Worth it or Not? 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Edition


Reader John C. shared this 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Edition he found and posed the question as to whether we thought it was worth buying or not. It looks to be in rough shape, but the seller is only asking $500 obo, so that left us wondering if it was worth buying. If no one buys it by tomorrow, the seller plans to give it to charity, which likely means it will be scraped. Take a look at the seller’s listing here on craigslist and let us know what you think.


The Martini edition of the 924, was for the most part nothing more than a visual package. Porsche only built about 3k of these special edition cars, but that doesn’t necessarily make this one worth buying. Restoring it would easily cost more than it will be worth. We like to be optimistic about what can be saved, but there is a point where it’s hard to justify restoring a car. This one might be past that point, but for $500 it might be worth buying just to part out. As to John’s question, we would say it just depends on what one plans to do with it. What about you? Do you think it’s worth buying or should the charity drop be its next stop?


  1. Rich

    Part it out. Unfortunately, the early 924’s were not much of a step up – and maybe a step down – from the 914. You rarely see a nice one because nobody really wants to save one, particularly given 944’s are so much more fun.

  2. Wayne

    OMG! You would have to pay me to haul it off! Squash it!

  3. kevin g

    part it out if there any good parts, otherwise take it to the crusher

  4. martin

    Make her a runner. If it was a regular 924 id probably agree with Rich, but its a Martini car. Im sure you can find the parts needed to get her running at a local dismantler, or on web forums. Many 924 parts arent that expensive if you do some research and find if there are cross over parts to similar to VW or Audi parts. It seems that all old Porsches end up being valuable, and this is a unique car. I’d be inclined to restore it, because it was really neat at the time, and is now period cool. A quick google search of “924 martini” images will give you an idea of what this car could really look like. a deeper google search will give you an idea on value. Some have traded hands in the last few years and they seem to be getting decent money.

  5. jim

    wish it was close, be a nice winter project parting it out. check ebay for parts prices, the rear hatch alone is listed for about 1/2 half the price this seller is asking for the whole car.

  6. Anthony

    Charity drop.. The time’s are tough, God will bless the careful minded giver..

  7. Jonathan


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  8. stp

    i have a solid ’78 in much better condition that i literally cannot give away. shame to see old cars crushed, but people just do not seem to want these. considering the time investment of any restoration and that a 944 in similar condition is only a grand or two more, it’s not hard to see why.

    • jim

      please tell us more about your car. thanks

      • stp

        it’s sitting in Amityville, NY. drove it into the garage. a couple of parts here and there have been pulled off of it, but it will run again with a couple of afternoons wrenching on it. buckets of interchangeable parts from a ’77 too. anyone near Long Island NY want to come out with a trailer?

    • jim

      i think you should work with barnfinds to do a complete listing, pictures included.

  9. granitelli

    I’d look at it and consider purchase if it was nearby. Can’t miss selling the parts, but I don’t believe it will be too hard to get it running.

  10. Sam

    I hate to say it, but these weren’t worth saving in 1977.

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  11. Mark E

    Jim has the right idea – there’s more than $500 in parts in this car if you pulled off the sell-able parts and then crushed the rusty leftovers. I don’t like to see cars crushed but this thing is really only good for parts unless someone has a sentimental attachment to the car.

  12. Connor

    I’m a sucker for special edition cars like this so I would buy it and restore
    Also how often do you see these special editions?
    Just so you guys at barnfinds know in the top paragraph, it says scraped instead of scrapped.

  13. stigshift

    “which likely means it will be scraped”. I think it’s already been scraped. Hopefully, it will avoid being scrapped.

  14. Dolphin Member

    Sorry, but about the best thing you can say about this poor 924 is that it’s in California, and even that doesn’t seem to have helped it. The cheap entry fee isn’t likely to make it a great deal just because it says Porsche on it. Unless its perfect underneath that white (?) paint, this will very likely end up being far more expensive to put right than it will ever be worth. If I were in the market for a ’70s Porsche with a water cooled front engine I would find a nice, affordable 944 that had been taken care of by one of the many Porsche lovers out there and enjoy its great handling and good looks for not much $$. The 944 has a more powerful engine with balance shafts and runs much smoother than the 924.

    Any Porsche guy will tell you that the 924 is at the bottom of the P-car order. They were built to a price, and a large part of that low price was because it had a VW-Audi drivetrain that was never a smooth and reliable runner, from what comments I’ve heard. The 924 replaced the 914 in the lineup, but the 914 is loved much more now than its replacement.

    • stp

      having raced a 924 for the past 4 years, i can say the drivetrain is quite reliable. with everything we’ve put the car through, it still always wants to start and run with no problems… except for power and speed. the 924 has neither.

  15. Sim

    Having revived a few 944s, I can say from experience that if the chassis is anywhere near the condition of the exterior, this car passed it’s viable restoration potential the very year someone shut the engine off for the last time. Too bad because it is somewhat collectible to the 944 enthusiast if only because of it’s rarity. And that’s one rare 924. RIP little titan.

  16. paul


    • paul

      The problem with these cars is because the cars is a Porsche the parts prices are stupid expensive, the cost of a restore even if you did most or all the work yourself your still so far into it then you could get out of it.

      • stp

        not true. the parts are all VW Audi. tons of interchangeable parts with VW super beetle, fox, and various audi models. and as you might imagine, if restorable examples like this are priced around $500, parts cars are to be had at scrap value or even below.

      • paul

        STP ,so yes a lot of the components are VW/ Audi but all body / interior wiring harnesses enough P parts on this car to make a restore cost way more then the car will ever be worth.
        If you need something along the lines of this car go for a 944 S a least you will have serious car.

  17. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    New this model was quite sharp in white with Martini trim. I remember it well. It was all stickers & trim & we did covet it sitting in the showroom at Cascade Porsche-Audi, Akron Ohio. I had a white Scirocco champagne edition & the sales person couldn’t understand why I wanted the Porsche instead.

  18. KE100

    I think it would be a nice driver if you got it running. This car screams please save me

  19. Patrick

    I’m in $50 for the steering wheel, hood ornament, and any other doodad that says Porsche on it :)

  20. AMCFAN

    Back in the early 1990’s I had a very nice 1987 924S. The S had the same body as the earlier 924 but the engine of the 944. It was a very fun car that handled very well and achieved decent fuel economy. The build quality was excellent. Not sure what Porsche was thinking by bringing it back then loosing it again. I believe only 87-88 for the S. I realize the powertrain is different but I would opt to save this car. It may not be valuable and it is hard to believe what little value these cars do have. It isn’t a sin to tie up more money in a car then it is worth. I would think with gas again on the rise this would be a great alternative to an ordinary…say like a Kia. Do it like a ralley car replica or something. Guys, It is still a Porsche and you know there is NO substitute. Thanks,Tom Cruise!

  21. rancho bella

    I’d need more than one Martini to consider this.

  22. Chuck

    If I had endless cash I’d save it and put it along with my other collections. This car needs love also.

  23. Don Andreina

    Apparently this was to be released originally as an Audi. A bit like the montecarlo/scorpion story, the prestige partner pulled rank. No mention of the horrendously ugly 968 which was considered the best balanced Porsche in the range and a very popular club racer. I prefer the gorgeous 928 (pre ‘S’ with no side protection strips). See them all the time here in Australia very cheap but needing minor items such as a new gearbox. My old mechanic had a non turbo 911 in martini stripes. Looked fantastic.

  24. cliffyc

    944 everytime for me.There is an abandoned one near me,an ’84 in Guards Red (THE best colour for any Porsche) which has been stored outside for years (so,hardly a Barn Find!) and is very tired ,the interior is messed up too.I live in Northern England,so lots of damp!.I know of 3 or 4 944’s locally which are regular drivers.

  25. joe lonzello

    My Father gave me a 1980 924 that I drove for a few months. Fun to drive. Silver with black interior. The car was a nice looking runner.

  26. Mary Alexander

    I have a 1977 924 Martini Addition in great shape. 55k miles. Looks good and drives. Anyone interested? No rust.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

      Mary, thanks for sharing! You can list your car for sale here on Barn Finds!

    • Bob Ettinger

      Do you still have the 1977 Porsche 924 Martini Edition? If so what are you asking for it?

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