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We Bought A Garage Find Go Kart!

A while back, we showed you our Honda CT70s that we purchased and I made mention in that article that they sent us down a rabbit hole. Well, this is strangely where they sent us, to a go-kart! We have long wanted to own our very own karts, but it didn’t really make sense when we didn’t have anywhere to drive them. Once we realized that the empty parking lot next door was a great test track for our motorcycles, the logical thing to do was to go out and buy a go-kart! And here is what we bought, well the first one at least.

When this kart popped up on craigslist, we thought it looked too cool to not at least go look at. Once we arrived at the seller’s home and they pulled it out of their garage, we knew we would be leaving there with it in the back of Jesse’s Volvo wagon. They fired up the newer Predator 212 engine and we took it for a spin. The seller bought it in California prior to moving here and then it just sat until they decided to sell it. They assumed the previous owner custom built it, but we are fairly certain this was a manufactured kart, the welds, frame construction, and engine plate are extremely precise. There are lots of custom touches and modification that were clearly added at a later time, more on those in a moment, and chips in the gold metal flake show the bright red paint that is commonly seen on go-karts.

Our best guess is that the previous owner customized this two-seater to hang on the wall of their shop when it wasn’t zipping around the dragstrip. The bottle opener grille would be at the perfect angle to crack open a bottle with the kart hanging on the wall from its rear axle. The Predator is a great engine for a budget go-kart build, but it isn’t exactly period correct. To mount it and have clearance for a torque converter, it appears they built a platform to get it sitting up higher. While the welding job is alright, it’s nowhere near as nice as the welds on the frame. We aren’t too worried about originality though, we just wanted a fun to drive go-kart that we could potentially teach our kids how to drive on and this one definitely checks those boxes, plus it just looks awesome!

So, we made a deal with the seller and loaded it up in the Volvo. As soon as we got it back to the shop, we took it for a spin on our test track. And not 10 minutes after we finished our drive, an alert popped up on Jesse’s phone about a Manco kart that had just been listed for sale on the outskirts of Boise, so we parked this beast and headed off to check the other one out. I’ll keep that story for another day, but let’s just say that we are now deep into the rabbit hole!

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  1. Moncton(was Winnipeg)carnut Member

    2 seater! Awesome.

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  2. Mike Tarutis Staff

    It has now been proven without a doubt that Honda 70 motorbikes are INDEED merely gateway drugs to higher and more profound speed experiences.

    So long as that empty parking lot exists with easy access, there is no doubt that this will progress to Outlaw Sprint cars, perhaps then nitromethane powered lawn tractors as we have all seen happen before to our friends.

    [Can’t wait to see the bike vs go cart drag race videos guys!]


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    • daniel wright

      If one could mount a Nitromethane engine in the Eshelman Adult Sport Car posted a few days ago…..

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  3. Howard A Member

    Hmm, let’s review, mini-bikes, TR4, go-kart, sounds like someone is hanging on to their youth, would you guys act your age,,,just kidding, we, as Americans don’t do enough fun things anymore, for whatever reason. Go karts are the ultimate fun, but like horses, you can’t just have one. If you grew up without a go-kart, you truly missed out. My brother and I had a similar unit, in the city, we went up and down that driveway a million times, drove the neighbor nuts, but it was all in good fun.

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  4. Jerry

    Whats the hp?

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  5. David

    Let me say, be careful. I was passing an apartment parking lot one day when a kid was riding his go-kart and he zipped out onto the road right in front of me. Had his parents (or manufacturer) not had the presence of mind to attach a pole about 15 ft. high with a bright red banner flag to the frame I never would have known he was there. It almost made me pee in my pants to realize what happened!

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    • Patrick Lambert

      Yes, anything with that low of a profile needs A 6 ft flag orange flag on it for sure. I have been in your shoes. Not fun!

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  6. Greg Moore

    Brings back great memories!!!! Happy New Year everyone!!!!

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  7. smokeymotors

    I played with some very fast karts! have fun! but with helmets with face shield, gloves, neck brace, leather jacket …..

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  8. chrlsful

    rather sit down, inside….my 4 wheels – than up on top gettin whipped around.

    Until behind the wheel and gettin so. Have fun. Put a 2nd motor on the other back wheel…
    skis up frnt, spikers on da back,
    U get the ideer…

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