What The?! Odd Parade Car Project

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I’m not really even sure where, to begin with, this odd creation! It’s truly indescribable and I’m not sure if that’s a good thing. According to the seller, this Buick powered “parade car” was running just a few years ago and was very fast. Given that it’s nothing more than an MG frame, Beetle front fenders, a stepside fenders, and a Buick V6, I have no doubt that it was fast, but who would be crazy enough to go fast in something like this? Well, if you are just crazy enough to take this thing on, you can find it here on craigslist in Lancaster, Ohio for $1,200. Thanks to Ian C for this odd tip!

Seriously, how insane do you have to be to go fast in this death trap? The seat is nothing more than a couple of pieces of sheet metal welded into the truck fenders. It’s not even far enough deep enough a seat to keep you from falling out if you were to take a turn too fast. Heck, hit a bump in the road a little too hard and you’ll be bucked right out! If you do manage to stay in it, the impact will likely destroy your backside and spine.

I do have to give the builder credit for creativity! They managed to merge several vehicles into something that sort of works. I can’t imagine how much welding and fabrication that went into putting it together. The seller doesn’t state whether they built it or bought it like this. If they built it, it would be interesting to know what all it took to build it. The wheels appear to be from an MGB, so if the donor car was a B, it seems like they must have shortened the frame. This thing is crazy and seems like a whole lot of really bad ideas merged into one, but I’m sure it will be one heck of a thrill to drive! So, would you try to get this thing going again or should it just be sent to the crusher?

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  1. NotSure

    Built for use as a golf cart? That Buick motor would place you in First for the 19th hole hands down… Plus you’d be able to buy a new hat every time you drove it.

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    • Ralph

      Do you get a free bowl of soup with that hat tho?

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    • Wolfgang Gullich

      Notice where the engine sits in relation to the front axle: it’s a front-mid layout! This is essentially a supercar!

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  2. Ian C

    Suspension seat, small cage, 4 point harness, 4brl intake, and daily it to work on nice days!!

    Back in the day, I drove worse. HAHA!

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    1st of all, MGB’s are unibody, so no frame to cut. Maybe a MGB drive train, but clearly looks like an experiment gone haywire.

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    • Josh MortensenAuthor

      My apologies Howard, I was thinking of the MGA frame. But honestly, does it really matter? This thing is a cut up mess.

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      • HoA Howard AMember

        No apologies needed, just the facts ( Sgt. Friday never actually said “ma’am”) Without being too critical,I’m a doofus when it comes to welding, so even this is beyond my ability. The fact that it even works says something.

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      • Paul T Root

        I was thinking Midget. They had the same wheels.

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  4. PDXBryan

    Kids, don’t drink and weld!

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  5. Chevy Guy

    Hey PDXBryan, whats your last name? I have a teacher named bryan smith and he is from portland, just like me!

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    • Brakeservo

      Well I’m from Portland too – a floating home on Hayden Island – no parking for fun cars

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  6. grant

    Creativity… Ya. Anyone else just embarrassed for this guy?

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  7. Chris In Australia

    Someone, somewhere, sometime said “Hold my beer, now where’s that Sawzall

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    • bobk

      Or my dad’s favorite phrase, usually stated with authority just before doing something unwise, like the time he planted our ’59 Ford wagon deep enough into a 5 ft tall snow bank that we all had to crawl out the rear hatch….

      “Hey, watch this!”

      To be fair to him, occurrences of that phrase became a lot more rare as he got past his 30’s.

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  8. Buckskin

    Well let’s see…………..if I raise the rear wheel openings I can lower the rear fenders so the body line has some symmetry with the front fenders………….hey Clyde, get me the seat off the Cub Cadet………that would give me armrests and some back support.
    Maybe that little ol’ V6 could use some freshening…with one out that Mustang…..yea, 310 horses ought to work…………… Man this is gonna take more beer than I thought…………now about the hood………….Pete, you still got that Studebaker?

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  9. Little_Cars Little CarsMember

    Ro-Style II wheels from 1970s MGB (14″) or Midget (13″). Both monocoque bodies. MGA frame perhaps…I’ve seen a lot of artful creations using MGA and Spitfire frames.

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  10. Jeremy

    ls swap!

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