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Tragic Love Story: 1964 Mustang Convertible


Every barn find has a story behind how it ended up parked. For most the tale is a simple one, something broke  and was never repaired. Others have more tragic tales. This 1964.5 Mustang Convertible’s tale starts as a love story. A young man was secretly restoring it for his soon to be wife, but then things took a tragic turn and the relationship ended. The young man’s heart was broken and the symbol of his love was unfinished. After sitting for 30 years, it has pulled out of storage and is now listed here on eBay.


After losing interest in finishing his Mustang, the young man sold it to the current owner’s father, who parked it in storage and never touched it again. From what can be seen in the photos, it looks to be complete and in solid shape. The original interior is complete and intact, but could obviously use a good cleaning. We would be sure to pull up the carpets to check the floors for rust.


This convertible started life wearing Sky Blue paint, but was repainted Candy Apple Red by the young man. It is a base model car, with an inline six and the standard interior. On the plus side, it has a three speed manual and the white vinyl interior goes look great with the bright red paint. While the V8 is more desirable, that doesn’t mean finishing this one will be a labor of love, as prices are climbing for early Mustangs.


One of the things we love the most about any barn find is its story and while the story behind this Mustang is a sad one, it makes it that much more interesting. Regardless of the story, this Pony car deserves to be finished and put back on the road. Let’s just hope that the work that has already been done was carried out properly.


  1. Avatar photo paul

    Interesting hard top.

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    • Avatar photo jasonh300

      It’s a convertible.

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      • Avatar photo paul

        Yes it is a convert but appears to have a fiberglass hrd top, convert’s don’t have rubber seals at the bottom of the top or surround the back window, also one of the pics of the rear seat appears the top is folded down.

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    • Avatar photo Larry

      Hey Paul,
      That is a very interesting hard top, I agree 100%, You can see the top folded down in that rear seat picture. Sure would like more info on the hard top.

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  2. Avatar photo Manny

    A broken heart and a broken car……….poor guy…I hope he is not broke too!!!

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    • Avatar photo Brian

      I guess it broke his heart when she put the brakes on their relationship; possibly because he was indeed broke! If it ain’t broke, don’t break it!

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  3. Avatar photo rusty

    stop it …you’re breaking my heart…

    tragic is what i call the story.

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  4. Avatar photo Dice

    Have to wonder about the quality of the previous work preformed. The glove box looks to be painted with the wrong paint. Should be a flat “camera
    black” finish. Just saying…

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  5. Avatar photo jim s

    i like the fact that it has a 6 instead of a V8. the manual is a plus, does not look like PS, PB and no AC for sure. as with some other resent posts no need for a gym membership with this one either. after it is made safe it would be a fun driver, and no i would not restore it. too many show/but not driven ones out there already. only question is the reserve. great find

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  6. Avatar photo JW

    “Every barn find has”, not “have”.

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    • Avatar photo Jesse Staff

      Thanks for catching our error. All fixed.

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  7. Avatar photo Robert J

    True. It’s all in the stance.

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  8. Avatar photo ConservativesDefeated


    The 3 speed makes this car…otherwise its just a lump of an engine. Color change =bad. House paint on glove box=bad. Love story= I need more tissues.


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    • Avatar photo MikeW

      I have to disagree, the 6’s came with a small Falcon tranny that was very weak and you had to stop to put it in first gear. The 4 speed would have been better, but then again, it’s the small Dagenham and impossible to get parts for. So the best trans to have would be the optional automatic. Also there were no 64 Mustangs, they were all 65’s, just some came out early.

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  9. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    This is claimed to be a 1964.5 car, which would have more value than a later, regular 1965 car for many buyers. I could be wrong, but this doesn’t seem to be a 1964.5 car. There were 121,538 Mustangs built between March 1964 and August 17, 1964 that are usually referred to 1964.5 cars. This car is number 206818, which seems to make it a regular 1965 car.

    I wish the car had been taken out of the narrow shed for better photos. It’s sitting on its wheels/tires, so how hard would that be? Then the seller says the buyer will need to buy 4 new rims and tires. Call me sceptical, but if the car was his father’s and is so special, why separate the wheels from the car at the point of sale?

    The good news is that the seller says he “can include 4 hubcaps of your choice”. Personally, I’d want a set of original hubcaps for a ’59 Caddy convertible, just in case I ever find one in a barn that needs them.

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    • Avatar photo racer99

      Have to agree, looks like a 1965 hood but you can’t see if it’s a generator or alternator — generator = 64-1/2. Either way could be a fun car but certainly more valuable if it’s a 64-1/2.

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  10. Avatar photo C Bryant

    It reminds me of a neat old wooden cart with inlay,etc. down in the Lightner Museum in Saint Augustine,Florida.A guy spent a couple years building it for his daughter’s wedding as a present and she went off and became a nun.

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  11. Avatar photo rancho bella

    Moral of the story:

    You want a friend…………..get a dog.
    You want some action……pay for it……….I consider it more of a savings in the long run

    This poor sot paid anyway………..a broken man and an old broke down car…..I feel a county hit comin’ down the pike………………

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    • Avatar photo Rolly Doucet

      Which is mans’ best friend? His wife or his dog? To find out, lock both in the trunk of the car. After about two hours, open the trunk, and see which one is happy to see you.

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      • Avatar photo rusty

        Rolly Doucet said “Which is mans’ best friend? His wife or his dog? To find out, lock both in the trunk of the car. After about two hours, open the trunk, and see which one is happy to see you.”

        far out……….. that made me laugh…

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  12. Avatar photo Andrew

    Alternator or generator?

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    • Avatar photo MikeW

      The engine has been replaced with a newer 200 as you can tell by the distributor and fuel pump. So it may have an alternator. The original would have been the 170 ci with only 5 main bearings that came in the early models.

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  13. Avatar photo Leo

    Next car I sell I am going to develop a story for lol… Roll the car out, take good pictures and list everything. The story adds some interest but in the grand scheme doesn’t add value to me.


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  14. Avatar photo paul

    I am not sure the word tragic comes to mind here, sounds like a lot of fluff to me. As for the car, looks pretty straight as far as the body from what little we can see of it which brings us to the next part already been said take the thing out & let’s see some pics, also not very original as stated since the color has been changed.Also odd he doesn’t mention the hard top?

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Yes, definitely fluff and hard sell. And watch out: Like the wheels and tires, he may want to keep the hard top, but you might not find that out until you are about to close the deal. That kind of thing has happened…….to me.

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  15. Avatar photo Webby

    As they say, if its got t*ts or tyres its gonna give ya grief…………..

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    • Avatar photo rancho bella

      Webby………….dang……..that’s a good one.

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  16. Avatar photo John

    Don’t shoot me, but I’m not much of a pony fan. For US cars I like the 58 GM Hearse’s, Limousines, No-Mads and other boat-like cars from this time period. I’m commenting here to remember a 64.5 two-door hardtop a friend of mine had in the early 80’s in San Jose, CA that had (and I’ve never seen one since) a factory installed sunroof. His was root-beer brown, tan interior I think. If anyone knows of this pony (sold for $10,000) back in 81, I’d like to know if its still around. Thanks!

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