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Unique Minivan: Shortened 1983 Chevrolet G20

At first glance, you might think the seller of the 1983 Chevrolet G20 van just did a really bad job of resizing the photos for their ad.  But look more closely and read the description, and you’ll see that this is actually a custom-shortened van.  Find it for sale here on Craigslist in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  Thanks to Ian C and Darrun for the submission!

The third-generation Chevrolet G-series vans were produced from 1971 to 1995 with a choice of 110, 125 and 146 inch wheelbases.  A variety of engines were available, from a 4.1L inline-6 to a 6.5L diesel V8.  Although full-size vans like the G-series have fallen out of favor lately as buyers switch to more modern vans, like Sprinters and their ilk, there was once a time, back in the ’70’s, when customizing vans like this was the hip thing to do.

The seller says this van runs well and can be driven anywhere, needing only a few minor adjustments.  The one critical detail that I’m curious about that the seller doesn’t address, though, is why?  Why did he build a shortened van?  Did he move to the city and need to parallel-park but not want to leave the van culture behind?  Was he planning an A-Team reenactment but could only find one friend to participate?  Whatever the explanation, the work seems to have been done well, as there aren’t any seams apparent.  I’m guessing the new owner will be the only one on his block with a van quite like this one.

With only the front row of seats and limited space behind them, this may not be the most practical van available, but it definitely stands out amongst the sea of minivans and work vans that you normally see on the roads today.  While I I don’t think I’d ever be inclined to build something like this, I can’t help but imagine how cool it would look blasting down a dragstrip.  These vans were available with Chevy big-blocks, so swapping something potent under the doghouse should definitely be possible, although I can tell you from experience that engine work on a van can be a challenge.


  1. canadainmarkseh

    He gets stares every where he goes because people are wondering what the ?@&#%=!{} he was thinking when he made this death trap. This thing would handle like an egg rolling down a crack in the road. No way I’d want this, for sure would not want to be in this at high speed. POS.

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    • Michael

      Easy to parallel park!

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  2. Mike

    That dash needs a total re-do. Yuck…

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    • Tom Nemec Member

      That dash is what you call “a diamond (plate) in the rough!!”

      I think it would be a fun promo vehicle for the right business. That is about it.

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  3. Rock On

    Look on the bright side, you would save lots of money when you install your side pipes!!!

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    • Little_Cars Alexander Member

      Looks like it already has ’em. Just behind the door opening.

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  4. GhostNote

    Mama!! Bubba took a Sawzall to the van!

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  5. Rick Jensen

    i agree with Lee about the dragstrip part BUT,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, find a old front wheel drive caddy V8 (northstars prob decent price in a junk yard) throw it in the back, weld a iron skidplate under the back bumper THEN hit the 1/4 mile with it, the whole 1320 ft. draggin A$$ :P

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    • Steve R

      It would never make it out of tech. The wheelbase is too short.

      Steve R

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  6. Jimmy

    Nothing I could say that hasn’t already been said.

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    • Mark

      x 2

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  7. Ike Onick

    “Death Cab For Cutie”

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  8. Pete Kaczmarski

    Someone wanted a RWD minivan, that is why he built it.

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    • SubGothius

      I mean, if that’s all he wanted, he coulda just bought an Astro van. Or an Aerostar, but reckon he’s a GM guy.

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  9. Steve blevins

    I think it’s kinda cool , would like to see more pics particularly the passenger side

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  10. Rick Jensen

    Still would be Pete, but the motor would be out back too, it’d make the front end real light, easy to lift, kinda like this

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  11. Chebby Member

    Clown car, clown price.

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  12. Mike B

    I want to see the drivetrain. Is it just one U-joint between diff. & engine with hinged motor mounts?

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  13. MFerrell

    If the rear axle were moved back a bit, it would look better… maybe…

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    • Ike Onick

      Maybe not.

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  14. DawgStrip

    We built one of these and drove it to Alaska and back. Fun little van, no handling issues. Ours started life as a shorty, so is doesn’t have the “back pack” the blue one does.


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    • firemandk

      That was too fun to watch ! Crazy – Fun!

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  15. Skippy

    OH!!!! I totally misunderstood when you said you wanted a mini-van!

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  16. pugsy


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  17. Papa Jay

    Definitely one of a kind. Hopefully nobody else would waste that much money and time to duplicate it.

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  18. Alexander

    I’ve seen one of these before–and, oddly enough, a VW Bus version.

    Really??? You have to ask why?

    These are literally made for popping wheelies and roaring down the street or dragstrip on the back two wheels. (The VW version with the rear engine, especially!) All the racing stickers in the rear windows should be your flashing-neon-billboard-sized hint! This is a dragster, not a utility van!

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  19. Paul Gray

    No thanks

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  20. W9BAG

    A conversation piece, at best. One good cross wind would toss it on its side.

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  21. chrls

    “…rear axle were moved back a bit…”
    (in the body/sheet metal)
    Would look beddah (either the yellow in the link or the above blue).

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  22. PL Windish

    clown car!

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