Unrestored 1968 Camaro Z/28

1968 Camaro Z28 Survivor

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While I’ve always liked the Mustang just a little more than the Camaro, there is one version of Chevy’s Pony that I think I’d take over a Mustang and that’s a ’68 Z/28! I love the looks of the ’68 and the 302 V8 was a brilliant piece of machinery! I can see why there are so many Z/28 clones floating around out there, so you always want to be careful when buying one of these. The seller of this one claims it is highly original and that everything matches up for being the real deal. I have my concerns, but I will let you judge whether either claims is true for yourself. Take a closer look at this Camaro here on eBay in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a current bid of $11k.

1968 Camaro Z28 Engine

The Z/28 was a special machine when it was first introduced. To make the Camaro eligible to race in Trans Am, they had to build a new and smaller displacement engine to compete. Trans Am rules limited engine capacity to 305 cui and so the 302 was born. It’s a high rpm powerhouse that churned out considerably more power than stated by Chevy. The good people at GM decided to state that it only had 290 horsepower, but it actually put out something north of 360 hp. That’s some impressive for power for a V8 this size. What’s even more impressive is the 7,000 rpm redline!

1968 Camaro Z28 Interior

The 302 was mated to a close ratio Muncie 4 speed and a 12 bolt rear end. Keeping all that power somewhat under control required an upgraded suspension and brakes system, so those got worked over too. Chevy marketed the Z/28 as being race ready from the dealer, which it just about was.

1968 Camaro Z28

This car has a lot of issues, ranging from rust to a non-original rear end. As long as the engine, transmission and brakes are original, I’m sure plenty of collectors and speed freaks would be happy to have this project! I would want to check the numbers out closely on this car, as there are a lot of clones out there. So what do you think, is this Z/28 the real deal?

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  1. Don

    Engine is not original. It’s a 307. Someone’s cut up the rear fenderwells for fat tires. Replacement pwertrain and mods don’t seem to jibe with story. Id stay away.

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    • Gary Gary

      Look closer at the rh head in the pic above. At the base where it meets the block there are 2 humps. They are the correct humps, also known as ‘camel back’ heads. The clue that they are 302 heads, and not earlier 283, 327 heads, is that they appear to be 2 seperate humps. Previous 283, 327 ‘camel backs’ had 2 humps, but were joined by a horizontally raised section. It appeared as if it were one raised design, not to individual humps. The intake is another story. It’s wrong. See here what it should be for the 302/290 from Chevy.

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  2. Blindmarc

    A 307 is not a performance engine by any meens. But the rest of the car measures up.

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    • Jeff

      I agree, at a surface level from pics, it may be right. The fender Z28 emblem wasn’t introduced until March, and this is a June build. But without the original drivetrain, the best, the VERY best, you can hope to do is break even at the end of the day. I’d stay away…

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  3. Steve

    If a 302 is good, then an extra 5 cubic inches should be great, right? Well, ok, no. My dad had one in a 72 c10. Great motor for getting back and forth to work. Not much else. I dont think they even ever made a cour barrel version from the factory…

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  4. wuzjeepnowsaab

    How to know if your 68 Z is a 68 Z…


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  5. Frankie

    307 is code for giant paper weight, really, it’s in the official Chevrolet order sheet.
    For where it’s at the price is right. Something to drive and enjoy maybe hunt down the parts needed to make it original as possible.

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  6. nighttrainx03

    I am not buying it personally, there’s just not a lot of things not matching up. First of all who would trade out a 12 bolt for a ten? Then put a low hp motor in place of what I think should be a dz 302. That would be like de balling a Boss 302, who would do that? One thing I do like about this car is how rust free it is. So with that said even if it is not original you could make it what you want with out having to restore the whole body. I do think this would make a nice restomode. I am far from being an expert on Z-28s so I could be completely wrong about that it is not original, just my thought’s.

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    • David C

      In 68 the code was “MO” and in 1969 in changed to “DZ” for the 302.

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    • CVinc5

      Actually, the engine code in 68 was MO…DZ came along in 69.

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  7. Len

    I love when you post these first gen camaros. I have a 68 RS languishing in a garage right now for the last 15 years that was to be my 30 something project and is quickly becoming a 50 something project, maybe. It was purchased new by my grandfather for my grandmother and I have the bill of sale to go with it. I learn a lot of things about them here that is so useful. If not for the sentimental value, it would have been sold long ago. And so the dust continues to gather……

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    • brian crowe

      oh so you’re one of those people. lol

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      • Len

        Didnt start out that way. Plenty of miles, multiple sets of rear tires andfinally 1 bad accident made me realize it had more value than expected. I went into lets restore it mode and then life caught up with a single young man and turned him into a responsible family oriented adult. Now she sits.

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    • Chuck Foster 55chevy

      I’m going to restore my 65 Stang fastback’s and 66 GTO when I retire. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  8. 68custom

    Ten bolt rear and 307 under the hood makes a guy wonder what’s going on here. It might be a z/28 but I doubt it.

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  9. stillrunners

    think the rear bumper is missing something……

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  10. Jeff

    That’s for 69s…

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  11. John.H from CT

    While I give my 2c on cars from time to time I just want to compliment the folks who have responded to this car with their expertise. The Barn Find readership is an amazing font of knowledge.

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  12. Jeff

    I dig the tires so 70’s

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