Triple Black Beauty: 1968 Dodge Charger

Conceived in Chrysler’s Dodge Styling Studio in 1965, the second-gen Charger remains one of Detroit’s most influential and memorable designs. This surviving triple-black 1968 example, located in Goshen, New York, is listed for sale here on eBay with a current bid of $15,100 (reserve not met), and a BIN of $28,000.

The ad states this is a “true barn find”, but it doesn’t specify if it was this barn (although the seller does state it was stored on a lift for 30 years). Ignoring for a moment the ’70 Coronet R/T and other nice iron also packed away in this photo, the Charger is said to have all of its original sheet metal, including the floor and trunk pans, quarters, and trunk extensions. Original is great, but rust free is better, and fortunately, the seller also states all the panels are solid.

Of course, those in the rust belt have a slightly different definition of “solid” than those in the south and west, and we do see some bubbling both under the vinyl top and quarters. The seller does mention that the car could benefit from a ‘frame off” restoration (a misnomer here, these are unibody cars), although they do state that the car runs and drives.  No underhood photos are provided, although the ad goes on to state the car currently has a 1973 440 installed, and with a purchase at the BIN price the car can come with either a date-correct 440 engine or a bare Mopar Performance Hemi “Mega Block” (a desirable mid-90’s improved block sold though parts departments and speed shops). Interesting side note, if that Hemi block carries part number P4529852 it was cast with standard ‘wedge’ mounting ears, making the rare and expensive Hemi K-member unnecessary.

The few interior pics reinforce the car’s survivor status, although there is little detail to be gleaned from these other than a view of the factory automatic console. Likewise missing is a mention of the car’s VIN or any photos of the fender tag, making any initial verification of the car’s original configuration strictly an in-person affair.

In our final photo, we see the R/T badge on the grill, which isn’t mentioned in the description but would certainly add to the car’s value if it’s a true R/T. The Rallye wheels look a bit out of place here, Magnum 500’s would be expected. But regardless, any second-gen Charger is an extremely valuable and sought after piece of machinery and even with the limited information in the ad, the cost of admission for this black beauty seems well in line with the current market. Anyone up for chasing down a ’68 Ford Mustang Fastback GT with this beast?

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  1. Patrick S neweport pagnell Staff

    “Shotgun and a backup man, professionals.”

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    • Dean

      The scene where Bud buckles his seat belt still gives me goosebumps…cuz you know what’s comin’!

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  2. Chris

    Not bad money of its an original R/T. Solid? Lets see the car in person with a hands on inspection of trunk extensions, cross member and all the rest. I glance at the photos suggests a few patch panels are certainly in order with a close look of the roof under that blasted vinyl! I think this car is on the raggedy edge of being called a survivor as to me, it looks to have been repainted. But being in a dark garage it’s hard to say with certainty. It’s probably worth low $20s if the ad is accurate. ’68 Chragers, factory black with 440s are about as good as it gets.

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    • Steve R

      The seller seems knowledgeable enough to say it is an RT if it was. However, I would certainly ask about the first several digits of the VIN, that would definitively answer the question.

      Steve R

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      • Chris

        Indeed it would and as you’ve stated it most likely is an XS29 car. But you’d expect it to be stated in the ad as that’s a big detail on a car.

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  3. Steve

    It’s good to see that the seller let this one go instead of letting it get worse. It looks as if it is still not too far gone to save from the rust bugs. Hopefully the new buyer takes the initiative to save it.

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  4. Patrick S newport pagnell Staff

    ” Shotgun and a backup man. Professionals.”

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  5. Angrymike

    Sold !

  6. Hide Behind

    12-15k would of been fair price even in better shape as the dollar boys interest in non verifiable originals with replacement motors bottom has dropped out.
    Too darn many for sale out there and clones are but clones.
    If he got asking price or more, just think of labor and material cost, even with a bare block newer style hemi to rebuild from scratch, from what one would get if flipped.
    Noticed $ boys interest today is not in ranges quoted by auction houses, and many more autos sellers price not met rolled off carpet.
    These are no more than resto rods no matter how pleasing to the eyes and egos they are.

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    • Chris

      Hide Behind, I don’t think 15 grand would have touched this car. Based on the condition of the many second generation Chargers we see on the market today. Most of which are very incomplete projects that are most often just base SE 318 cars.

      On a side note, your grammar and attention to appropriate punctuation are in dire need of help. No offense, just making observation.

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      • grant

        Right? What’s $ boys? I’ve only heard strippers use that term.

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  7. Kenneth Carney

    If you built this car, you’d need to build a bullitt Mustang clone and
    then have one of your buddies “chase” you around your local cruising
    spot. But seriously, this car is by far much better than any other Charger
    I’ve seen so far. Hope it gets back on the road again. Shotguns and
    trenchcoats included.

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  8. Jim

    I had a 69 in this color combo with a 383. Would love another one.

  9. Ensign Pulver

    I’m no muscle car guy…at all; give me a wagon or a formal sedan! In fact, I cannot watch Barrett Jackson anymore to see old fat white haired guys…of which I’m one…bid on these things with all the passion and appreciation of a Wall Street day trader…I digress. These cars have style.

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  10. Mountainwoodie

    That will be enough out of you, Pulver. At ease!

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  11. Will Fox

    I see a “Bullitt” clone!! Seriously; showroom fresh with a 440; *full wheelcovers; thin white walls, etc.the works!

    (* one of which flies off 3 different times and returns on the car. Just like in the movie!!)

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  12. Keith

    I didn’t think the 1968 Charger had headrests for the seats. Are the seats original? Also, the ebay link is a different Charger. It’s green.

  13. Joe Machado

    Still looking for the 68 Charger RT I bought new. Serial XS29L8B426994 in 68. My sons car ride home when born. Dark green metallic. Air, zero rust. Sold because, along with my 3 69 500’s, 69 Daytona, Lotus Esprit, 62 Continental conv and 79 300, ran out of room. All excellent looking driving cars in 1980. Possibly went to Chicago area. Had 112,000 miles. Never wrecked.

    • Chris

      Oh go on Joe! Don’t you leave out any of the savory details of your past automotive trophies! Best of luck on your search for that old RT. I assume you’ve since cleared the building of those gems to make room?

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  14. mainlymuscle

    15k buys you a basket case 68 Charger in bad colors.,this one is a mid 20’s car,if the pictures are a true representation.I love 68 Chargers,to my eye,few others define the musclecar as well.Having said that,the triple black Monte sure has some mighty fine lines …..

  15. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Someone hit the BIN button. Gone.

  16. Mike z

    No vin no fender tag…been there,done that…. why not include it?that alone,should tell ya something lol

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