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Too Many Emails?

As Barn Finds has grown, we have found it necessary to feature more finds everyday. That causes a dilemma though. We want to be able to alert everyone to all the good deals right away, but we also don’t want to overload your inboxes. Sure, you could just switch from our instant alerts to the daily email, but usually the best deals have sold by the time that goes out anyway. So we wanted to reach out to you guys and see if anyone has any ideas of how to better deal with this. Many heads are better than one! Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments below. Thanks!


  1. randy

    I say keep them coming, if I get an email on XYZ, and I do not care about XYZ, I just delete it. Timing is everything, and if I had an income, I’d donate to this great adventure! Thank you for everything.

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    • L.M.K.

      I agree with Randy, keep them coming….Any true car guy welcomes as many cars and stories about cars as you can produce and knows how to deal with those that don’t interest them…

      Guys, what a great ”’problem”’ to have….Keep up the good work !!!

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  2. Trey

    Hey Guys …

    Gosh – the ever pressing email question. It seems like there is a great emphasis on PC email policy. At the end of the day – we signed up for your emails. There are often days I don’t/can’t day dream until time permits even though the emails come in all throughout the day!

    That being said – it’s a great stress release to see a non-work Project in my email! The beauty of your company is the emails! If you did a message board type where the buyer has to to come to you … You are no different than eBay or Craigslist.

    Bottom line. If someone is emailing complaining about too many emails … Perhaps it’s time for them to unwind their panties (probably mad they can’t afford the project and don’t understand the beauty of just enjoying the email!). Keep up the great work!

    Just one mans opinion and we all know what those are like!

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  3. Will web

    I enjoy all the emails don’t get me wrong, but when I get a email about a 1994 Caprice Classic its kinda like, well I just waisted a minute looking at that. I could read all day about old stuff, if there was a way to get rid of the 1990 and newer junk that would be awesome👍

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    • Rocco

      I second that

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      • Woodie Man

        I third that

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  4. hhaleblian

    I like it just the way it is. That’s how I ended up with your Miata dude. It’s been my favorite summer daily driver over the Speedster!

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  5. jim s

    i too like it the way it is now, but i can adjust to change. you all are doing a great job. i am still having fun and i hope everyone else is to. thanks for asking.

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  6. Rich

    Keep the instant alerts, we need to act fast sometimes. Please do not get distracted by starting an auction.

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    I receive instant updates and I’m very happy with it. Sometimes I know I’m not interested at all and it gets deleted. Sometimes I know I am interested but too busy and I leave the email as a reminder for later. And of course sometimes I can’t wait and check it out immediately!

    I urge others to become familiar with their mail program as they often have tools that can enrich your email experience in general but especially when receiving subscription type mail. I use the “G” one, and use ‘stars’ and ‘categories’ to help sort mail out.

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  8. tkd

    keep it the way it is,please!!

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  9. Gary Guiou

    I love all the emails keep them coming. If it does not interest me I only have to delete it. It’s not like we have to put the paper in a shredder. KEEP THEM COMING.

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  10. Bill

    First as a newbe to barn finds… I love it. One option might be to allow a filter by region. So maybe allow a user to choose instant alerts for east coast barn finds but daily for west cost. Thanks.

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    • Larry

      I agree with the regional idea. I love the emails but wading thru the east coast along with the Europe listings does get a bit old.
      Also, I find it hard to believe that a genuine “barn find” can be a car manufactured after about 1985-1990.

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  11. jimbosidecar

    Keep it the way it is. I haven’t yet scored a Barn Find but I forwarded your one about the previously restored Spitfire in NH to friend who ended up buying it. It wasn’t able to turn over but he put a new battery in it, started it up and it drives just fine.

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  12. patrol

    Too late for cure i am addicted

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  13. Mecheman

    I only subscribe to the rss right now, but could see a lot of use in being able to filter the feed. Region, year range, make, type- could probably work it off the tagging system you have now.

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  14. JW

    I’m OK with Barn Finds as is but if I was to suggest anything it would be a cut off year to be a barn find.

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  15. Dbauer

    I love BF for what it is…. A collection site I visit at the end of the day to unwind and dream about project cars I just may see restored at the next car show! Keep the site listings as is, I’m fine with it. I’m open to alert options for those needing instant info to make purchases. Please don’t make it mandatory tho… Thanks guys!

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  16. Jay

    Would it be possible to make a note on the email if all of the information you are providing is in the email or if the story continues you click on the link? I like some of the stories that are long buy don’t like going to the website just to find that was all the information provided.

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  17. redwagon

    first – barnfinds is entertainment – most of the time for most of the people

    second – for those who are looking for that new project, well there are more efficient methods for searching than leaving it up to barnfinds.

    third – if barnfinds wants to be a source for people to find projects (in essence being a finder) and it want to be good at it then as bill suggests above there needs to be a way to tailor the information to the searcher. regional, make, model filters would be ideal along with instant alerts and/or email notification.

    to me this looks like a two tiered system where free content is provided for entertainment and paid content (and more of it) shows up in your inbox. this is exhaustive both in terms of effort and time required. and heaven forbid barnfinds.com misses an obscure listing somewhere. credibility takes a hit.

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  18. Scot Carr

    ~ It seems near unanimous – you are doing just fine.

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  19. KO

    Keep up the fine work and don’t change a thing for me. Sometimes I see several BF emails in my inbox and it makes me stop, breathe, and take 5 minutes for myself. Thank you. I open the vast majority of your emails, but when I don’t have time or the car is not that interesting, I don’t. It’s part of being an adult and making decisions for myself. Don’t change. I love it.

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  20. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Leave it alone. As most say, if you don’t wish to explore a Find, skip it, delete it, or ignore it for later. I, like most, find this site awesome for insight to vehicles, their good points, there bad points, and just to look and dream! If I miss out on a deal, that just means my Wife will have to find something else to get on me about!! (that’s totally a joke – she supports my addiction whole heartedly – as she says, I could be looking, drooling over things far worse than automobiles) This site it awesome! Thank you guys ssssoooo much for your hard work!

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  21. roger jones

    I am only interested in American Cars.

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  22. Steve

    Why not publish a feed of new posts on Twitter? That way users can filter for specific keywords, “Porsche”, “Triumph”, “Plymouth”, “Los Angeles” etc.

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  23. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    I feel silly but I didn’t realize there was an “instant” alert, so I signed up for that. I guess that answers your question.

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  24. Sid Cannon Member

    I like your present formula so keep it up.

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  25. Dave

    Am happy with it just the way it is,with one exception: for the last 3 months everytime I click on a feature,the left side of the screen is blocked by a menu and can’t read whole article.

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  26. Don Drasheff

    Please don’t change a thing . I look forward every day to Barn Finds .

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