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What’s In Robert’s Barn?


Some of them may be found outside of the barn too.  It appears a 1960 Ranchero may have some “surface rust”.


Here we have a 1972 Chevrolet Cheyenne that didn’t run when parked.


This appears to be another case of not put away and wet.


This 1961 356B doesn’t appear to have the $150K patina yet, too bad.


The rear taillight is missing and we don’t know the condition and/or the location of the driver’s window?


The Volkswagen Microbus bubble is still expanding. Here’s a 1960 23 window that has seen better days. That’s all there is today in Robert’s barn. Until next time.



  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Aw Jeez, I expected Russian Space Shuttles, army tanks, that “hovercar”, an LCF, oops, I mean, CF/COE truck, ( wasn’t there a boat in there somewhere too?) and all the other cool stuff you’ve shown us. And with the condition of those vehicles, what, do live under the ocean? I like the Falcon the best.

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    • Avatar photo Robert Member


      Just wait there will be more. No under-the-sea, I’m land-based at the moment.

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    • Avatar photo geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. Call me stubborn. Maybe it’s those leprechauns that got out but I’ll stick with the LCF. OK, I like all of these models but the ’72 Chevy appeals to me the most. I have to admit that I was immediately fooled by this post but when I saw the size of the gravel in the farm yard I began to suspect something. Having grown up on a farm, we used a lot of gravel in our yard and it was good quality ‘Road Crush.’ However the county didn’t care as much and couldn’t seem to apply anything but large rocks (liken to the scale of the gravel in the diorama) which were brutal to negotiate. Try it on a bike. Very good model building. My compliments…

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  2. Avatar photo Dbauer

    They are tin type toys right? Caught me abit off there!

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    • Avatar photo Robert Member


      These are 1/24 scale die-cast that I “age” and “dress” to give them the lovely patina.

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      • Avatar photo RayT

        And you did a nice job of it! That 356 alone ought to be worth ten grand or so if you put it on eBay.

        Somehow, I find small-scale rust far more enticing than the fullsize stuff….

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  3. Avatar photo jim s

    i too think they are models, but nicely done. thanks for sharing.

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    • Avatar photo Robert Member

      jim s,

      You are correct sir! Thank you for your nice review. Cheers, Robert

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  4. Avatar photo Nick G

    Who’d a figured you can use chicken dung in an airbrush?

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  5. Avatar photo Robert Member

    Nick G,

    Sorry Nick, no dung in the gun.

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  6. Avatar photo James

    Love the presentation and the models,, The Ranchero had me going but it was the whitewalls on the Cheyenne that just didn’t look quite right that started me to think – – no criticism or anything but should they be a bit more beige? Keep up the fantastic work – I just don’t have the patience to do such quality work!!

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  7. Avatar photo fred

    My first clue was that something was not quite right about the Ranchero’s grille. Second was the identical wheelbarrow in both truck beds. And the final clue was the Porsche sitting on a blank surface (table?) Initital thought was, “these cars were stored in a barn, does this barn have a mud pit?” Good work Robert!

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  8. Avatar photo jim

    There is a guy in the UK that has a business selling models like these on ebay.

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  9. Avatar photo Jose

    Geez. I wish I had that kind of time on MY hands.

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    • Avatar photo Dairymen

      Give some cars to my boys and when they’re done playing with it at the end of the day they’ll look like this.

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  10. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    Being a professional model builder, I can usually spot them in an instant. But not this time. It finally took the obviously wrong tires on the 1972 Cheyenne that gave it away!

    Great stuff? You bet!

    Here’s an old wrecking yard I pass every day. Must make it a point to stop some time…

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  11. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    Nice,Robert!!! Love the Ranchero!

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  12. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    Takes some talent to get this look.

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  13. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    Robert, a tip o’ the hat to you. such fine detailing, you must be a master with an air brush.
    Jason Houston, great looking model “junk yard”. another master craftsman

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  14. Avatar photo MH

    Easy to tell it’s not real. The dirt used for the driveway is to big. If that was real there would be basketball size rocks in the road. Very fake looking, sorry.

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  15. Avatar photo sir mike

    this person is a master model builder…keep them coming

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  16. Avatar photo boxdin

    Excellent work and attention to detail. Plus lots of fun to speculate, debate and enjoy.

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  17. Avatar photo Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Love the patinated finishes and the models.
    The only thing that seemed out was the ground was a little out of scale.

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  18. Avatar photo Keith

    Look at the 356!…… I’d give 20k for that!

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  19. Avatar photo Glen

    Have you worked on model railroads ?, you would be good at it.

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  20. Avatar photo Alexander Member

    Is it April Fools already? There is a lot to be said for the current “relic” trade on models as well as guitars, motorcycles, baseball caps. I’ll take the real thing any day. There is something about scale models that almost always give them away whether it be the photograph or the use of scale “dirt.”

    The junkyard diorama was much more interesting to me.

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  21. Avatar photo Larry M

    Revel Kits ? The overpaint of the buildings gave it away, the size of the “rocks” , model railroading at best.

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  22. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    What gave it away was the wheelbarrow. That would have to be some big-ass wheelbarrow to take up that much space in a truck bed.

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