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Warehouse Wraith: 1937 Rolls-Royce


Andrew from Luxury Brokers International just sent us some photos of his most recent discovery, a 1937 Rolls-Royce Wraith. We have featured LBI’s finds before and a few have even made it our calendar, but this one is a beauty. Story behind how they found it isn’t too bad either. Andrew was generous enough to write the experience up for us, so here it is in his own words:


Some people say barn finds are getting slim, after all automotive archeology is very popular, with more and more people out there hunting, and indeed finding. The most interesting and unusual of finds tend to come when you least expect it. Adolfo Massari and I (Andrew Mastin) were only a few days into relocating Luxury Brokers International to our new facility here in the Frankford section of Philadelphia. As I pulled up to our new shop one morning, I could hardly get out of my truck before an SUV pulled up beside me, put down the window, and asked “hey, do you want to see some old cars”? Having seen our collection migrate, this gentlemen must have taken notice and figured we might like what we were about to see; and was he ever right. We followed him about 2 blocks then stopped in front of a circa 1950’s warehouse, walked in, shook a few hands and were then blown away.

In front of us, stationary for nearly 30+ years was a dusty old 1937 Rolls Royce Wraith Sedanca by Windovers; a reported one of 3 made. It was a very original car throughout, sitting on flat tires, and clearly forgotten. As the story goes, the car was owned by the warehouse owner’s father since the early 1950’s when he purchased it from Inskip in NYC. The car was enjoyed for many years as the father was a RROC club member. Unfortunately he fell ill and the car was put away.


Some interesting conversation and a bag of cash later, it ended up as a sight to behold at our new facility. There’s nothing like walking into the shop first thing in the AM and seeing an old relic, still dusty and barn fresh. It reminded us of why we are out there every day doing what we do, because we love cars and the thrill of the find!

Thanks for sharing this with us Andrew! Some guys just have all the luck!


  1. Avatar photo James

    Would have loved to have found a car like that! Love to have it in my garage.

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  2. Avatar photo jim

    again a great story and find. what a lovely lady sitting there beside a forklift waiting for some better days. i hope she gets to go out for a drive once in a while. and the other cars in the background of the third photo and the cars on their website!

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  3. Avatar photo Rick Prokopchuk

    I don’t see a young lady, nor a forklift anywhere in either of the 3 shots here and not on the poster’s website either. Where might this shot be?

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  4. Avatar photo Dale

    Hey Rich,

    The “lady” he is referring to is the car, and a fine old dame it is! The forklift is to the left in the picture with the hood up.

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  5. Avatar photo Peter R

    @ Rick – I think the lovely lady is the Rolls. What a great story – it gives hope to the rest of us to have a turn like this one too.

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  6. Avatar photo Rick Prokopchuk

    ooooooo…..Not knowing Jim personally, and his symbolism…I took it totally literally.

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  7. Avatar photo Catfish Phil

    That is an absolutely gorgeous and proud Proper Motor Car.

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  8. Avatar photo Justin in indy

    I will never understand, how in all these years, not one person thought it to be a good idea to either cover, or at least somehow protect, a car like this. Id have at least built up a small fence or ‘box’ arund it with plywood so forklifts didnt plow into it one day. Glad she is saved. Wonder what it took to buy!

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  9. Avatar photo paul

    Could you pass the Gray Poupon

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  10. Avatar photo geomechs Member

    Barn finds/warehouse finds are always where and when you least expect them. It’s good to know that this is one such find that is headed for a good home. As far as the dust goes, it mostly washes off. What I worry about the most is rodent infestation. Those little buck-toothed pests can destroy an interior in a week.

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    • Avatar photo paul

      Yeah those little buck tooth guys ate my heater ducts in my Corvair, luckily they didn’t munch on my wiring harness.

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  11. Avatar photo Stewart

    Unlikely a ’37, more likley a ’38 as thats when the 30/35 Wriath went into production. There were a handfull of ’37 Wraiths but they are all RHD prototyope cars

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    • Avatar photo Alan

      @ Stewart,
      A quick look through the dusty windshield reveals what looks like the steering wheel on the right side. Could be a ’37 then?
      Sorry for the late note, looking through the list of stories for the Best Barn Find of 2013 list…

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  12. Avatar photo Chris A.

    I’d like to see this one when it is all cleaned up. Not that any Rolls Royce was ever cheap, but are these the company’s late Depression Era market response to the very expensive and complex PIII V-12’s? This will find a good home, perhaps with a member of the Rolls Royce Owners Club. By now there can’t be that many pre-war RR’s stashed away. Great find.

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