Unmolested SS: 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo

The pictures provided of this car aren’t going to win any awards, but after a paint job the car might! While at first glance this might just look like another worn-out 1987 Monte Carlo, upon further inspection this is actually a clean and unmolested example wearing faded paint and slight surface rust. The seller found this car sitting in a barn and did the necessary work to make it roadworthy after more than a decade at rest. Although it’s covered 103,000 miles in the last 30 years, this car is in survivor condition with the only casualty being the paint. The rust pattern is more consistent with a coastal climate than road-salt, and sure enough this car is in Myrtle Beach, SC. Find it here on eBay with a starting bid of $2,500 and no reserve.

The G-body Monte Carlo has long been a favorite of car customizers, much like the Buick Regal of the same era. These cars can often either be found at the drag strip or dressed to the nines in expensive shoes, custom paint, with a brain-rattling sound system installed. This Monte Carlo still sports its original cassette deck and presumably speakers, which says a lot for the rest of the interior. From the other pictures, the seats look clean and and decent condition with the exception of possible damage to the driver’s seat. It looks like this car has been driven and enjoyed just the way it came from the factory!

Under the hood is a 305 cubic inch V8 that is presumably the original to this car. It looks clean and unmolested with original GM hoses. The seller states that this car runs and drives as it should and is currently being used as a daily driver. Since it was pulled from the barn, the seller states “I put tires on her, flushed the fuel system, change oils and filters, new battery and repaired the A/C.” Sometimes getting the car running can be the toughest part, and in this case that has already been handled.

This car may be wearing faded paint, but the seller says that it is solid underneath. Coming from a coastal climate, this is probably true as cars don’t tend to rust out the way they do in snowy climates. With some minor body work and a new paint job, this Monte Carlo could easily be looking as good as new and could probably fool some people into thinking it is all original! Because so many have been raced or customized, finding one in this original condition that isn’t super low mileage is uncommon. This could be a great chance for a G-body enthusiast to get the unmolested Monte Carlo they’ve been looking for!


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  1. Karguy James

    There is a 1983 El Camino SS Version of this SS on Ebay right now that was the first one to carry this Monte Carlo SS style NASCAR urethane front bumper and was used for some pace car duty during the 7-4-83 Firecracker 400 as a GM promo vehicle. One of only 23 built in 1983 according to the Choo Choo Custom’s registry. Cool vehicle.

  2. Sanity Factor

    Nows the time….no ones buying cars these days….buyers market out there and so many have been ruined by hydraulics and 26 in wheels…not always gonna be a supply of a/g bodys left…

  3. Coventrycat

    I saw so many of these in the day, and they all look the same – I really won’t miss them.

  4. Jason

    I really like the 80s Monte, they were nice looking cars. The only thing this one is missing is T-tops!

    • Matt

      Not missing- t-top leaks

      • Jason

        I have an all original 1985 Camaro Z28 with t-tops and they have never leaked. I know some do but I guess I’m lucky.

      • Tyler

        I tire of reading about how bad t top cars leak. I currently have 2 t top cars, a 80 Z/28 & a 96 Z/28, & have had 3 other t top cars, no leaks on any of them. It’s all about how you take care of them. Keep the hardware tight & the weatherstripping soft, & they are trouble free.

      • Rick pyle

        I agree 100) percent about the t tops but I love these g body Monte Carlo I own 2 of them they have been great cars good price for a survivor

  5. Mike Z

    The bottoms of the doors (at least the driver’s side) are rusted through. You can see where it separated in the one picture. I’d guess the rear quarters just behind the tires are rotted through as well. Next would be the floor just above the catalytic converter. Those are the real trouble spots on these.

    Could make a nice project, and I always preferred the 87/88 like this one for the cleaner rear bumper and lights.

  6. Al

    I have a black 86 with t tops,put a modified grand national drive train in it and lowered it in 1989,runs low 11’s.What a bunch of fun and really catches a lot of people off guard!

  7. Tommy D

    305 yuck!

  8. Chevelle SS

    Owned one of these for several years. It was really a fun car in its day. The 305 was the so-called high output version. It was OK, but was still rather anemic. It would rev like a good sbc should but run out of oomph over 4000 rpm. Nevertheless, with the 3:73 posi rear and the (weak) OD automatic, it would take off with authority and get you down the road quick enough to be fun.
    I remember seeing one snap an axle on the line at Englishtown. It was stock but had street slicks which provided too much bite for the, what, 8″ rear and pixie stick axles to endure for long. DANA 88’s were the hot ticket if I remember correctly.
    Of course, it was still a sbc so the mounts would take whatever small block you could bolt between them. My dream was to build up a 383 stroker with the heavy duty electronic automatic – can’t remember the number – and tweak the Q-jet for a stock/sleeper appearance. Snicker-snicker!
    And yes, the crappy base coat clear coat they used would peel like a blister. That sucked.

  9. RUSS

    I own a 83 El Camino with a 565 cu. Roller motor,modified tranny, bullet proof rear-end.what makes mine interesting is i traded it from a person who is paralyzed so it has a mechanical gas and brake lever system that’s attached to the steering column (asked me if I wanted left in)I said yes. Makes for an interesting tire slayer!! Wish I could include some pictures but she’s currently 1100miles away.work in progress (shipping two highly modified vechiels)it’s nice to see a ss front bumper forgot they existed. Might make for a interesting change. On mine Either way I’ll share the photos of both when there back home THANKS for sharing the 83 ss elcameo photo gave me some interesting new ideas. 😎👍

    • mike

      yep, the hand controls make it easy to slay tires….. push forward and down at the same time to watch em smoke….. I was in a wreck 16yrs ago, I was ejected thru the back glass of my 91 extended cab chevy, severed my spinal cord and paralyzed me from the waist down….. 1st thing I did was get a truck rigged up to drive and hit the road.. still love cars… takes longer now to work on them and some things I cant reach or do being confined to a wheelchair but I’m still alive

  10. Taco Juan

    First of all. If you take care of the rubber gasket on the T Top’s. They will not leak. it’s the lack of maintenance that causes the issue. The 87 SS was the best of the year’s. The car had been perfected. I took out the factory chip in the brain, and installed a hyper chip. Then in 88. Chevy took out the HO 305, and it was the 305 you could get in any Monte in the 88 year. I had a 87 Aerocoupe, and loved it. Financial issues caused me to sell it in 1990. It had only 3 thousand miles on it.

  11. Troy S

    Stock performance as delivered from the factory is how I judge high performance cars, and these were okay back then but I always thought of them more as just fun cruisers. These were laughable compared to the turbo Buick regals which offered real muscle with equally good looks.

  12. Bill Wilkman

    Car design was at a real low point in the mid to late 1980s. I doubt these cars will ever inspire anyone.

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