Two Triumph TR6s for the Price of One

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How about not one but two Triumph TR6 basket cases for less than the price of one half-decent one? This deal is being offered here on Craigslist in Virginia Beach, Virginia, near Norfolk, with $5,000 for the pair being asked. The cars appear to be the same shade of blue, and are said to be “all original, complete cars with four-speed gearshifts and motors that “turn freely.” Both have clear titles, and one car is a 1972 and the other a 1973. They seem to be fairly complete, so maybe they were still running when they were parked.

Beyond that, there’s not much to be gleaned from the ad. There are only four photos, two of them of engines that have clearly been idle for a long time, and are now garnished with rust and leaves. What can be seen of the bodies suggests that they’re basically solid, even the paint, but there’s plenty of rust around the edges, ragged tops, and in general the debilitation you get from leaving cars outside under trees. The interiors aren’t shown. They’re probably bad, but luckily kind of basic and generally available. Could you make one good car from the two? Most likely not without buying some parts, as they probably have all the same problems. But the better engine can go into the better body, and the better interior can move, too.

The TR6, of course, was a development of the widely popular TR4, TR4a and TR250, introduced in 1969 and produced through 1976. Most came to the U.S.—83,480 of the 91,850 produced. Only 8,370 were sold in their native Britain with right-hand drive. The TR6 used the 2.5-liter straight six also seen in the TR250. With twin Strombergs at U.S. launch it made 104 horsepower and 143 pound-feet of torque. European cars with Lucas fuel injection had a healthier 150 horsepower. U.S. cars got lower compression for 1972, which lowered torque to 133 pound-feet but increased horsepower slightly to 106. Zero to 60 took about 10 seconds. Some like the Karmann-designed body better than the TR4 and its offshoots, but that’s a matter of taste. They aren’t dramatically different, as the chassis, engines, doors, windshield and even much of the body tub were carried over. English automakers were often looking for ways to cut corners.

The TR6 was a body-on-frame design, and benefited from independent suspension all around and disc brakes up front. A hardtop was available, and an overdrive from Laycock de Normanville (which also supplied Volvo) was an option, but it’s unclear if these cars are so equipped. Really, someone fairly handy with tools could get at least one of these cars running and driving in short order. But are you better off buying a better example of the breed that was never a haven for woodland mice? Maybe.

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  1. Rob Jay

    A bit hard to tell in the pics but they look pretty solid. I’d take a look if I lived closer, seems like a reasonable deal.

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  2. 914ShifterMember

    Great color, very stock looking…. however, it appears there is some serious rust from what can be seen on the lower rocker panels…. However, at that price, if I was close I would just buy them… more than likely worth that in parts.

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  3. mrgreenjeans mrgreenjeans

    This is bargain basement pricing, even with rocker panel and lower door rust. All parts are available for these; it would be a shame to see these units get parted out. French Blue ? Isn’t this a fairly uncommon color ?
    I have seen far worse get put back on the road…..

    (I own a ’70 which originally came white with black trim, wires, standard 4 speed, biscuit or saddle colored interior. I bought mine on the west coast in 1988 for around $1800 plus $600 shipping, non running with 52,000 miles. I did not want a rusty car but mechanically challenged was OK. Prices have risen over the years and fewer of the good cars are around to get into cheaply. I think someone will do all right, but the goal here is not consolidating the two. These appear too good to piecemeal away to only come away with one car, but that’s JM2C)

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  4. george mattar

    Pretty good deal here if you need parts. From the crummy photos, they look ok, but beware they are sitting on grass. In today’s market, these are bringing upwards of 30K done. One of my best college friends is restoring a green one now in Colorado he got out of Texas. He had a green 72 in college back in 1978.

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