Wild Kingdom Find! 1950 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup

Imagine the excitement when someone made their way through the bushes and vines shown in the picture below and discovered this great 1950 Chevrolet pickup waiting for them. Not only that, but it’s been under cover and the solid body reflects it! Thanks to reader Pete G. who sent us this bush find! The truck is now located in Hilliard, Ohio and has been listed for sale here on craigslist with an asking price of $6,500.

“You have to be stealthy and look closely to see the wild truck in it’s natural bush habitat. Approach closely so you don’t startle it — you want to gain it’s trust before lassoing it for tagging and observation purposes.” (apologies to the late Marlin Perkins–any of the rest of you grow up watching Wild Kingdom?)

“Here, Jim has used the truck lasso to subdue the wild Chevrolet and started to move it into a position where we can tag it for future study — and driving!”

Upon further examination at the compound, we can see that this Chevrolet has had some reconstructive surgery in the past, ending up with a heart transplant in the way of a late-model V-8 and a newer automatic transmission. Thankfully, the original body has held up well although the original blue skin color has been replaced with orange. Luckily, there’s very little skin damage apart from a missing rear appendage, known locally as a tailgate.

Internally the specimen could stand some work, although the skeleton seems fine. Perhaps a cosmetic pick-me-up would do wonders for this truck’s self-esteem — and its owner’s!

Let’s look a little closer, Jim.  Despite the scrape, look at how solid the running board and fender is in this picture! It’s rare that a specimen this old has this little wear and tear!

The bed floor and rear bumper have been replaced — by aluminum in both cases I think. Do you think you would allow this truck back into the wild without surgery, or would you try to put things back as they once were? Let us know in the comments — and what’s your favorite Marlin/Jim line?


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  1. Classic Steel

    The truck Hasn’t been out side long.

    I guess the rent of barns for photo ops are going up in price to resort to putting trucks in the bush 😅

    Nice truck ! I am Glad the horse hair was removed from seat to make upholstery easier 👍👀
    the six is strong to pull but being setup for a small block will cruise better.

    My 235 is from a 57 Chevy with solid lifters .

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    • Pete

      This is my friend’s truck. There is actually a tractor shed back behind all that brush! That greenery is a few year’s growth of vines over the front sliding door to get that effect. He bought the truck about 7-8 years ago and it has been stored there since then with no apparent ill effects of moisture.

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  2. PDXBryan

    Makes me wonder how many barn-find hunters have ended up with terrible cases of poison ivy/oak!

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  3. LARRY

    I grew up with marlin perkins and wild kingdom..and this is a beautiful truck. I’d get it safe and road worthy and drive it occasionally. Like every day occasionally!!

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  4. TimM

    Get it running and drive it the way it is!! Source a tail get or get one from LMC truck!!

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  5. Gaspumpchas

    Sure looks solid. price seems a little high but maybe what a nice solid truck like this is bringing. Wonder if it ever ran with the v8? Good luck to the new owner. Like TimM says- drive as is!!

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  6. Codyco33

    “ Meanwhile, while Jim is downstream, we will look over this wild specimen”

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      Jim is “Off with the others” when I spot a large python in the water. I wade in the water and I GRAB HIM! But he wraps me up so I look like the Michelin Man. “IF JIM DOESN’T COME SOON, I MAY BE IN BIG TROUBLE.” A bit of an understatement. Loved that show on Sunday evening.

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  7. Wayne

    Jim was glad to find this instead of another alligator to wrestle!

  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    a lot of options here. If I were twenty years younger I would build this truck for street driving. Replce the front straight axle with independent front suspension allowing for a nice front rake, and disc brakes. Keep the small block v8 and auto trans. Install A/C, and perhaps tilt steering column, dual master cylinder and power booster. Repace all gauges with aftermarket gauges designed to fit original dash. Keep bench seat, but re-upholster in soft leather ostrich skin to match my cowboy boots. Paint the entire truck either Candy apple green or candy apple red. redo the bed in teak wood and stainless steel. Build custom tailgate from aluminum sheet remove from bed. Buy a set of old style American Racing Mag wheels with high traction 245 R 65 15″ tires all the way around. Chrome rear bumper with 59 Cadillac rear tail lights mounted on the rear fenders. The rear end would probably be G.M. 10 or 12 bold limited slip.Large high flow radiator with electric fan to keep the engine nice and cool. You must realize I’m an old man (72) so I’m a little out dated in my thinking.
    God bless America P.S. I watched Wild Kingdom but can’t remember the catch phrases.

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  9. Louis Q Chen

    After watching the re-run of the old Andy Griffith show, now this beautiful no rust edition show up on this column! it wish it was closer so that I’d go for it and do a complete restore to it’s original condition! It would be a beauty to cruise main street on Friday & Sat. nights and be a show stopper at any impromptu week-end car show at one of those drive ins like “Sonics” or good old In-N-Out parking lot! American Graffiti retro….

  10. canadainmarkseh Member

    When I was a kid I too watched wild kingdom, and as I recall Jim was the one taking all the risks. My uncle has one of these in much worse shape it was his yard feed truck for many years. He raised sheep and chickens.

  11. JP

    I once had a ’50 Chevy 5window p/u & sold it to my shop teacher!

  12. bigdoc

    Nice truck that wouldn’t take a whole lot to get to enjoy.

  13. Pete

    9/4/19 Update – Sold for $6500

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