOT of pictures in the ad, and the seller has photographed nearly everything: it is all immaculate.

Why is this often called the last real Cadillac? That’s why right there, the LT1 GM 350 that is hooked up to a driveshaft, sending power to the rear wheels. This car is on the same platform as the same era Buick Roadmaster and Chevrolet Caprice/Impala, and I suspect it rides like a dream. Although it has been cleaned up, the various metal and hardware under the hood show that this car has not had a rough life. I will warn the next owner that while buying a car this nice, this old is a great idea, be prepared to replace a lot of items. Having owned a vehicle purchased with similarly low miles, things that rely on rubber and seals do not last!

The seller states this car was shipped to Massachusetts from North Carolina, which would account for the lack of rust and other environmental damage. It was reportedly owned by an older couple who took great pride in it, and I believe it. This Cadillac is the Brougham, which gives it lots of nice options including the beautiful matching white vinyl top, which you’ll notice is still very white. The chrome lower cladding, though probably dealer installed, is a nice touch and really helps this car to stand out. This Fleetwood is in absolutely flawless condition, on one of the most desirable GM platforms to date. I suspect this car will sell for a reasonable price, and serve its new owner well.

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  1. Lord Humungous

    Awesome car, I’ve always liked these CBC models. Did Pontiac or Olds make versions on this platform?

    • William

      No Pontiac. Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser station wagon was the same platform.

      • Ralph

        Custom Cruiser

  2. Tony S

    No. Caprice/Custom Cruiser/Roadmaster/Impala are all “B” body cars. This car is a “D” body.

  3. Sam

    Cool car, reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where they parody Nixon leaving the Whitehouse. Jerry buys a Cadillac for his parents…the condo association thinks Jerry couldn’t afford a car as a gift and that his dad embezzled money from the association for the car and forced to resign his position.

  4. jaymes

    super clean cad, just like the one jerry bought for his dad.id rock it!

    • Mitchell Gildea Member

      I just watched this episode last weekend…it still cracks me up

    • Keith

      “Look who’s got enough money to skip the Early Bird Special before riding off in his new Cadillac!”

  5. Ralph

    The foot of chrome along the bottom is factory, they all came with it.

  6. ACZ

    One sweet ride!

  7. Scotty

    You will want a picture of the undercarriage before purchasing. Massachusetts salt eats from the bottom up. It is an absolutely beautiful car.

  8. Steve Adams

    Coolant pumps tend to leak earlier than most and the repair is not cheap. But its a small price to pay for the best Cadillac ride since the mid-1970’s. The last Cadillac you could lay rubber with ended in 1971 and the emissions restrictions. But these LT1 cars brought back the smoke if you know how to get it started.

    • Tyler

      The CTS-v with the 6.2 LSA has no problem melting the rear tires off…

  9. Jay

    I love the cars last of the true cattys. It was smaller and lighter than the toastmasters and I am sure performance was very goo d trucks she would perform well and get great gas mileage with that setup. If it weren’t in Mass I would think strongly in making a run at it.

  10. Jay

    I love the cars last of the true cattys. It was smaller and lighter than the toastmasters and I am sure performance was very goo d trucks she would perform well and get great gas mileage with that setup. If it weren’t in Mass I would think strongly at making a run at it.

  11. duaney

    Last true Cadillac? With a Chevy engine?

    • ACZ

      Would you rather have it with an 8-6-4 or an HT4100?

      Like 1
  12. Tyler

    Some people may love these, but in my opinion, these aren’t much more than a Caprice with some nicer leather & more fake wood grain. With few exceptions such as when true performance started returning with the Z/28, Trans Am, Mustang GT, & the Impala SS, the 90’s were the most boring time ever in the auto industry.

    This car doesn’t do anything for me. They definitely don’t have the style of the 70’s, or even the 80’s Caddy’s. And the current generation of Cadillac such as the CTS has some of the best styling ever. Not to mention they are one of the best performing cars ever built.

  13. Jay

    I take your comments. The last 2 true Cadillac engines were the 472 & 500. GM has been sharing engines since the the 70’s. Absolutely th new cts is a bad machine. About five years back my wife and I went to Cadillac dealer to look at their small SUV with AWD. We had the money and it was real nice plastic like they all are. Price was about 55k. We went to Honda dealer and bought a maxed out CRV for 30k. We were just as happy with the Honda as we would have been with a Cadillac.

    • John T

      Much to the delight of the seller, there appears to be a bidding war going on! Current high bid is $7,900 with only 2 hours left until the end of the auction and the reserve is off.

      • Jay

        To duany * tyler, my eye must not have been too far off as the price is going up quickly…

      • John T

        WOW … Somebody who had not been bidding the entire auction came out of nowhere and snuck in the winning bid of $8,100 at literally the last minute!

  14. DonS

    I had a gold one with tan interior. It was super reliable, towed any trailer, rode well, handled poorly, got almost 25mpg on the highway, and could light up the rear tires with ease. I sold it with 140,000 miles on it to a guy who promised he’d crank another 100,000 on it in quick time. I miss that car…

  15. Gavin Smith

    This was the era of budget branding. GM put their best engine in this one and actually made the styling work but if you check that dash there’s the single defrost vent in the middle of the dash. This feature was strictly a price proposition. If you were out on a cold day and the front window frosted up it took forever to clear. You may think I am nitpicking but there was a reason the Lincoln Towncar was a better car to live with day in and day out. It wasn’t so cheaply engineered. I concede the 350 motor but not much else. GM could have knocked this car out of the park but they couldn’t be bothered.

  16. ron bajorek

    great car

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