USAF General Owned: 1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 5-Speed 4WD

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In 2007, I bought my younger son his first vehicle. It was a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 4WD Extended Cab with automatic transmission, similar to this vehicle. It had about 107,000 miles and I paid $8,100. I wish I could find a bargain like that now. If you’re interested in this Silverado, you’ll have to come up with a lot more cash than that. Here is a 1998 Chevrolet Silverado Z71 4WD 5-Speed single cab short bed pickup for sale here on eBay in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

This truck does have several thousand miles less than my son’s truck had, and my son’s truck was not owned by a famous person. This one has just 78,784 miles but the current bidding price as of this writing is at $18,100. This was a special order vehicle made for USAF General Herbert J. “Hawk” Carlisle, a Commander of 1st Operations Group at Langley Air Force Base, Virginia.  General Carlisle’s name is on the vehicle paperwork as the first owner in 1998 and numerous USAF insignia and memorabilia are attached to or included with this truck.

The Carfax shows that the truck has had six owners since new, but owners 3 to 6 have all been for six months or less, so it was probably in the hands of dealers or short term collectors during that time. During the third to sixth owners possession, the truck was driven about 2,700 miles in a period of about two years. It was also involved in an accident involving minor damage to the front while in the possession of the second owner. It has recently received a $1,800 premium three-stage paint correction service including sealant.

The interior features special bucket seats with center console, a configuration usually found only in Tahoes and Suburbans of the day. This truck is loaded with virtually all options available at the time. The original window sticker is included and shows that the truck listed for $25,996 when new. The seats and dash are flawless.

This view gives a glimpse of the floor mounted 5-speed shifter along with the manual controls for the 4 wheel drive functions. All interior features including power windows, power door locks, and air conditioning are working properly.

The engine is the 350 cubic inch Vortec V-8, and as mentioned previously, mated to a manual 5-speed transmission. If it weren’t for the miles showing on the odometer, you would think it was still 1998 when looking at this truck. Are you a fan of this body style of Chevrolet pickup? Here’s one that will certainly not disappoint.

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    It would be interesting to know just how many 5 speeds were made. I have only seen a few in these years’ bodystyle.

    On a different note, I’m pretty sure I could rack up $10K in tickets for that window tint in about 1 summer’s time.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonStaff

      TCOPPS, I agree on the window tint. Here in Minnesota, it’s a subjective thing as far as being pulled over for window tint that’s too dark. I see cars every single day with darker windows than my old Saturn had and my wife got pulled over driving it a few years ago and got a $130 ticket and we had to remove it. The question of the ages: why some laws are enforced and some aren’t, or why a law is enforced or not enforced.

      This is a great looking truck, who would have thought that they’d be collectible today?

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    • Pete R

      I’ve seen a few 5 speeds of that era, but I never saw a 350, all seemed to be 305s instead. This one is a very nice truck.

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      • Ray

        I’ve havent seen many 305 in these body styles, almost never and I own a dealership. They were all 350 and such a small amount of 305, that I haven’t seen one in so long.

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    • MRD

      Good point about the tint. I had an old Camry with tinted windows. I bought it in Florida, and used it on a move to New Jersey. The car failed a visual inspection in New Jersey when I tried to register it. The reason? “Drug dealer windows,” an inspector said.

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    • Glenn

      I had an 89 stepside Cheyenne with the 350, 5 speed and 4WD. It was a total lemon with a leaking front axle that Chevy would never fix under warranty. The front end always pulled to the right when the axle heated up. They wanted to do it after the warranty on my dime. Drive it to 150k like that and it hydro locked after I sold it. Next guy put a crate motor in and drove that to 260k. The needle bearings for 5th gear went 130k miles. Cost me 2100 for another tranny rebuilt but had bad syncros. Fun truck but would never buy another GM unless I was restoring a 57 someday.

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    • Fiete T.

      I don’t know about the ‘collectibilty’ the USAF General’s ownership would add. My dad was a commander, twice-over vet, and owning one of his old rigs or most of the others in his peer group would be a “Meh,” proposition. There were a few car guys, but their choices were the special part. Their rank or title were 2ndary

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  2. NotSure

    I do like this body style! I had two of them. When I bought the 1990 they had a similar one (might have been a stepside) sitting next to the truck that I ended up buying. The shorty had a hole punched into the roof just above the windshield. It seems that the carrier driver had struck a low hanging tree branch which put the 3-4 inch gash into the roof. I was told that the driver was responsible $$ for any damages. I felt bad for the guy. I really wondered who would want to buy that truck though. I knew that for me personally I wanted unblemished for my hard earned cash. In hindsight and with the benefit of 29 intervening years I would have bought it if the price was right!

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    • James Best

      NotSure, I hauled autos for several years. The driver would not be responsible for damages, the carrier would have. The driver may have gotten a slap on the wrist, time off, or lost his job. Would have depended on his past work record. Hope that helps.

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  3. Andre

    An acquaintance in high school had one of these brand new, but it was a stepside. His family bought it for him.

    The rest of us looked on in envy driving our POS $200 cars and trucks.

    Spoiled little Sh$t rolled it after having it for maybe 2 months.

    ….felt bad for the truck, the owner? Meh.

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    • Karl

      Looks like a pretty darned nice vehicle, they have proven very reliable over the years and just about everybody has owned at least one in their life! As far as window tint goes in ND almost never a word said BUT it’s always there and always an opportunity for the police to pull you over to see if you have been drinking. This is ND number 1 binge drinking state in the US I am very SORRY TO SAY!

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  4. edh

    I had a ’96 extended cab with a 5 speed and what a beautiful piece of crap it was. My first experience with GM quality going down the toilet. I bought 2 more cars from them before ending my relationship with GM.

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  5. Fred W

    If you think these are high now, just wait until the guys who lusted after them in high school have unlimited funds to guy them all over again. We are just about there- but not quite, so pick up some bargains on Craigslist, put them in a warehouse, sit back and wait.

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    • Bryan Lively

      Who says we aren’t already lusting over them, albeit with a limited budget for many of us…

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      • MB

        MSRP for 2019, 2 Door Silverado is $28,300. ( Street price is about 25K) Why would anyone buy a 21 year old one for almost the same price. It’s not an antique so it’s full price to register, insurance and inspection. I think it’s a nice truck, asking price is twice value. Pass. I don’t care if George Patton owned it

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      • Steve R

        MB, you’re kidding, right? How well equipped is this brand new 2019 $28,000 truck? Don’t compare apples to oranges. Standard cab, short beds are what drive the market for late-60’s and later trucks, this is about as desirable of a combination as you will find for a late-90’s truck.

        I also wouldn’t pay a penny extra based on who a previous owner was.

        Steve R

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  6. Todd Zuercher

    Z71 in excellent condition with a 5 speed and those seats – yes please!

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  7. healeydays

    Nice that it was owned by General Carlisle, but I don’t see that adding any value to the truck unless it’s now got stealth capability.

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    • Alexander Trujillo

      Hawk is a classmate of mine from the USAF Academy and he would agree that his being a previous owner adds no value. Nice truck though.

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      • grant

        Agreed. I mean, I appreciate the General’s service, but he isn’t what I would call “famous.”

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  8. Brian L Weyeneth

    I have a 95 Z71 Ext Cab with 155k on original motor and transmission. It’s my “get in the woods” truck, hauling stone, firewood, and my various trailers. It still has the GM Duraliner in it when it was new. Quasar Blue with blue cloth, 20% tint windows, a set off step rails for my short wife and some engine tweaks (K&N, TBI kit, HD spark plus and wires) and exhaust tweaks (GM performance headers and dual Cherry Bomb exhaust). I drive about 3000 miles a year, mostly during deer and duck season. Its a no fail truck.

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  9. Matt Caldwell

    I have a 98 Extended Cab I bought several years ago. It only had 11,640 miles on it. It’s a great vehicle and I love getting it out on nice days. I will be curious to see what this one brings. I also had a RCSB 97 that was a fun ride.

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  10. Bakyrdhero

    Beautiful truck. I like the look of the single cab, but I’d want at least an extended cab to live with everyday. I’m guessing this won’t be daily driven though. On a side note, @ NotSure, as far as the damaged truck rolling off of the carrier…I took Auto Mechanics in high school in the early ninietes. We had at least a dozen cars that were donated to us from GM brand new and damaged off of the truck. They were tax write offs for GM and brand new cars to practice on for us. I remember a Skylark, Corsica, Lumina, S-10, Prism, Suburban and Vandura. Good deal for us.

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  11. Mike

    When I see a car on e-bay from Cherry Hill, NJ, it reminds me of a seller that would fix up VW Syncro Vanagons and “sell” them over and over on e-bay. Completed listings would show the same cars being “sold” again and again. Shill bidding to get the price up perhaps? Oh look, there is a VW Rabbit Syncro that has sold 4 times. Could it be?

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  12. deak stevens

    You can by 3 trucks for that price

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  13. lbpa18

    No disrespect to Hawk, but Im sure he would not wish to be considered as either famous or as someone who’s name should add value to a vehicle. There are veterans whose service rightfully deserved to make them well-known and whose association might raise a market value. Rank alone is not part of that.

    This is a beautiful truck. It stands well on its own merits. I hope it sells well.

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  14. Randy

    In the late ’90’s bought a ’91 single cab like this (350 w/auto) from a friend who had always kept it garaged and well maintained. By the early 2000’s the paint begin to flake/peel off in what I would call large areas. It was the last GM product I owned.

    It did run nice, but had poor mileage.

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  15. Breck James

    Yes it’s clean but not that clean. The 15-k max and if it is a 305 oh lord help us with the fake information. What does being a General have anything do with the truck. Maybe I just don’t get it.

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    This is a fine example of of a 90’s era GM truck.I don’t think it’s worth what it’s bringing,just my opinion.I watch what people are asking for pickups,and to me it seems like older trucks are going up in value.I’m sure that the increasing price of new ones is a big factor.I guess value has a lot to do with condition,miles and care.
    Short boxes are more of a novelty,and will always hold their value better than the rest.

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  17. sluggo

    Nice truck for its time, and in super nice shape, But its not that vintage and to many owners & huge stretch on adding value to a senior officer. Schwarzkopf and Powell certainly walked by my car multiple times, I used to have a Mil. ID on the bumper does that make mine worth 4x market value?
    Now,, Ill trade my 1985 GMC farm truck straight across. Let me know!

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  18. 69gto

    Nice looking truck what way overpriced. I bought a 93 short bed red and silver V6 5-speed was a nice truck it served me well, I traded it in on a 95 extended cab with a 305 automatic what a gas Hound that thing was and then a 97 Z71 350 automatic fully loaded leather and all was much better on gas then the 95. All nice Vehicles all dependable nice rides but I’ll be damned if I’d pay what they’re asking for this one I don’t care if Elvis Presley on it. Just my humble opinion. And the best truck I ever owned was my 2003 GMC Denali with quadrasteer and all the other bells and whistles until someone ran into me and totaled it out.

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  19. DKW

    I like it, but already up to almost $25K for a 21 year old truck (not exactly a classic), that has been in an accident, with five days left? KBB has it pegged at worth around $6K. Totally not worth it… and like someone says above, I suspect shill bidding.

    As clean as it is, I wonder if the fresh undercoating is hiding anything. After all, even with low miles a 21 year old truck passing through that many hands has bound to have seen some winter weather. It’s not a collector’s item… It may have a 5 speed, but that is not a “rare” truck. Difficult to find, perhaps, but by no means a collectors item. Also, looking at the window sticker, I wonder where the old AM/FM/Cassette radio is? If you’re selling it as a collector truck, seems all OEM equipment would be there considering its age… but the fact that it’s not is just further proof to me that someone had this truck in use, cared for it, but probably put a more modern system in it andtook it out when they sold it.

    Finally, I’m not crazy about those tires on that truck. I like an aggressive look, but this is not an off-road monster. It is a nice street, occasional off-road, truck. It gets worse mileage than my current Redneck-RollsRoyce (I have what so many here criticize as a “luxury” truck… 2015 Ram Ecodiesel with the “Limited” package, so it’s loaded. But despite others opinions, I am old enough that I don’t care what they think and I love it), and those tires will hurt an already bad fuel economy for anyone planning to drive this truck. But I do like it and would get this in a heartbeat if the price were more reasonable… well below a $10K truck. Wouldn’t give more than $7K for it if everything else checked out.

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  20. RoughDiamond

    Seller, transparency is giving any prospective Buyer details in the listing regarding the minor front end damage shown on the Car Fax report.

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