True Barn Find: 26k Mile 1966 Pontiac GTO!

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Three letters…G…T…O!  This is a true barn find that has been stored away for over 30 years untouched.  You will be stepping back in time when you cruise the roadways in this all original classic that has only 26,786 original miles.  The Pontiac GTO first hit the scene in 1964 and is respected as the first automobile to popularize muscle car mania in the market. The GTO badge was originally an optional package on the Pontiac Tempest for the years 1964 and 1965, so that makes this beauty the very first model to claim the Pontiac GTO moniker. With 96,946 units sold in 1966, it’s the largest per year sales for any “true” muscle car on record. Located in Englishtown, New Jersey, you can check out more here on eBay, where it has a current bid of $19,700.

The seller states that they’ll simply need a deposit of $1,000 within listing close, and the buyer will be responsible for pickup or shipping.  This car is all original and 100% solid, with no rot or any signs of structural concern. The GTO name was inspired by the Ferrari 250 GTO, and it was Pontiac’s answer to appeal to a more youthful demographic. By offering a high performance model and upgrading to a 389 under the hood, Pontiac was looking to make a name for themselves as other companies began rolling out sportier cars (we’re looking at you Mustang). The 1966 model came standard with a 389ci/360hp V8, and for a heavier choice compared to other cars on the market, could still do 0-60 in 6.5 seconds. With its’ famous coke-bottle style, a revamped rear exterior, and more alluring outlines compared to the previous two years models, it is easy to see how so many were sold, and it even acquired the nickname “The Goat” on the streets.

This GTO looks great inside and out. Its’ storage environment must have provided it with the ideal conditions needed allowing it to remain intact.  Rust is extremely minimal, and the original exterior Fontaine Blue paint is brilliant and smooth. Some of the work done in order to get it ready to burn rubber is a rebuilt transmission, new water pump, radiator, thermostat, battery, and fuel pump to name a few. It even comes with the original owner’s manual, original floor mats and trunk mat, and service records. The original bucket seats look almost new, and were an upgrade for the 1966 model that provided a lot more comfort.

The overall condition of this 1966 Pontiac GTO is beyond impressive for being so original. This model specifically is a notably desirable muscle car, fetching high prices everywhere you look. These first generation GTO’s proved to be excellent competitors in terms of sales and performance, and rightfully earned their spot as one of the greatest muscle cars ever built. Can you see yourself behind the wheel of this ready-to-drive piece of American muscle?

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  1. A Body

    Single circuit brake system.

    What could go wrong?

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    • 86_Vette_Convertible

      You could always pick up a MC from a 67, I would imagine they’d interchange nicely and be able to split the brakes front to rear.
      Just a thought.

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      • Brian

        I messed around doing that and would have been better off just buying a new aftermarket version. They are everywhere and inexpensive.

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  2. flmikey

    The shifter shows it is a 2 speed auto, so someone must have put the 350 in it, and the exhaust has been replaced at one time…this one is a must see in person before bidding, imho…very nice find!!!

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    • Al

      Pontiac never had a 2 speed automatic only Chevy did

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      • Doone

        Oh yes the did.

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      • PAT

        Pontiac had 2speed T-300, NOT a Power Glide, it was chevy only

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      • 69W31

        Chevy used the Powerglide, Olds, Buick and Pontiac used Buicks Super Turbine 300 two speed auto, commonly called the ST300 when used by Buick and Pontiac, and called the Jet-A-Way in Olds applications.

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      • Steve Waller

        Yes they did, I had a 66 with a 2 speed auto.

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      • joenywf64

        Chevy also had the torque drive 2 speed p-glide that you had to shift manually.
        Ford also had a 2 speed auto in the early 60’s.
        & even the Honda Accord came with a 2 speed automatic in the late 70s!

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    • David Willis

      From 1964–66, you could order a two-speed Powerglide automatic or a four-speed manual, either a Muncie M-20 or M-21, but all Tri-power cars got the Powerglide or a Muncie.

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      • 69W31

        Powerglide was Chevy only. Read other post regarding auto trans.

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  3. Robert Meeks

    What is the back story as to why it only has 26,000 miles on it???? Is the motor and transmission original to the car????? Do you know where this car was sold as new???

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  4. Bob McK

    Love the car and would be very happy if it were mine. I would want to see this car in person. I question the mileage. Not that it really matters. I have never seen an engine look like that with 26K miles.

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  5. PaulS

    Actually, the 1966 GTO came standard with a 335hp 389. The 360hp was with the tri-power set up which was discontinued mid year in 1965.

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    • 19sixty5Member

      Sorry PaulS, the Tri-Power was discontinued after the 1966 model year. The Tri-Power on the GTO (and the 442 for that matter) was banned by GM except for the Corvette.

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  6. RoughDiamond

    I love the color combo on this ’66 GTO. Something though in my opinion just does not look right under the hood compared to the claimed mileage. The appearance of the intake, master cylinder and steering shaft do not line up with 26K miles. Also, as “flmikey” pointed out these cars did not come with a Turbo 350 transmission which is supposedly in this car. What is that mess of wires exiting the firewall and going to the front of the intake as well? Shouldn’t those wires be encased in some sort of factory insulation? I hope whoever the high bidder is has personally inspected the car or had a PPI done.

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    • John PrillMember

      good eye, Rough Diamond! I missed that mess of wires coming out of the firewall. As others have stated, car is in nice shape, but that engine compartment looks like mileage of 100K plus. I would look carefully for body rust also, if its a New Jersey car!

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  7. bigbird

    It could be 26K for real. I am a back east person and the motor could easily look like that if run all year (4-seasons). The winters were unkind to these cars. I have seen Road runners, Super Bee’s rusted thru on rockers and 1/4 panels many times in 2 years. The panels get soft from the inside to the out….so I hope the buyer inspects the Goat… is a nice car.

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  8. 19sixty5Member

    I doubt the 26k mileage claim. Look closely at the brake pedal, there is little to see, but the bottom right corner of the pedal sure appears to to have more than 26k miles of normal wear. Pontiac’s Morrokide interiors seem to hold up much better than similar GM A body’s of the time, but the piping on the drivers seat appears to show more than 26k miles also. Speaking of the interior, the owner must have soaked the interior in some vinyl treatment, it has a ridiculous oily shine to it. The switch to a TH 350 is also suspicious. Purchasing any old car with super low mileage claims needs to be inspected in-person.

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    • DON

      And look at the photo of the fuel pump. No way a car with only 26k has that kind of oil crud build up on the block and pan

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  9. Bick Banter

    This car was on here back in January. There were a lot of concerns voiced back then.

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  10. Doone

    Does anyone else see that the fender bolts on either side of the engine bay don’t match?

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  11. Greg

    it is up to $27,200 now and really for a driver GTO and a 66 is not a bad price. If the price were double that then it had better be PHS approved. My favorite car of all time and I gotta pass.

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  12. PRA4SNW

    SOLD for $28,600.

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