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The Ultimate Corvette Barn Find?

The seller of this 1954 Corvette makes a fairly bold statement when they say that it’s the Ultimate Corvette Barn Find, but then again maybe it is! While the Corvette is a household name today, initial sales weren’t great and there weren’t all that many built. This C1 was originally painted Pennant Blue with the beige interior, of which only 300 were shipped in this combo. It’s said to have been parked in 1974 and was just recently discovered. From a rarity standpoint, it’s relatively rare, but does that make it the Ultimate Corvette Find? Have a closer look at it here on eBay in Belvidere, New Jersey with a BIN of $57,500.

It might be rare and in good shape, but this isn’t an untouched survivor. Besides being repainted maroon at some point, it’s Powerglide was swapped out for a 3 speed manual. While that’s likely to be a plus for anyone wanting to drive it, it definitely hurts originality. The Blue Flame six is said to be all original though and is said to run. The seller has already gone through the brakes and exhaust to make it a safe driver.

While I can’t blame the previous owner for swapping out the Powerglide, I don’t understand the decision to cover up that beautiful blue paint. Color choice is subjective though and I’m sure at the time they just wanted the car to be more to their liking. It looks like they sprayed right over the original paint though, so with some careful work you might be able to reveal the factory paint. Or you could just preserve it as is and have an interesting conversation piece.

As cool as this find is, I’m not sold that it’s the Ultimate Corvette Barn Find. Personally, I think that title still belongs to the Entombed ’54 we featured back in 2012! If you haven’t read about that find, you really should. As for this one, I think it’s a great find and would be a great buy for anyone looking for an original Pennant Blue C1. So do you agree with the seller on this one or do you think there’s another Vette out there that deserves the title of Ultimate Corvette Barn Find?


  1. Gaspumpchas

    Very cool–these c1’s bringing that kind of coin??

  2. Andrew

    Tired, molested Corvette. While it’s a good find who knows what else has been done to the car. Why did they change the color? Why was the transmission removed? So much money will be needed to bring this car back to excellent condition.

  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    Potential – yes, ultimate Corvette – no. If I have to vote for the ultimate Corvette Barn Find I’d say a 1971 ZR2 Vette. IIRC there were maybe 2 of those made.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      86 it is correct in my book. Very rare indeed. The entombed soul is right up there. Perhaps more rare to me is the new Corvette ZR1. Rare to me because I would have to sell the Farm and more to buy her. Needs a luggage rack though.

    • Gnrdude

      Yeah & one of those was Owned by Pablo Escobar so no Telling where the other one is…

  4. Charles

    Those wheelcovers are worth $1000 each

  5. Dan

    Drive it like it is. Few more washes, and some exposure to the sun, and you will be back to blue.

  6. Moxman

    After reading this review and looking at the other Corvette, referenced in the review, it appears as though this car has an air cleaner setup that I’ve not seen before? It doesn’t look like a factory piece? It’s good that all the carburetors and linkages, cables, etc. are present; but just don’t know about that air cleaner. I also noted that the engine and valve cover are NOT painted in the “Blue Flame” blue color. Is that cause for suspicion? Hoping early Corvette experts will set me straight?

  7. DRV

    It looks very correct but missing the shielding. Nice car for 45k.

  8. Iron Maiden

    How is it rare, if so much has been changed. It’s not rare, it’s not even original.
    You can repaint it good luck finding a matching tranny,numbers matching.
    This car is a work of art and in my opinion all it’s good for is a hot rod I’m surprised they didn’t throw a crappy 350 in it.

  9. Rex Member

    Excellent choice, swapping the Powerglide for a manual. The poor choice was manufacturing a car like this (or any car) with a Powerglide.

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  10. charlie Member

    Owned one. Marriage, kids, as impractical as a car of that vintage could be, sold it in l968 for $1600. Engine does not look correct to me, but it has been a long time. Had 3 Carter side draft carbs (which leaked gas) and were hard to synchronize (at least for me), Plexiglas side curtains (curved) you could barely see through, and exhaust came up over the trunk into the cab – GM fixed this by making the exhausts through the bumper a dummy.

  11. Ron Bunting

    looks like it could be driver to me. Simple mechancals and electrics,etc make for a fun toy. To methis is the ultimate barn Find… ZR1#10 prototype .Supposed to have been crushed and destroyed..

  12. Maestro1

    It’s overpriced.

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  13. JimmyinTEXAS

    “…..I don’t understand the decision to cover up that beautiful blue paint.”
    Probably kin to my wife and had some purple loving genes…

  14. charlie Member

    It was just an old car, once, and if like mine it had non see through Plexiglas side windows, exhaust in the cab, crazed fiberglass, the PowerGlide 6, leaking carbs (despite a rebuild), a dent in the X frame, about 80,000 miles when 100,000 was the usual limit for a car, and due to the heavy 6 extending over the front axel it would not go around a corner at speed, who cared if it was original. Paint it any color you wanted. This is also missing the chrome shields over the headlights – try to find them. And the Plexiglas sidecurtains are not shown either.

  15. Sid Member

    Definitely NOT the ultimate Corvette barn find but a cool find none the less.

  16. Maestro1

    I know the values of these cars and i still would not pay that price.

  17. KKW

    It’s truly amazing, the price people put on something just because it says chevrolet on it. It’s true, they’re quite rare, because nobody wanted them when they were new. Homely plastic body, school teacher 6banger. No thanks, I’ll take that 55 Bird, twice the car, for less than half the price.

  18. Charlie Member

    Really liked the looks of the 53 – 55 – Corvette but had a 53 or 54 you would swap in the V8 with a standard transmission to get a lot more performance out of it. The six with triple carburation was faster than it would have been otherwise but the Powerglide, at that point in its development, was very slushy

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