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Will You Bid? 1959 Ford Ranchero

1959 Ford Ranchero

Yes this Ranchero is very rough and sure it needs a ton of work, but I’m amazed no one has bid on it yet! I’ve always liked the looks of these ’59s and actually find it to really work as a truck. Later Rancheros are great, but they just don’t have the clean lines that this one does. If you are like me and like the earlier Ranchero and would love to throw your hate into the ring, you can find this project here on eBay in Daisytown, Pennsylvania with a starting bid of $1,000.

1959 Ford Ranchero Interior

While collector money is currently on the later examples right now, specifically the big block cars, these early examples are still desirable. Sadly, for this car, you can get driver’s for not a whole lot more than this one’s opening bid. If it were a buy-it-now of $1k, I have a feeling someone would snatch it up quick, even if it’s just for parts.

1959 Ford Ranchero Project

The seller admits they bought it with the plan of restoring it, well 10 years have passed and they still haven’t done anything with it. They have decided it’s time to let it move on, let’s just hope they can find a buyer for it! It would make for one mean looking rat rod as is or a beautiful driver after some restoration work.

1959 Ford Ranchero Engine

I think it would help if the seller provided more information about the car, although as they say, “the pictures pretty much tell the story”. It’s clearly in sad shape throughout. It does have a V8, but the seller lists it as a 360. The only V8s offered in ’59 were the 292 and the 352, so I’m going to guess they just rounded up from 352 to 360. I really hope someone saves this Ford, or at the very least puts the parts to good use. So will you bid on this one?


  1. Avatar photo Mike H.

    Seller states that the engine is a 360 from a mid-1970’s Ford pickup. The blue on the valve covers suggests that also.

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  2. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Wow, IDK, sure looks rough, but then again, these were never really popular, so it is rare. Stuff like the tail gate is almost non-existent. Clearly a 360 transplant ( sez so on the emission sticker below the oil cap, no emission worries in ’59) and I too liked the ’59 Ford, but cringe at the work needed to bring this one back. I’d say “ambitious restoration”, for sure.

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  3. Avatar photo Doug M. (West Coast)

    I have always liked these ever since I saw a nicely done Ranchero in bright green with a white custom interior when I was a kid. I would take this one and straighten the front bumper, do the interior and mechanicals, then drive it as-is!! (there, I didn’t use the “P” word).

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  4. Avatar photo Rob

    I’m only 5 minutes away from this one, I’d take the ride over for a closer look if someone is serious about it.

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    • Avatar photo Rob

      Ok, A heads up… since it is so close i have given thought of just buying it to part out or such. So I did a little research on the seller and found that he has other 1959 Ford vehicles as well that he has been working on. Now the missing hood can be understood, as this titleless vehicle was likely used as a parts vehicle. I’d be careful with this one before diving in.

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    Another classic that needs someone with the desire / cash flow / welding experience to restore it and enjoy it. Too many will see the crusher and that’s a fact if no one wants to tackle the job.

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  6. Avatar photo Mike

    Even at a $1000 in my opinion you would need something to start with!!!!!

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  7. Avatar photo AMC STEVE

    Unless you have a parts car I would stay away from this one.

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  8. Avatar photo Chad

    Would buy it in a heartbeat if there was a title !

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  9. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Josh – “hate” – was that a Freudian slip? – I think you would have to hate yourself to buy it – but you’re right – clean well designed cars

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  10. Avatar photo Glen

    This thing screams ….RATROD! I love it.

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  11. Avatar photo brakeservo

    You say you’re surprised no one has bid yet. I’m not and not just because it looks like a worthless P.O.S. Smart bidders never bid until the last 5 minutes or less in an eBay auction – to bid early makes absolutely no sense. Which is why when I see a listing with flurry of bidding activity up to and even beyond what one might actually expect it to sell for, and still there is the notation “Reserve Not Met” you can be fairly sure the early bidders are shills.

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  12. Avatar photo JP

    Yet another rare beast to tantalize us. If anyone is interested in purchasing this car, I know where there is a car with a nice grille and front bumper. Exceptionally clean and straight for a 50 plus year old vehicle. Just throwing that out there.

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  13. Avatar photo tut

    That could be a 360, out of a truck. It looks newer than the original 352…look at the valve covers…

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  14. Avatar photo theCROWcook

    I’ve known the owner of this car for years and have been trying to get this off him, unfortunately we were out of touch when he put this up for sale so I missed my opportunity then, however I went to see him this weekend and asked about it and I am now just waiting on my tax returns and I’m buying it. I have plenty of experience working on 59 fords (my grandfather owned a 4 door, a convertible and two retractibles, one of which i helped restore) but i have always wanted a ranchero for myself and now its finally happening.

    He originally got the car out of texas so with the exception of some rot in the floorboards and some in the bed floor and the bottom of the pass door(he has a replacement for the bed) there is no rust, quarters and rockers ect are solid. It is a 360 out of a truck that was in there when he bought it.

    As far as parts goes…like i said my grandfather has restored a bunch of 59 fords and still has a garage and attic full of parts

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Keep us informed! We’d love to hear more if you get it and put it back on the road!

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      • Avatar photo theCROWcook

        Will do. I intend to buy a camera to use at my new job (I now build hotrods and restore antiques for a living) and will take plenty of pics of the process and will be sure to share

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  15. Avatar photo Felipe

    Gostaria de saber quanto ficaria para mandar para o brasil

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