What’s In Your Barn Henry?


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A few months ago we started a what’s in your barn feature and were so overwhelmed with amount of submissions that we failed to keep up with it. We want to give it another shot though, so today we are featuring the inside of reader Henry P’s barn. It looks like a meat locker in there with all those parts hanging from the rafters! We are going to let you guys figure out what it is and hopefully Henry will chime in after a while to let us know if we have it right. This feature is sponsored by Ross Vasse, so be sure to check out his book if you dont already have something parked in your barn!


Here is another clue. If you don’t have some idea of what make this disassembled roadster could be by now, then you may want to brush up on your radiator cap shapes. It is a dead giveaway. Now, Henry’s plans for this one are not so obvious, so we will let him fill us in on those too. Thanks Henry! And to everyone else, please keep sending in photos of your own barns, garages, or driveways so we can all see what’s in your barn!

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  1. DolphinMember

    MG TD without the slats?

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  2. jim s

    morgan flad rad?

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  3. Gavin

    Looking very TC with that door and tank shape

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  4. Rob S

    MGTD ..I don’t know what Dolphin means, “…without the slats.”

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  5. Rob S

    Gavin, could be….the TC tank is shaped a little different than a TD, and I don’t know if a TC tank has an end cover….this tank has the bolts for attaching an end cover plate. …and Dolphin, I finally see the radiator pic, you’re right, no slats!

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    • Gavin

      Yes Rob, the TC tanks have studs on the ends. I still think this is a TC or could even be earlier. The TA to TC had a much thinner tank at the base than the TD has. When you look at a TC side on and a TD side on you can see the difference in the slope of the rear face of the tank. The TC is much more vertical.

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  6. Stu B.

    MGTD, no doubt. TC and TF had different petrol tank shapes. Radiator slats were usually painted to match the interior color, very late ones were chromed like the TF.

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  7. Don Andreina

    Don’t know much about the t series but those red painted slats I see on some look so good.

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  8. Chuck Kenyon

    It’s a MG TD..

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  9. Bernie H

    They are TD parts, but if he dosent do something with them soon, they’ll be scrap metal parts!. The coachwork wood body frame is probably long gone so these are barn ornaments. Unfortunately T series MG’s have not grown in value greatly, and these parts are not valuable. Why do I say this? I’ve been in this business since 1970, and the only one making any money on these is Moss and Victoria British. Anyone working on British cars is not driving a Cadillac……..

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