Unique Paint Scheme: 1970 Dodge Super Bee

One of our Readers, who’s asked to remain anonymous for the time being, was recently looking through old Barn Finds ads at 2 in the morning. That’s when he came across a listing for a moss-covered Dodge Super Bee. The car was nearby, so he decided to message the seller. It took a few messages to finally get a response, but it was well worth the work! When he saw the car in person, he had to have it and was able to work a deal. This Super Bee has some interesting features that this reader isn’t too sure about, so he thought he’d see if the Barn Finds Community could give him some ideas on whether they are factory original or later add-ons. Plus, he thought we would all enjoy seeing how this one cleaned up!

In less than 24 hours, he had the car home and got to work cleaning it up. Besides some rust spots, the original paint actually cleaned up quite well. As he cleaned 30+ years of moss and mold off, he discovered that roof is painted green, as are the wheels. While Mopar offered some interesting vinyl roof options, he wasn’t aware that you could get a Super Bee with the roof painted to match the interior. It could be a factory option, something a dealer added or a previous owner might have had it done at some point in the car’s life. My first thought when I saw his photos was that this was a Mod Top car, but those were floral patterned vinyl roof cars with matching interior upholstery. If you are a Supporting Member, be sure to use your Early Access to check out this 1970 Barracuda with a Mod Top that we will be featuring soon! And if you aren’t a Supporter yet, be sure to keep an eye out for that find or become a Member and get access to it now!

As he was cleaning the grilles up, he noticed that there’s orange trim installed and they look to be factory-made trim. The two-tone paint isn’t a huge mystery, but this grille trim is something I haven’t ever seen. Could it be a factory or dealer option? Or was it an aftermarket part? 1970 is an interesting year in the Super Bee’s history, as it was given a facelift. It ended up being the only year to be offered with the twin-loop grilles, so information is harder to come by compared to earlier and later cars. Given the poor sales performance that resulted after the refresh, it’s not a surprise that this design made a quick departure. Personally, I like the front end treatment, but mostly because it’s so unique.

We don’t get a look at the engine, but it’s said to be the numbers matching 383 V8. We do get a look at the green interior and it looks pretty rough. It also reveals that this is an automatic-equipped car. This reader clearly has a lot of work on their hands, as they admit the floors and trunk are rusted through. It will need everything, but it sure will be cool when it’s all done.

It sure would be interesting to know this car’s full story and what’s up with the painted roof and grille trim. Mopar offered lots of interesting options during the late ’60 and early ’70s, including two-tone paint schemes. Solving the paint mystery is as easy as looking at the body codes, which should show something along the lines of EW1 for the white lower body-color and EF8 for the dark green upper color. I’ve not been able to find any documentation stating whether that combination was available, so if any of you know for sure, be sure to chime in!

Whatever the story, I think the really impressive part of this find is just how well it actually cleaned up! Sure, it has rust spots showing, but it doesn’t look too bad. The paint looks to be in decent shape and with some polishing, would likely look almost as good as new. I for one, can’t wait for more updates on this one. Our thanks to this reader for sharing his find with us and everyone here at BF HQ wish him the best of luck with it!

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  1. Vin_in_NJ

    Great find!. I may be in the minority, but 1970 was my favorite year for the Super Bee primarily because of the twin loop grills.

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    • Dan

      A friend of mine had a ‘70 R/T (same body) 440 that was All Black and just a total stunner.

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  2. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Was listed right here before – maybe a week back – don’tcha remember ?

    Like 2
    • Steve R

      This time it’s a follow up from the buyer after he brought it home, not an ad.

      Steve R

      Like 9
  3. Todd Fitch Staff

    Super Bee in the brochure with the red trim. http://oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/Dodge/1970_Dodge/1970_Dodge_Coronet_Brochure/1970%20Dodge%20Coronet-06.html Also shown on the R/T and 500, though this thread questions whether any were built that way. https://board.moparts.org/ubbthreads/ubbthreads.php/topics/80043.html A super-close inspection might reveal if it was DIY or factory, especially if there were brush marks. Interesting!

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  4. Jim ODonnell Staff

    There was a two-tone option, code V02. The attached image of the trim tag can decode the original paint finishes(s) that were applied and help determine if it had the option or not.

    Also, the original article we did on the car with the “before” images is here:

    Glad to see it found a new home!

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    • Brian Gough

      V02 would be found on the Build Sheet. Does the fender tag exist to show body and roof (paint)?

  5. 140pilot

    If the fender tag indicates V02 it’s a painted top car. That color combo would have been available to order.

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  6. Joe Machado

    I posted info here and its gone.
    5,737 Super Bee 2 door hardtops made with 383 4-bbl Auto trans.
    210 two tones made.
    368 green interiors.
    315 center seats.
    1,629 Air cond.
    2,658 Bee stripes. All colors.
    452 dog dish.

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  7. Joe Machado

    More info according to pictures.
    Manual brakes, 103.
    Hood scoops, 4,844.

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  8. Troy s

    It’s amazing what a good cleaning up will do, outstanding! I remember this fairly recently here and basically looking at a run down mess of a former speed machine, what a difference. Now, I also remember feeling kinda nauseous looking at the picture of the engine so I get why the hood remained closed here, that’s going to take more than a steam clean. Like the black steel wheels without the boring covers too.
    Congrats to whoever one of you guys bought it and show it some more! She’s super fine!

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  9. Nick

    As 140pilot and Jin says above, MOPAR B and E bodies could be ordered with the top painted a different color from the body. It should have chrome trim at the color break as a vinyl top car would have.

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  10. Johnny

    Nice looking car. The moss reminds me of the 77 Firebird I bought off my niece. My sister and I put alot of time and money in fixing it up and gave it to my niece. Then she married this guy and she didn,t keep it up and her father-in law was SUPPOSE to have touched up the paint. All he done was parked it in the woods. The one night she was on facebook and I asked her about it and she asked if I knew anyone who wanted to buy it> I asked her the price and she told me. I bought it back. We had too much money in it to let her give it away. Now I,m fixing it back up and I won,t let her use it. People are ungrateful. This a a great find for him.Looks like the orange one my friend had. Hers had the 383 . She wouldn,t race it. She said she was scared going fast. About a year later. Her,her sister,a friend and a college student in another car were killed. The driver in the 3rd car that caused it. The law didn,t do a thing to him.

  11. Jay Guthridge

    the 70 years were awsome, and often 1 yr body styles..love the hood scoop design..glad it found a new home,,
    definitely looks better in white…

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    • stanley kwiecinski

      Loved the scoop. power bulge? only POWER bulge i have now is a hernia! My 70 B had 69 R/T matte side scoops. who put them on? was alot better then that bland crease.

  12. the one

    The grill is Bee wings y’know..

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  13. rod glaser

    Painted grille accents have been seen in old ads on 4 dr’s, bees and base models too. Not sure but guess it was an option offered.

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  14. TimM

    Cool find and a cool car good luck to the new owner it’s a worthwhile project!! And a thanks to the readers for supplying a good amount of information about the car!! That’s part of the reason I like this site!!!

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  15. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Gas pump? Did you buy this beaut? I haven’t came across any of your usually uplifting comments on this one… Now I’m curious 😁

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