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Weathered GN: 1987 Buick Grand National Project


Buick’s Grand National is one of the coolest cars the company ever churned out, and also one of the most iconic vehicles from the ‘80s. It’s easy to add this special Regal to one’s vehicles-to-own bucket list, but like most vehicles from that era, prices are quickly creeping upwards. However, if you’re a mechanically inclined individual, this 1987 Buick Grand National project that’s available here on eBay could be on the road again with some dedication.

This GN is available in Yellow Springs, Ohio with a clean title. The seller acknowledges that they found the vehicle in a warehouse and also that it has been off the road for about 14 years, describing it as “an intense project or a heck of a parts car.”

The exterior has some rust issues in the lower areas of the vehicle, the top of the windshield frame, and the trunk lid. Of course, the paint has some fading, but most of the original exterior bits are present.

Inside the cabin, things are complete and original, but there is some wear from the years spent sitting. Both the passenger seat and door panels have some fabric wear and are salvageable, but the headliner will need replacement. Unfortunately, there is a key broken off in the ignition, but the doors and glovebox operate well with another key.

The seller mentions that the engine turns over and has good compression numbers, but it does not run. This Grand National covered 109,614 miles before it went into storage, and the seller believes that the previous owner was a dedicated one, due to the aftermarket catalogs and service brochures. However, the seller is unsure if this Buick’s drivetrain has any modifications.

At the time of this article being written, bidding is at $4,049. Would you take on this project Grand National?


  1. Avatar photo Don H

    Cool another one . Boring

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  2. Avatar photo CapNemo

    No, I would not.

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  3. Avatar photo Keith

    Wow! Throw a coat of wax on it, store it in you’re garage for 40 years then ask 45k for it, heck all the other GN owners are doing it!? Just saying?

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  4. Avatar photo JOHN Member

    Looks to be an unmodified engine, still has the OEM air cleaner. Let’s talk about rust, first all the visible rust, and then add in the rust that has to be lurking in the T-Top area, which tend to rust all the way down to the door pillar and hinge area, right where they tend to crack from torque anyway. The writer says “good compression numbers”, but the owner says “seemingly good compression” Big difference. The owner also says “The brake system vacuum pump works” Not sure what he means, but the OEM system was basically a Hydro-Boost, Buick called it the “Powermaster”, with an electrically powered motor/pump to store hydraulic pressure in an accumulator. The motor runs, ok, but is the accumulator ball any good? Big difference, also. Fantastic system when it worked. Many were converted over to a regular G body vacuum system because of issues with the Powermaster system. To me, this is a parts car…

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    • Avatar photo The Chucker

      As a prior owner of one of these, your assessment is spot on. From the looks of the undercarriage photos displayed, I’d be suspicious of the rear frame rails as well. Michigan plates do not instill confidence. Yes, anything can be fixed, but this is a rust bucket.

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  5. Avatar photo Bob

    Look another POS GN. Sorry, I just hate these ugly things. Please forgive my outburst. I couldn’t help it.

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    • Avatar photo Enzo Desimone

      LMFAO you must have a Mustang to call a 97 Grand National a POS SMFH

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  6. Avatar photo djjerme

    Would love to own one of these some day still, but this – that rust is everywhere! Just the visible stuff you can see on every picture. The upper door jams even.. If you had shell, or where doing say a Chevy II conversion, then the drivetrain is worth the bid price at this moment (4K), but yah, this puppies getting parted out.

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  7. Avatar photo Brian R.

    Yeah…that rust kinda kills it for me..sink a big pile of $$ in it,or use it for a parts car for a better GN…

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  8. Avatar photo ACZ

    Would be a great parts car for my 85 El Camino. The combination of the two could be fun.

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    • Avatar photo JOHN Member

      There are a couple/few around, and the ones I have seen were very well done, if you didn’t know, you would swear they were offered through your Buick dealers.

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      • Avatar photo ACZ

        Buick actually built one, themselves, out of 1983 diesel El Camino Vin#003. Engineering and an Explorer Scout troop did it using the parts from an 84 Regal w/ a hot air turbo. Unfortunately it was scrapped several years after.

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  9. Avatar photo Enzo Desimone

    Parts on Grand Nationals are cr$zy now the rear end can get $1500 and well in hours ,I know it looks ruff but it can be made like new again all it takes is time and some work. I truly think it will all buff out

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  10. Avatar photo Coventrycat

    Wow, someone didn’t think this was their future retirement fund and actually used it like it was just transportation? I love it.

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