Warning! This Original 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS May Cause Drooling.

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If there is one word to describe this immaculate 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle after reading the listing, it’s “original.” This second generation, cranberry red SS is pure American muscle, and has been taken care of with the greatest amount of attention. One might ask themselves if the owner of this car spent any time with their family at all? Produced between the years 1964-1978, the Chevelle was originally Chevrolet’s answer to Fords’ Fairlane model, and by the time 1970 rolled around, it was in direct competition with the Pontiac GTO, and Fords’ Gran Torino in the muscle car wars. Located in Long Island, NY, it has a firm price tag of $75,396, and you can see more here on craigslist.com. Shout out to T.J. for the tip.

A French word translating to “bold and beautiful,” variations of the Chevelle have made appearances in over 1,600 films and television shows, the most of any muscle car.  The 1970 SS, specifically, is one of the most desired of all the big names in the market. Although this car does not possess the iconic 454, it does have a number’s matching 396 pumping out 350hp and 415lb-ft of torque, and that is still “alright, alright, alright.” 51,455 units were produced in 1970 with the L34 engine, and you would be hard pressed to find an SS with one in as great of a condition, top to bottom, as this one.

Throughout all of the pictures you will notice that this car is a time machine. The seller states that this fully documented SS is as original as it gets. From the drive-train, wheels, and alternator, to the heads, intake, and exhaust, original is the name of the game. Even the factory radio, tachometer, and gauges all work as they should. There are just too many features to list and things to say about this fine machine. A few more notable pieces of info important to the potential Chevelle buyer are that they hold a clean title, the car was babied and garaged, and that it drives tight, fast, reliable, and flawless.

The 1970 Chevelle SS is personally a car that I have always wanted to own. I fell in love with its’ looks alone from the first time seeing one as a child. Over the years, and after learning more about its’ history, it is certainly still on my shopping list when the time, and the finances, are right. Aside from the smooth coke bottle style and brilliant original paint of the exterior, the interior also looks clean as a whistle. The structure looks sound, and the seating and dash show without blemishes. It looks as if the minute I sat behind the wheel, I would instantly grow sideburns. The 4-speed manual will get this 3,369lbs beauty moving 0-60mph in 8.1 seconds. The seller clearly has passion for the classic car industry, and monumental pride in their Chevelle. This dual black-striped fascination is ready for the convention, or the cross country drive. One question you might want to ask the seller is, “how are you able to let this car go?”

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  1. shelbyGT500Member

    Not a Chevy person, but sounds like a Promising Beast.

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  2. Cattoo CattooMember

    That is an excellent example of the second best looking 1970 GM offering. The Buick GS has it in the looks dept.

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    • DesMember

      The 1968-1969 Buick version of the GM A-body was so ugly it could not help but be improved upon. Story is one of the Chevrolet designers took pity on the Buick guys and let them see the crib notes for the upcoming 1970 Chevelle – et voila.

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      • americanpursuit

        I beg to differ, sir. My 1969 GS400 4-speed, factory 12-Bolt 3.55 Posi, Ram Air, and 67K miles…

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    • John S Dressler

      The Buick GS never got the credit it deserved for being a genuine American muscle car. Beautiful design both inside and out and properly equipped, would give any other 1970 muscle car similarly equipped, a tough day at the track.

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      • americanpursuit

        The Buick GS Stage 1 was the quickest muscle car produced in 1970. People didn’t buy them the way that they bought Chevrolets and Pontiacs because they couldn’t afford them. There is a huge difference in build quality between, say, a Chevy or Pontiac, and an Olds or, even moreso, a Buick.

        It is pretty cool to pull up to a Chevelle or GTO and smoke it in a Buick. I guess money could buy you happiness back in the day.

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  3. Shane

    Not “Original” as this says….because those front fender emblems are NOT where the factory installed them at…therefore the fenders are prolly replacements back thru time. Just don’t believe everything someone Posts about a car folks lol…..it just never ends with fake-ness…sorta like a car salesmen does when tryin’ to make a sale. I proudly owned and drove for a Daily Driver for 8 years a factory Cranberry Red 1970 SS396 4 speed. I have owned many of them. I can spot the details from a mile away….grins…especially the details that are wrong on one.

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    • Chevelle SS

      Hummm… they do seem a bit too high up, don’t they… Well, he never said original ‘paint’, so yeah, maybe new fenders. They would rot out at the first drop of water in the lower heel of the fender anyway, so I’d rather have a new fender than a bondo’d up original. I’d like to see the underside and see if the proper tailpipes with resonators are there.
      All that being said, its a real beauty but Buyer Beware!

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    • john temple

      i had a 71 Chevelle and the SS emblems look to be exactly or very close to where my 71,s were.

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    • joenywf64

      If a car was built at multiple factories, sometimes placement of emblems, stripes, decals, etc. was not necessarily the same for both. Even at just one factory i have heard of cars whose motor size emblems on both fenders did not match! Maybe the worker had too much to drink? Or they ran out of 1 type of(the proper) emblem? lol

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  4. Danny

    I have a 1970 chevelle SS, I think? The car has all the dash attributes, bumper SS pad and SS badges on fender. This car is a roller, missing engine and transmission. This car has the infamous ‘ L’ code stamped on the tag on the firewall (K plant)and I have been able to acquire documentation of production and where the car was sent regarding dealership for sale which was in the state of michigan. Any and all information regarding current industry acceptance of SS based on the L stamp would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    • Nick P

      Danny, there are numerous things to look for with a real SS. A few basics are the boxed rear control arms and big block steering shaft. They got different front end bushings and a few other tells I may be missing. The problem is that most people know them so they can change it all to make a convincing clone. The one that’s hard to fake as long as it has original quarters is the quarter glass trim holes. You can reach in and feel for them if you put the quarter windows down. If they are there, its a Malibu. In my experience, Kansas City cars with the L are real cars, so you’re heading in the right direction.

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  5. Patrick LaBarge

    Come on! Shouldn’t it be $70,396 firm?

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  6. Danny

    Nick, thank you for the information! Are you saying based on your experience, the L code from the K production plant, identifies the car as a true 70 Chevelle SS ?

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    • Nick P

      In my experience, and I believe in the hobby as well, yes. You can also speak with experts as stated here like Patrick Glen Nichols, Jerry Macneish, or 2 others whose names have slipped my mind at the moment.

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  7. George Mattar

    If you want the skinny on 70 Chevelles, Patrick Glenn Nichols. Each assembly plant dud their own thing. Many UAW workers were drunk all day. Don’t believe me? I checked in new cars off the trucks in the 70s. Many a time, I found empty whiskey bottles in the trunk. Nice car here, but not $75,000 nice.

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  8. Gary

    The rear wheel well opening on the 68-69 GS’s are hideous. 70 was a much better looking car imo

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    • americanpursuit

      The ’68 and ’69 GS’s are beautiful cars, much more style than any other.

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  9. PRA4SNW

    Nick, nice movie reference!
    The car in the movie was a 454. This is a pic from the movie.

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    • Nick P

      Alright alright alright

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  10. Tom

    0-60 in 8.1 seconds?? That is surprising to me. Maybe with highway gears? I wonder what source that number came from.

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  11. Jay McCarthy

    The only thing this car needs to be perfect is buckets and the console

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