Are you Grand Prix Ready? 1972 Pontiac

OK baby, a one-owner find that may be just the right one for you? Here you have a 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix that was, as per the seller, running when parked in 1999. This 1972 Grand Prix is listed… more»

A Go To Parade Project… 1950’s Trident

Here is a Taylor-Dunn Trident 1950’s, as per the seller, project for your review. Taylor-Dunn has been producing small vehicles since 1949. This example is listed here on craigslist in St. Louis for $1,395. This unit has been underwater, will… more»

Lots And Lots Of Bikes!

On today’s installment of “Motorcycle Madness” we have 3 “lots” of bikes and 3 individual listing for your consideration. First we have a “lot” listed here on craigslist in Oceanside, California priced at, wait for it… $2K for the… more»

More Motorcycle Madness!

Another day, another set of bikes for your review. Oh, the 70’s and the Honda CT 90s, what fun! Listed here on craigslist is this two owner 1972 Honda Trail  CT90 for $2K. You will find this bike in… more»

Motorcycle Madness!

Time for some two-wheeled fun! Here’s a small group of bikes from four different manufactures that some of you maybe interested in. How about a 1966 Sears Sabre? Listed here on craigslist for $1,100 OBO. This bike is sitting… more»

They’re Everywhere! Triumph Spitfires!

If you want/need a Triumph Spitfire there seems to be just about enough of them available for all that are interested. This 1978 Triumph Spitfire 1500 is sitting in Espanola, New Mexico and is priced at $3,800. It is… more»

Gullwing Alternative: 1962 Mercedes 190SL

The last Mercedes Benz 190 SL we featured was back in October of 2015. That one was a ’58 and today’s in a ’62 sitting on a trailer in Atco, New Jersey. You can find this car listed here… more»

Two Owner ’57 Mercedes Benz 190 Ponton Sedan

It appears that this 1957 Ponton Sedan could have some good bones left? Hopefully someone will get this car under cover soon. Listed here on craigslist, this 1957 Mercedes Benz 190 Ponton Sedan is priced at $6,500. It is currently in… more»

Remember The 60’s? 1966 Honda CT200

Going somewhere? The Honda CT200 can get you there on the road or off-road, just not very quickly. The top speed may hit 50MPH. You won’t know your speed on this bike because the speedometer needle is missing. “Officer… more»

The Zen And Art…1969 BMW R50/2

Go pancake, go pancake direct drive all the way! If you were looking for a road-warrior that only has two wheels a BMW R50/2 might be a good choice. Peter is selling this “Swiss military issue” 1969 BMW R50/2… more»

No Racing In The House!

This little racer does look good parked in this climate controlled setting doesn’t it? With the tags hanging on the merchandise this might be an”antique” shop? This Quarter Scale Racer is said to be circa 1955. The racer is… more»

1968 Grand Prix Package Puzzle Project

We featured a clean ’68 Grand Prix just a couple of weeks ago here. This project is another story which makes the other look like it was a good buy. These cars are parked in Albuquerque, New Mexico which… more»

Farmer’s Favorite Ferrari

Were you looking for just the right Ferrari for your farm? Well maybe this is the one for you! This Ferrari tractor, a macchine agricole, is listed here on craigslist. Your first and/or next Ferrari tractor is in Las… more»

1971 Dodge Charger SE: Nearly Rust Free?

The last time we featured a Charger was earlier this month. This 1971 has more of the factory parts included then the last one we posted. It’s garaged in Allison Park, Pennsylvania and is listed here on eBay with… more»

LeMons Material: $500 Triumph TR7

Where you looking for a sub $1K project today? In Rio Rancho, New Mexico is this 1979 Triumph TR7 for $500 OBO. This project is listed here on craiglist and was a reliable daily driver until just recently.

The Perfect Barn Find Hauler?

We know, we know, this like some of the other features isn’t for everyone. There may be a few BF readers that will find this car of interest though. No, it’s not a barn find, but could this unit… more»

Barn Finds