Wild Custom: 1967 Ford Mustang

Taking on a stalled project is always a bit of a daunting task, but sometimes we come across projects that are so incredibly cool that they are just begging to be finished. And that is definitely the case with this Mustang project! Someone started the incredible task of customizing the entire car with some wild bodywork, the seller notes that the metalwork was done by a professional hot rod shop, and a powerful engine to go along with it. If you’d love to finish this project, you can find it in Portland, Oregon with a $12,000 asking price and you can contact the seller via the form below.

The bodywork is really quite impressive, with styling cue taken from other generations of Mustang. The seller claims that over 1,000 hours of work went into the body alone and given how extensive the modifications are, I believe it. As with any vehicle, looks are subjective, but in my opinion, this Mustang looks amazing! I even like seeing it in raw metal, it highlights just how much has been done to it and gives it a Mad Max type look. Of course, it would likely look even better with paint, but it’s up to the next owner to decide what to do with it.

Under the hood, we find a more modern V8. It’s a 4.6-liter Modular V8 out of a 4th generation Mustang, paired to a 5-speed transmission. All of the electronics and dash were taken from the donor car as well. While the 4.6 was good for a little over 200 horsepower, it obviously wouldn’t be adequate for something like this Mustang, so a twin-turbo kit was sourced. It doesn’t appear to be installed though, so there will be plenty of work to do if you are going to go the forced induction route.

Handling was also a concern, so the entire chassis was modified to accept the newer Mustang’s front and rear suspensions, although the rear features a custom four-link system. A look underneath the car and you can see just how extensive the work done to the chassis and suspension are. Clearly, a ton of time, thought and money went into putting this all together. It also highlights how much works is left to be done.

This is going to be a big project to finish, but it will be incredible once finished. The seller states that all of the wiring, fuel parts, and other various needed parts from the donor car are included in the sale. They are also including the set of Halibrand Cobra 3 wheels (front wheels are 17×8.5 and rears are 19×9.5). We don’t know what all is left to do to make this a driver, but it definitely needs a fair amount of assembly and wiring work. That’s being said, just imagine how wild this thing will be to drive once it’s done! So, if you’d like to finish this Mustang, be sure to contact the seller and make them an offer.

  • Asking Price: $12,000
  • Location: Portland, Oregon
  • Engine: 4.6 Liter Modular V8
  • Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
  • VIN: 8R01C129810

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  1. alphasud Member

    Seems like a smoking deal to me! No doubt it won’t last the day before selling. I wish I had the time and the funds.

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    • John

      Yeah, I personally woulda kept it that silver and then put in a big block engine with a racing/ high performance setup (i.e., racing tranny, rear axle, suspensions.) Possibly supercharge the engine.

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  2. Tom

    The VIN is for a 68 Mustang.

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    • Tom


      8 – 1968 Model Year
      R – San Jose, CA Assembly Plant
      01 – Hardtop Body
      C – 289 2V V8, 195 HP
      129810 – Sequential Serial Code.

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  3. KEVIN

    $12,000 wouldn’t even get you started if you had to pay for all the bodywork . Great deal

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  4. Big_Fun Member

    If you think on the lines of Eleanor- this is her more conservative, older sister. When so many fastback have been done like Eleanor, you could go the coupe route. Or, bright blue with white Cobra stripes. Or….well you get the idea. This is a value, something you really have to hunt for in the classic car game. They are out there, but this one is in plain sight.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      NEVER name your Mustang the E name, or even refer to it as such. Legal nightmares can follow.

      Might ride a little rough until coil-overs are fitted to the rear, in place of the solid rod struts currently in place!

      So much potential here, especially for someone who has the skills to personally finish the body and bring this project to a conclusion.

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    • Stephen Miklos

      I like the idea of nice white paint with blue stripes. Pull the 4.6 out and put in a 347 stroker with a 5 or 6 speed and 3:73 gears. Nice leather interior with roll bar. Chrome racing side mirrors Led lights . Have the exhaust come out before rear tire. Man this would look sweet. And sound fantastic. Also Coilovers with h.d. sway bars. Etc etc. Ahhhh nice to dream..😇

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Most of that one I like except the rear end is a total turnoff for me. It just doesn’t do it for me.

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  6. piston poney

    love the body, but hate the motor, yeah it’s a good motor and all but really a fuel injected motor in a car like this yeah i’d rather have a ford big block or small block and get as much power out of it possible with out destroying it. personalty i hate fuel injection i’d rather have dual 4 barrels.

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    • 8banger dave Member

      Ya, ditch that mill.

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  7. portlandguy

    I saw this as it was being worked on 5-ish years ago in the hot rod shop that built it. They were working on a car for my Dad. The fabricator was quite talented and his vision was to build this as a SEMA car. No side mirrors as he was going to use small cameras, etc. Clearly a lot left to do but he had a lot of talent with metal work if that helps anyone’s decision to purchase ;)

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    • Ralph Frank, Jr.

      So you saw this car 5 years ago? It has just been sitting somewhere. Time frame seems strange to me that nothing been done to it for so long. If you know anything else about it, let me know. Thanks,

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  8. Troy s

    I like what they’ve done to the body, a coupe with an attitude. What there is of an interior kinda flunks with the air bag steering wheel, looks like a later dash altogether.
    I lost interest in Ford when the overhead cam V8 made its presence, just my own personal reasons, but I never realized how wide that thing was till now. It looks crammed in there, and doesn’t fit with the vibe of the car as it sits. I guess that’s why they hide them under plastic covers nowadays.
    Nice looking body that’s for sure. I see almost a hint of first gen Camaro there, or something like that.

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  9. PaulG

    Paging Mr. Block, Mr. Ken Block…

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    • djjerme

      That was my first thought, it looked like a Hoonicorn clone.

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  10. David kirschnick Member

    A steel ( ha ha ) of a deal..

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  11. JBD

    Tons of custom bodywork. Needs finished with a Saleen S281 supercharged motor or a better newer engine with a supercharger.

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  12. JOHN Member

    When I read “Wild Custom” 67 Mustang I cringed a bit, but I was surprised to see what I think is a well done project with the majority of the hard work already done. If this was closer I would load up some cash and the trailer…

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  13. JBD

    A SEMA quality car that is half- done. Looking over all the metal fab and mods, you would assume this will be a Six Figure show car. Listing refers to a Twin Turbo TT Kit included. Those weak powder 4.6 rods need replaced with Manley forged rods & Scat forged crank.
    Possibly a raw gem that can be cut by a skilled craftsman. Good Luck! Saving these cars is never easy.

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  14. travis escalante

    Can you call me on it I am very interested in buying it, I am al all cash buyer ready to go?
    Travis 805-340-5225

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  15. travis escalante

    I am interested in buying this car, can you please call me at 805 340-5225 travsi

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  16. Frank Sumatra

    How many hours will it take to finish the body and get it ready for paint? The body has more ripples than Lake Superior in a storm.

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  17. travis escalante

    All done, I won!!!
    Come watch it as I build it to completion with. Coyote motor and 6 speed transmission, this is going to be one insane ride once it’s all buttoned up, follow me at @carguruforu on Instagram
    Come enjoy the ride

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  18. chrlsful

    this car can take a luxury interior even tho set up as a racer (1965 – ’04). I believe I C jackin bolts on back so circle track, may be the drag (bracket racer) and certainly SCCA type w/the wider stance. Could this be THE multi purpose weekend warrior many of us seek? Please let me know if it is capable. I’d be interested to know. Never thought of one set-up for all…

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  19. Zachary Archbold

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