What Is Included? 1969 Chevelle SS396 4-Speed

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I know Chevrolet built a ton of Chevelles, but it seems like there is a never-ending supply of SS 396 projects. This one was an M-21 4-speed equipped SS 396 car, but the seller states that the engine and transmission aren’t included. I’m not sure if that means the drive train was in the car when they found it and has since been removed or if it is was missing when they bought it. There are far more Chevelle SS cars today than ever left the factory, so there’s a good chance this car’s original drive train is in a different car. Besides missing parts and title, there’s a ton of rust. The seller suggests it might be worth parting out or turning into yard art. If you have an idea for what to do with it, you can find it here on eBay in La Palma, California with a current bid of $5,600.

The seller doesn’t give any full views of the car, but they at least offer lots of up close photos of the rust issues. And boy, is it rusty. It isn’t beyond saving, but it’s close, especially when you take into account the missing components and title situation. It will be really hard to justify restoring it, but perhaps there’s some hope for it. If you really like to punish yourself and happen to have a 396 V8 sitting around, than it might be worth restoring.

This is one that you really should inspect before bidding, but with just a little over a day left, that probably isn’t going to be an option. So, do you think there’s any hope for this Chevelle or is it destined to be a piece of yard art?

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  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Stick a fork in it, it’s done IMO. Unless for some personal reason you really have to have this one to rebuild, it’s not worth it IMO.

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  2. Craig R

    5600 bucks? I believe the appropriate term is ‘chutzpah’

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    • Steve R

      The opening bid was $1,000, which is more than fair if you consider this a parts car. He isn’t responsible for people bidding it up to $5,600, that level of stupidity rests with the bidders, especially when you consider that it comes without a title.

      Steve R

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    Yard art? I wouldn’t have it in my. yard looking like that.

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  4. 8banger Dave MikaMember


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    • Terry R Melvin

      It would be good fertilizer.

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  5. Karl

    Looks like the seller bought this from an old junkyard with the thought that he struck “gold” – more like fool’s gold if he thinks its worth any more than scrap value.

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    • whmracer99

      Bidding already over $2k so he probably made out OK.

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    • Terry R Melvin

      I think it was bought a very long time ago, the drive train was removed and the car has sat since.

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  6. Dan

    A real SS car wouldn’t have a bowtie emblem on the grille, just saying…and not an SS hood on there….

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    • Donnie

      There are more Chevelle SS’s out there than GM actually made.

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  7. Hans

    Beyond saving…No motor. No trans. No way to verify it’s even a real SS at this late stage of rot. Too bad as it’s a nice color combo (Lemans Blue w/Parchment interior).

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    • 68custom

      if it was equipped with disc brakes and a 12 bolt rear it probably real, not that I am saying it is worth saving!

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  8. Troy s

    It’s been decades since this old heap left the party. Chevy built A Lot of SS 396 Chevelles back then and they have remained very popular to this day so to me they’re not really all that rare in this niche class of cars.
    Wonder if the engine/transmission are in the other blue car in the driveway….

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  9. Superdessucke

    Give me that ’78 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser instead and I’ll spend the $2,000 I’d save just on the purchase price alone on something else.

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  10. local_sheriff

    I know it rains and snows in California too, however given its condition I highly doubt this Chevelle spent most of it’s life there. In a ditch maybe?
    IMO a parts car , only the good parts are gone already!!

    To anyone interested; bidding is currently sitting at $2.125 , not $5.600 as stated in the write-up. Still way too much and without a title I would never touch it!!

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  11. Mark

    Even if it were a true SS 396, without the original engine/trans it’s a Malibu with a nice VIN tag. Regardless, 69’s are cool cars SS or non-SS. Hopefully someone can put this back on the road.

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  12. cold340t

    If this is the car I think it is/was. The Eng/tran/fenders etc, are rolling around the Bay Area on another Chevelle. While the thieves left what was left on the street near the Shop they worked at. OPD miss id’d it as a Pontiac shell. Then off to the Tow system.
    If it is the car I knew it ran like hell! But that was mid-90’s and it was stolen stripped and dumped in early 2000’s. My Buddy let it go after finding it.
    Then again it is a Chevy. They ALL look alike and SS’s were made by the 1000s. 4spd/396 Blue with pin stripes. It did leave an impression!!!!!!!!!!!
    Wonder how long seller has had it?

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  13. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    Wouldn’t be me counting out the Benjamin for this one, but let’s leave the seller out of this one, as stated above, seller didn’t put in all these bids.

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  14. Ben

    It would be the top of the heap in a wrecking yard. No not in my driveway.

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  15. Lucky strike

    It’s not a true SS

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    • Chris

      Maybe some shill bidding going on ? Got to wonder if its ligit bidding will he actually get paid? Just a little ridiculous where the bidding is at for a car this rough with no drive train or title makes no sense in my book.

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  16. Woody

    Why waist the time putting up pics like this, we have a salvage yard down the road with better iron in it, and for less cash!

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    • Jesse Jesse MortensenStaff

      They have SS 396s? Please take photos and send them in!

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      • mark houseman

        Here’s my ’68 SS 396cid 4-speed…….

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  17. ACZ

    Not an SS, just a rusty piece of trash.

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  18. sluggo

    Anything can be saved, but this looks like a parts car to me. The bucket seats go for $250-450 alone. Current bid is what its worth in parts. But I agree it might be shill bids or insincere flakes.

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  19. 68custom

    if it was equipped with disc brakes and a 12 bolt rear it is probably real, not that I am saying it is worth saving!

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