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Weekend Reader Finds: April 21, 2014

Weekend Finds 4-21-2014

Over the weekend, we got flooded with great submissions. There are so many great finds in here that we felt bad not writing more about each one, so we are going to try something a little different for this Weekend Recap. Hopefully you guys like it! Please feel free to let us know what you think, either in an email or in a comment. So let’s get right to it! There seemed to be a major theme this weekend and while you might think it would be convertibles or muscle cars, it turned out that many of the best finds this weekend were station wagons. Now these aren’t your typical wagons, but are some of the quirkiest and coolest wagons out there. Now if wagons aren’t you thing, don’t worry there are plenty of other great finds in this group too! Be sure to check them all out right after the break. Our thanks to everyone that shared their finds!

1955 Dodge Suburban 2-door

While we would love to save some of the wagons for Wednesday, we decided you guys would want to see these right away. The first one in our lineup is this 1955 Dodge 2 Door Suburban. We have to admit we haven’t seen many of these in 2 door form. The seller claims it is original, but needs work and a new windshield. They also claim that it will drive short distances, so that could be a good thing. Find it here on craigslist in Carson, WA for $5,000 (Richard B)

1962 Chevy Corvair 700 Wagon

The Corvair is already quirky, but in wagon form it takes the cool factor to a new level. How much more unique can you get than a wagon with its motor hanging behind the rear wheels. We could see this wagon turned into a rally support vehicle in full rally attire. It might not be a Monza wagon, but we are sure all the regular Corvair performance parts would bolt on and would turn it into a fun cruiser. We would be sure to check the front end carefully though, as it has had the front end from a 1960 grafted on to it. Find this 1962 Chevy Corvair 700 Wagon here on eBay (Jim S)

1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire

Of the wagons sent in over the weekend, this 1963 Studebaker Lark Wagonaire is both the roughest and most interesting. While the styling alone makes this wagon intriguing, it’s the sliding roof section that grabs our attention. This could be the only factory built convertible wagon or at least the closest to it. Being a Lark Regal, means this one is fairly basic and lacks some of the more desirable options, such as a V8. Even without all the bells and whistles, we still wouldn’t mind having this one. Take a look at it here on eBay (Jim S)

1973 AMC Matador Wagon

This 1973 AMC Matador Wagon might not have the flair or style of the other wagons, but the fact that it runs, drives, and has working A/C wins some points in our book. Oh and did we mention that it has its original 304 V8? The seller has already done all the major work to it and it is currently ready to be enjoyed and will certainly garner lots of attention at any local car show or cruise. Have a look at it here on eBay (Jim S)

1975 Buick Roadmaster 75R

Now for the finds that aren’t wagons! The first is possibly the rarest and most expensive. The 1957 Buick Roadmaster 75R was the top of the line Buick in its day and offered just about every feature one could want. Moving all this metal required a big motor, so Buick shoved their 364 V8 under the hood. This engine was good for 300 hp and allowed for a 120 mph top speed. These are worth considerable money when restored, but given this one’s condition we are going to hope the seller accidentally typed in an extra zero or two. We are a bit leery of this listing, so be sure to do your research before agreeing to sending anyone money. You can take a look at the full listing yourself here on craigslist (Steven N)

1970 Lincoln Continental

If you’d like a classic luxury car, but don’t want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars, this 1970 Lincoln Continental might just be the car for you. After pulling it out of the barn, the seller got it cleaned up and running. They have decided to let it go and are looking for either a truck in trade or $2,500. At first we thought we read that asking price incorrectly, but it seems that is really all they are asking for it. We know these aren’t particularly valuable or sought after, but this seems like a great price for a solid driver. Feeding that 365 hp 460 V8 might make this a costly driver in the end, but it can’t be any worse than any other V8 powered classic. Check it out here on craigslist (Doug M)

1964 Ford Ranchero

If you’re anything like us, summer means being a weekend warrior. The problem we always face is how to get lumber, car parts, or any other large items home. Having a truck would be handy, but why give up having a fun car around the twisties when you can get a Ranchero and have the best of both worlds. This one is going to need work, but would be a blast to work on. It currently has a 260 cui V8, which should be plenty big for hauling lumber and other random items. If you really want something fun to drive though, it will need more power and a manual gearbox. If you’re willing to do the work, you can find this here on craigslist for $1,800 (Doug M)

1964 VW Beetle

We typically aren’t fans of modified cars, but all the work done to this 1964 VW Beetle could be undone easily. Our favorite feature on this one is the work that was done to preserve the original look. With a set of original wheels and a rebuilt suspension, this could be a great little driver. It would certainly turn some heads as is or put back to original. The seller is asking $2,500 and we think it would be worth it if they have all the original parts that were on it. It can also be found on craigslist (55Chevy)

1969 Larc V-938

The last car in this weekend’s recap isn’t the fastest or the most valuable, but it definitely is the most unusual. We have seen a few amphibious cars, but this 1969 Larc V-938 is a bit bigger and more versatile than what we normally see. We can’t possibly think of a use we might have for it, other than the occasional fishing trip, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t want it. Our inner child keeps screaming at us to buy it, but than the $43,000 price tag brings us back down to earth. If we had the money, we would likely already be out finding ponds and lakes to terrorize with this behemoth. We highly recommend taking a closer look at this one here on craigslist (Steve S)


  1. Carlton Madden

    If that Lincoln were anywhere near me, I’d be all over it. Such a pretty car. A beautiful interpretation of the DNA of the Mark II Continental.

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  2. Chris Garton

    I live in Washington state. That dodge wagon has been for sale on craigslist for at least a year.

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  3. cory

    well the lincoln seems cheap. but the man says he must sail. I know when I get the urge to go boating I get a little crazy. sounds a little scammish to me, but would be a good cheap intro to the classic car scene.

    the buick seems a little odd that there are no pictures of the “rebuilt” motor

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  4. Brian

    I gotta say, that Studebaker Wagonaire looks pretty darn solid and straight to me! Probably a little rust through on the bottom of the front fenders, but not bad at all. Even the interior looks alot more sound than most I’ve seen lately; also has split back front seats (might be individual, I just can’t tell from the photos)! This car would be a welcome addition to my fleet any day!

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  5. Frank G

    Nice showing for the weekend. I would like to have the city/state where the Lincoln is advertised or the owner’s email address. The man has the car of my dreams!

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    • olerascal

      @Frank G:
      According to CL ad, you can email Lincoln owner at
      or call him at 503-995-6307

      Ad also states car is in HappyValley Oregon.
      Merely 7 miles from where I’m sitting.
      Googling phone number shows address
      of 8366 Se Causey Ave, which is an apartment complex
      near Clackamas Town Center, at SE corner of Portland area.
      Address & phone match that of Go Green Steam Clean,
      which has $52K in annual revenues.
      Phone number also used previously to list several other reasonably priced vehicles.
      Hope that helps.
      PS: That area isn’t really Happy Valley…simply a landgrab by
      Happy Valley administrators as they annex every area they can
      to increase tax base…and their own salaries…to insane levels.
      Formerly a semi-rural slice of heaven, HV has spiraled out of control
      for last decades…first with random mansions, then with
      wannabe mansions on city-size lots, then with annexation
      of huge mall (and sadly the slums that surround the mall).
      Lately the HV landgrab extended to rural unincorporated areas,
      with the result of creating huge land area under their
      control (ie. raise taxes!). They could give lessons to Putin.
      Sorry for rant…I’m a victim of their landgrab.

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      • Brian

        Geez olerascal, the first part of your post seems eerily stalker-ish! I may never post anything for sale again!

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  6. That Guy

    I think the Lincoln seller used a picture of a different car for the main image. In the other pictures, the front tires are blackwalls, and the hubcaps are different. Maybe it could clean up to look as nice as the car in the first picture, but I think the other pictures are probably what it’s actually like right now.

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  7. jim s

    a nice group of cars that for the most part could be daily drivers without spending a great deal of money. great finds. and i do like the way you wrote them up. i hope you have something left for wagon wednesday!

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  8. Don Andreina

    The Larc is tempting, but I’ll take the Matador, thanks.

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  9. Chebby Member

    @ That Guy: I agree. First picture is definitely “this is what it could look like”. Different hubcaps, whitewalls, and a much nicer background setting.

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    • Brian

      …also needs an old style hard-wired car phone…and Frank Cannon!

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  10. paul

    After a very nice long weekend in the hills of northern Georgia (Helen) for the 30th annual Corvair springfest & seeing over a hundred Corvairs many better then they left the factory,you all know my choice.

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  11. Fulvista

    Lane Motor Museum in Nashville has the LARC’s papa:

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    • Brian

      Brings a new meaning to the term “land yacht”! Interesting, but I’ll still take the Lark Wagonaire over the LARC!

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