Unrestored Survivor: 1967 Impala SS 396

Rocco sent this sweet 1967 Impala SS 396 survivor to our attention. It is red with a black interior and 4 speed. The car is for sale for $32,000 here on Craigslist in Kansas City. The seller is parting with the car to make room from a recreational vehicle (RV)! The car currently has 75,000 miles on the odometer.

The seller states that a dealer replaced the engine at 48,000 miles. The Impala SS or Super Sport was introduced by Chevrolet in December 1960 for the 1961 model year. The Chevrolet 396 cubic inch engine was known as the Turbo-Jet and produced 325 bulk horsepower at 5600 rpm and 375 lb ft of torque at 3600 rpm.

The black interior looks original with bucket seats and a console. The dirty floor mats probably won’t help the seller get top dollar for this car but it does look clean and original on the interior. The Impala SS saw the addition of the 427 cubic inch engine option in 1967. I thought the 1967 Impala SS had a black accented side body molding and rear fender moldings that matched the black accented grill. Maybe one of our readers can comment on this.

Competition in the performance car market increased in 1967 and sales of the Impala SS decreased from 117,000 examples that were sold in 1966 to 76,000 models in 1967. If you are looking for a clean example and don’t care about numbers matching motor, this one deserves a second look.

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  1. flmikey

    I thought the price was on the low end of the scale until I read it does not have the original engine…but even with that, it looks like a bargain…

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  2. Gaspumpchas

    Love the 67..i took my road test on a 67 biscayne wagon, 3 on the tree and no p/s. This one is way cool with the big block and 4 speed. As flmikey says, might be a good deal even at 32 large, where you gonna find one like this? Good inspection always a good idea, especially the frame. Would love to rip thru the gears once with this beauty. Good luck and be safe.

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  3. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I like the looks of the car, if it’s as good in person as it appears in pictures, so much the better. On the question of differences between the 396 & 427s, didn’t the 427s have a special hood with (I don’t know what you call them) 3 squares in a line down the hood.
    This one looks exceptionally good to me

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    • Franko54

      The 427 did have a different hood but this one would not because the motor was changed

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    • JD McCown

      You could get the 427 and a standard super sport but if you got the SS 427 you receive the three fake scoops on the hood that was supposed to represent the possibility of three carburetors like they offered on the Corvette but they never did offer it on the SS 427 impala

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  4. Jim ODonnell Staff

    Where some of the confusion sets in is that this is a SS model with a 427 CI engine, not an SS427 (RPOZ24) which has the doomed hood and specific moldings and fender gills, etc.

    The 427 CI engine was an option in the ’66 to ’69 standard Impala, or the ’66 to ’68 Impala SS. The SS427 package, referenced above, was available on the Impala Sports Coupe and Convertible models from ’67 to ’69. and on the Custom Coupe (square roof-line model) in ’68 and ’69.

    Here is a good website that can help with the full explanation:



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    • Jim ODonnell Staff

      Actually what I meant to say is that this car is an SS model with a 396 CI engine, though a 427 was available too in the standard SS model.

      Sorry if I sowed any confusion.


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  5. Lance waitz

    396 had no side stripes. Ss427 had domed hood with faux louvers and the side fender and quarter panel stickers. Have the same car sitting in my garage but marina blue with blue interior. Only SS cars had the black around the tail lights.

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  6. Charliee

    Way back in the day (early 70’s) a friend of mine had a 1968 427/425 Biscayne in bright red. It was a TurboHydro with a 12 bolt 4.56 gears. It was a rare and very cool car.I would almost kill to have that car today. Man,would I !!!!…………..This Impala is a Super Sweet,Super Sport. Especially since it hasn’t been restored. How did they keep it so nice? Was it under his bed ?

  7. Dave Mathers


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  8. Randy

    I don’t believe this Chevy impala is a super sport it should have had the super sport emblems front,back.their also should be a chrome strip in the middle of the hood too.

  9. TimM

    I wish my 67 Caprice looked this good!!

  10. DayDreamBeliever Member

    Great car! Being and old man, I’d have to power up those brakes though, and not a bad idea to put bigger, modern discs up front as well.

    Hmmm… AC I could probably live without, but I don’t see a pump for power steering, so that’d be another change. And if I was going to go anywhere far, a 5 or 6-speed transmission. Keep all of the old parts, and if the next caretaker is a purist, they could be reinstalled and the mods deleted.

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  11. JoeNYWF64

    That is 1 empty engine compartment! It must be quite a reach for the points & condenser. lol
    Imagine how empty under there it be with strait 6 & no a/c or p/s.

  12. Brock

    In 1974 my mother was given a special ordered by my pops 1965 Ford Custom 500 2dr. Post 289 hi-po 4spd & a 1963 Mercury Montego 2dr. Breezeway S-55 in her divorce settlement with my pops. These were very She quickly sold the Ford for 250.00 & the Mercury for 300.00 to neighbors. She had a friend from high school who had a Used Car lot. He had two of these on his lot, one black BB manual ( oh, she couldn’t drive a stick )
    And a Red on Red Impala SS 327/325 SB, valve covers “Corvette” power brakes & steering. 18,000 mi. She paid $600. Her cars exterior was identical to this one, down to the Rally wheels.

  13. W Holdsworth

    I bought one exactly like this in March of 1967, upon returning home from Vietnam. Same color and engine combo. Traded it in 69 for a 66 Corvette.

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  14. Bob

    I always thought the two white running lights above the bumper on the front fenders were Caprice only. But maybe not.

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