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What Happened To This 1968 Camaro Z/28?

I can only imagine what the story is behind this one. I’m going to guess someone took it out for a spirited drive, gave the 302 V8 a little too much throttle, lost control and wound up in a tree. That might not be what happened to this real deal Z/28 at all, but we may never know. All that really matters now is that this numbers matching Camaro is incredibly rough and rusty. Restoring it is going to be a major project, but it would be one amazing machine once completed. You can find this project here on eBay in Gibbon, Minnesota with a current bid of $10k.

The seller doesn’t offer any information about the car’s history, but they do provide a complete list of all the important parts that are present and their numbers. The only number they don’t provide that I would like to see is the VIN, but that won’t confirm whether it’s a real Z/28 or not. The MO code 302, 4 piston brakes and radiator will do more to tell you if this is a real Z/28 than the VIN will.

It’s quite sad to see this Camaro in such sad shape, but hopefully someone will take pity on it and save it. Restoring the body will be incredibly challenging, but a replacement body could be found. Of course, it wouldn’t be the same as having an original Z/28. So do you think someone will bring this Camaro back to life? And why do you think the seller is unwilling to release the VIN number?


  1. Rustytech Member

    I’ve seen that kind of damage before. Maybe hit a pole or a small tree. Maybe the one at the drag strip. Personally I wouldn’t pay $1000 for this roach.

  2. Mike

    “What Happened To This 1968 Camaro Z/28?” I think the question is, what DIDN’T happen to this 1968 Camaro Z/28?

  3. Rob

    Scrap metal

  4. irocrob

    I do not understand why someone would restore something like that. It is junk !!!

    • Tom Member

      Te ONLY reason is production was low, the car is rare and it is one of the “cult collectable muscle cars”. Only 4% of production in 68 were Z28s 7,199 of them to be exact. If it were a 67 the number of Z28s built was less and 1% of production (.00375) with 602 built. IS IT REAL is the only question. I am not saying it is not junk. very unfortunate.

    • Jacob

      Whoever bought this thing did so for nothing other than the VIN tag and matching # parts. They will probably build another camaro with this original drivetrain and slap the vin tag on. Not much else you could do with the original.

    • moosie Craig

      Yer buyin a VIN.#/ tag

    • Tom Member

      nice post. There is the other reason, $90K. Unfortunately to get this one in the ad to that level it would probably cost more than 90K. once again, just unfortunate.

  5. Mike Super Sport

    Okay, you’re buying a title, block, heads, misc engine parts, protecto-plate, rearend, 4 pot disc brakes that might be rebuildable. Body is toast as likely is the front sub-frame. Why hide the VIN? Don’t want people to check if it’s stolen or another reason? Not for me but am following it to see what it goes for. Buyer beware.

    • dl

      hide the Vin because that’s what the buyer is after… will end up on a different frame/body and letting the world know would kill the value. Sad but someone will one day buy a Z28 that well, isn’t.

  6. Bob S

    Represents what I don’t like about the car hobby. Serial numbers.

  7. Jeffro

    I thought it hit a tree, flipped into the ocean, and criminal mermaids stripped it of valuable parts to build Aqua man’s hot rod. I’m switching to tequila.

  8. mark

    Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Looks like this Camaro spent some quality time at the bottom of one.

  9. S Ryan

    I know what happened to the front.
    12 Beers 12 Shots and a mini skirt. Happened to me once.
    I guess the rest of the damage was regret and denial.

    • Angrymike

      It’s one of those, “here hold my beer, watch this” !
      So sad to see……..

    • newport pagnell

      ^This is my first hit country song.

  10. Darrel

    The sad thing is, some special kind of stupid person will actually pay a high amount for the car, which will only help prices to keep increasing on actual buildable cars.

  11. Joe M

    Looks like someone pulled this out of a lake somewhere, that’s a lot of rust. If there isn’t a vin tag, run don’t walk from this one. Also sometimes sellers bid up their own cars on ebay, the pricing is stupid for this wreck.

  12. sir mike

    What happened?? Looks like it was wrecked….just my uneducated guess.

  13. Bingo

    This seller takes the appropriate pictures. Let the chips fall baby.

  14. Wm Lawrence

    I’m going with stolen, wrecked and drowned for…

  15. grant

    Well, there’s a little more than a cowl there, anyway.

  16. 68 custom

    I really dont see the value here. the blocks been cut to .060 so you will only get one chance with it. the spindles are about all thats good about the front brakes and i am not even sure they are different than drum brake spindles. theres some value in the heads, crank, intake, carb. distributor, and muncie assuming they all share numbers and or close build date codes as for the body, its gone. buyer beware for sure.
    Z/28s are a rich mans toys nowadays but I would love to own a 68 or ultra rare 67, heck I would even settle for a 69 or 70.5.

  17. Houndawg

    Ah c’mon, that will buff right out.

  18. JW454

    The part number on the emissions tag identifies it as a true Z28 if that matters to anyone. A lot of things are faked now-a-days but, people miss things like that. In this case it may “prove it”.

  19. Ron

    Reason he is not showing the VIN in the auction is so whoever buys it, can re-body it and no one can link it to this particular auction/car.

    • Mark S

      Nailed it Ron.


      You are correct Ron…Another thought is ,,,people on Ebay are making New cowl tags to do just the thing you said…. REBODY… with complete vin and rest of info.. you can make a CLONE

    • SR

      Great call Ron
      What’s sad is this is a common practice, and even more so with high end GM muscle cars with so many interchangeable parts available it takes someone who deals with them everyday to truly figure out what’s right and wrong on some rebuilds.

  20. erikj

    Sad. I owned 4 of these in the 80s-90s. All where that corvette bronze. I know that sounds wild ,but its true. Wish I had one now.

  21. CJ

    WH bother when there are literally 1000s+++++ of cars out there….JUNK!

  22. JagManBill

    did some lookin….for about $14,000 you can get a brand new 68 body shell shipped to your door. New subframe is another $1,000. So for $15k and the included parts you too can have a “numbers matching” 68 Z/28 – just add interior. Add five years to a rotisserie “restoration” and you’ve got a $100,000 car….right?

    you know someones gonna do it….

    Its like old race cars. A guy I know has an old Formula Vee from the late 60’s that was restored in the 80s with new body panels, then rolled into a ball in the late 90’s and got a new chassis. But its still a 60’s Vee…kinda…

  23. waynard


  24. kenzo

    SOLD for 11,700. I guess the VIN tag and parts are worth that much…..

  25. Jack

    Relax, all right? My old man is a television repairman, he’s got this ultimate set of tools. I can fix it.

    • Jeffro

      You go to Ridgemont High too? Tell Spicoli I said hello

      • SR

        I will if you tell Ellie May hi for me, I would of thought with a fifth grade education you would at the least know how to spell your name by now Jethro.

  26. jürgen

    11700 $ for junk.
    I would pay nothing.

  27. John

    I’ve junked cars in better shape 👀👀

  28. Paul

    I know these cars well…..believe it or not the value is here at that price with all the documentation this cars has. You can buy all the parts that this car is missing and still make money. (Not much money) but you would have a rare numbers matching documented z28. If I owned one of these cars that was restored or original, I would pay the selling price of this car just to get the original docs that the original owner may have kept of the car I owned … would be worth it in the long run!

  29. The One

    One man’s garbage is another man’s potpourri!

    “The Grinch”

  30. John

    Will be restored and sold at the Barrett Jackson auction next year for big $$$$

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