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What’s In Art F’s Barn?


Reader Art F. was kind enough to send in this photo of his garage. Can you identify both of his cars? We will let him give the definitive answer a little later and hopefully he will share a little more about each. Be sure to send in photos of your own barn or garage because it is always good to put a face… er, a car to a name. Thanks for sharing Art!


  1. MH in MN

    Not sure on the car on the left. On the right is a cobra kit car for sure.

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    • Cameron Bater UK

      Actually it could be a real Cobra – obvious its more likely to be a Dax (or other kit manufacturer) Cobra but it could be a 425

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  2. Steve McDonald

    The car on the left is a 1955 Thunderbird with what looks like an incorrect hardtop (has portholes(?) which is incorrect for 1955). It does not have the optional back up lights. (I am a former CTCI Judge). The car on the right is a Triumph TR2 or TR3. Hard to tell in the dark.

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  3. rick

    56 tbird on left.

    Nice license plate on the cobra, art.

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  4. Steve McDonald

    Car on the right: I retract Triumph as a guess, the trunk is wrong for a Triumph. It looks more like an AC body.

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  5. SoCal Car Guy

    Car on the left is a 1955 Thunderbird. Car on the right is a Cobra; faint possibility it’s a Shelby American car, huge probability it’s a replica.

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  6. Michael

    ’56 Thunderbird and Cobra.

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  7. Charles

    A real Ford and a fake Ford

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  8. scot

    ~ T-bird is ’55, exhaust ports are through bumper rather than below.

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  9. Georgemia Member

    The Thuderbird is a ’55. The exhaust through the rear panel “bullets,” and the absence of a Continental Kit prove that. Pretty sure that brown is not correct for the year, too.

    The other is a Cobra 427 Kit of some genre.

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  10. Robert J

    Looks like a barn full of awesome to me.

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  11. z1 rider

    The Cobra seems to sit a little high so I’m guessing Factory 5 (live rear axle) kit car.

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  12. jim s

    a t-bird and a cobra, that is very nice. i would love to have them in my garage. thanks for sharing.

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  13. rancho bella

    I don’t know if Art does this on purpose, but, let the weeds grow in front of the garage. I’m serious. A local guy taught me that some years ago ( He has an eight car garage loaded with 356’s). It shows would be thieves that there is probably nothing in here, that guy has weeds and probably nothing more.

    Made me chuckle, now I don’t pull em’ either.

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  14. rick

    Yeah the thieves would see the weeds and then not bother to look in Art’s windows.

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  15. Mark E

    First gen T-Bird & Cobra (real or replica?)

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  16. Alex Redding

    Triumph TR3

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  17. paul

    All I can say is if my garage had a ceiling height like that you would see a lift under one of those cars.

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  18. Scott B.

    55 Tbird and 96 Cobra. Isn’t something yellow missing from this picture?

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  19. S.S. McDonald

    OK, enough with the comments, let’s read the complete correct answer.

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  20. Gene

    The car on the right is a 56 T bird, possibly a 55 but the rear bumper says 56. The other thing is an AC Cobra.

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  21. DT

    auto union sp 1000 on steroids,and a plastic AC

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  22. PointingOutTheObvious

    With the number of BarnFinds readers, I’d suggest future submissions might want to hide the vanity tag. Probably not a lot of Art Fink’s with a Tbird and Cobra replica in the tri-state area.

    Bring a trailer to Art’s house? :)

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

      You’re probably right, but luckily these aren’t parked at Art’s current place of residence.

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      • Art Fink

        Thanks Jesse, Correct, all my cars have different plates and a different location now that I’ve moved. Also, they are in a locked and alarmed garage. But, POTO has a very good point and his great suggestion is seriously taken. I thank him.

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  23. dj

    They made a 55 T Bird kit car so they both could be kit cars.

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  24. Art Fink

    Greetings to all, Everyone came really close to what’s in the garage. On the left is my 1955 Thunderbird I’ve owned for 35 years. Not the original color, she’s been painted (not by me) 3 times. Original color was black. The hardtop is a porthole top from a 1956. On the right is an ERA 427SC Shelby Cobra Replica built by ERA in Conn in 1996, I’ve owned for a year now. She has a true 1964 427-425Hp Nascar engine. Nearly identical to a real 1965 Shelby Cobra.
    The weeds…..We were living in a rental in Maryland for 8 months while our new place was being built in Delaware. No desire to pull someone elses weeds. Our new place has room for 4 cars and no weeds in sight. Yes Scott, there was no room for the yellow car, now they are all together. Thanks everyone.

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  25. MikeW

    Nice garage with some of my favorites, but not a Barn!

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