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What The… Crazy Custom Hot Rod


The seller of this interesting car simply calls it the “Only One” and I guess it makes sense given that it’s a one off custom. It’s a rather strange mix of things, with the chassis and engine coming from a 1954 Mercury Monterey, while the custom body was built in the late ’70s. I see some styling influences from the third generation Corvette and even a little bit of Devin, but whatever it is, it’s very ’70s and very odd. For a one off custom, the craftsmanship is surprisingly nice though! You can find this… hot rod… one off… yeah I don’t know what to call it, but it can be found here on eBay in Keene, New Hampshire with a current bid of $5,700 and no reserve.


It would actually be rather fun to take a closer look at this creation, simply to see how things are put together. The seller has a binder full of documents chronicling the car’s construction. The builder eventually donated it to a industrial arts school, who used it as a teaching aid for about 10 years. It was eventually purchased by one of the teachers, who fully restored it. The all metal body looks to be in good shape, as does the engine and interior. The paint looks good as well, but the seller notes there are a few flaws.


The choice to use a ’50s powertrain seems like a strange choice given the styling of the car. Given the body shape, you’d expect it to have something more fitting of a sports car, but the old 265 V8 has been reworked and should offer decent power. It has pistons, rods, crank and heads from a 1957 Ford V8, which yields an increase in displacement to 272 cubic inches and a slight boost to compression. I’d have to drive it to decide for sure what to do with it, but a modern 4 cylinder would likely offer more power, better fuel economy and better handling as a result of reduced weight. Of course, you’d lose that great V8 sound and some of the oddball factor.


This really is a strange creation and I hate to admit it, but it’s starting to grow on me. I’d find a different set of rims, most likely steelies, get rid of the graphics and swap out the digital gauges for ones that are a bit more vintage. With a few upgrades and changes, it could be a real show stopper and a fun driver! So what do you think of this custom hot rod? Is it something you’d want to be seen in or is it just too odd looking for your tastes?


  1. 68 custom

    it is interesting looking, with a hint of 70’s corvette in the mix. the strange thing to me is while it looks fairly modern the drivetrain and chassis are straight out of the fifties. and the wheels are ugly. but the craftsman ship looks top notch.

  2. jaygryph

    Ya know, if you strip all the 90’s off the car, wheels, paint, etc, it would actually be a cool retro cruiser. The mechanicals seem much older than the rest of the car, like it’s a redone one off hotrod from back in the day. I bet that thing had an interesting history. I’d rock it.

  3. Leo

    Right out of the box i would adress the wheel/tire combo and fill those fenderwells better. Looks odd with those big gaps between the rubber and the body

  4. Howard A Member

    Well, the reason they stuck with the Mercury motor, is because, that’s what it is( or was) Even the dash is out of the Mercury ( although, they removed the cool part with the levers)
    Lot of work and money went into this. I hope the builder had fun with it, because, the current bid, I’m sure, is a slap in the face to what the builder has in this car. Pretty cool. Like it as is.

  5. Vince Habel

    Could not build it for that.

  6. Capt Doug

    That took some complicated fabrication if it is really an all metal body – compliments to the builder!

  7. Mark

    Falkor the Luck Dragon from Neverending Story and a Jensen-Healy had a love child… Look at the hood scoops to see his Daddy’s nose and eyes. The doors are very truncated from front to rear, while the front clip is exaggerated; it looks almost like the creator planned to run the exhaust through the fenders, a la Excalibur.

  8. Bruce

    It’s not something I would want, but I can’t believe the amount of work that went into it. Especially when it is nearly all metal! Kudos to the builder!

  9. erikj

    very different, but the build quality is amazing. I love the c-3 vette and I see that in a few places, but if its metal,no glass-WOW. I like other coments I would do the same and I could like this a lot. Hope it brings a decent price to the restorer!

  10. Mark S

    Well done excellent fabricator. The only thing I would change is the hood to something a little less radical looking. As for the engine, a v6 eco booste with over drive trans would be a good upgrade. I also agree with changing out those gauges for something more vintage looking. The fact that it’s all metal is impressive.

  11. Ck

    What the H E double hockey sticks is goin on here?Sorry I just dont like it one bit .I’ll stop there.

  12. Alan (Michigan)

    Someone wanted it enough to pay $6600.
    For sure, he or she won’t be seeing another one, or anything like it, at any Cars and Coffee….

  13. OhU8one2

    I see old sixties kit car Astra,Corvette,and a pinch of “Just what in the hell”. If this isn’t served up as a combo plate then I don’t know squat . Lose the graphics,wheels and that velour interior. It just needs to have some pre planning,instead of adding on stuff as the years go by.

  14. Stephen

    The front looks a little TVR, side profile has kind of a C3 corvette look to it. The interior looks a little out of era with the modern steering wheel and gauges

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