Yard Art: 1969 Camaro RS/SS

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This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro was at one time a well optioned RS/SS car, but sadly it has been picked of its major parts and left to rust away. Whenever we see a classic muscle car with plants growing in it, it leaves us with mixed feelings. On one had it makes us sad to see it in such a state, but at the same time is interesting to look at. This car might not be anything more than yard art, but if you’re interested in it, it can be found here on eBay.

Apparently this car was driven till it was in a front and rear end collision sometime in the late ’70s, at which time it was parked and left to be overgrown with plants. Over the years the car was picked clean of its vital components. The Rhode Island humidity and vegetation hasn’t been kind to this Pony car.

This car came with the X22 option, meaning that it came with the RS/SS package and the SS396 engine. The engine that should be sitting in it is the 396 cui V8, which was rated at 375 hp. It was paired to a four speed manual, but as you can see both the engine and transmission are missing. Finding a replacement L78 engine wouldn’t be an impossible task, but could get pricey.

Even the interior is being overrun by plants. As with the rest of the car, the interior has also been stripped from the car and the floors are obviously very rusty. While it’s sad to see it in this condition, we do have to admit that it makes a great planter.

It’s sad that this well optioned X22 Camaro was left in such a condition, but it begs the question of whether its worth restoring. Its going to be a big project and is going to require not only a large investment of time, but also money. What do you guys think? Is it worth restoring or should it be left as yard art?

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  1. John

    I do not think you could get the 375 horse with a/c

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    • Jim-Bob

      I tend to agree. GM generally didn’t offer A/C with solid lifter engines like the L78 or L89(aluminum head option on L78 396). This is because the compressor couldn’t handle the RPMs these engines could rev to. Most likely it had either the L34 or L35 (325 or 350 hp 396).

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  2. Alfonso Milanese

    One Word…Dynacorn

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  3. graham line

    Someone could do a lot with the serial number, spec sheet, builders plate and another ’69 Camaro shell.

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  4. scot c

    ~ move along, please. nothing to see here.

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    • Copocamaro

      LOL good thing you don’t know what your looking at

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  5. paul

    in this state you would have to replace everything but the VIN number and a few emblems

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  6. snake

    piece of crap-what are you folks thinkin that this could ever be a real one again??????

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  7. Doug MMember

    Barn Finds: Thanks for printing/featuring this! Up until now, I thought that my vision and interest was a little warped, as I have pondered resurrecting some pretty far-gone classics, but never have considered one in this condition. But, I do have to admit, seeing the “SS” and the broken “396” emblems does get me to stare and ponder and ask “what if?” …but then, reality is way too close at hand to ignore on this nearly expired “time-capsule.” …still fun to look at, though… just goes to show that you guys are secure enough in what you do to show both ends of the spectrum!

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  8. Doug MMember

    (cont’d) “secure in what you do” ….kinda like showing up at the bar or at a tailgate party wearing a pink shirt! :)

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    • Ron

      Hi doug I bought a 1969 ss x22 camaro from a wrecking yard for 300 and it was in worse shap nothing but the vin tag and trunk lid could not sell it as original but it was fun driving wish I still had it could show these ricer burners a thing or two.

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      • Shawn

        Thanks for you saying what alot oof us are thinking.!

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  9. Will m

    Restore it? No. But I could see it as a really cool car show trailer
    Chop off the front and add a hitch. A lot of body work and bondo
    Maybe make it into a teardrop camper. It could be a cool conversation piece.

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  10. Jim Brady

    The only thing of value on this car would have been the vin plate and it is missing. Now it is just a piece of junk.

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  11. Chris UK

    Is it possible that that solitary wheel and trim ring (the only usable parts I can see) are worth bidding to $455 ?? Or am I missing something here ?

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  12. paul

    Yeah the VIN tags is all. But why does he all of a sudden think it’s worth something now , what happened in between?

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  13. Chris H.

    I helped rescue a Charger that was almost as bad off, of course it was a Hemi 4 speed car, and a 1 of 1 for 1969, so that may have made it worthwhile…This one is maybe a little too common, but hey, there are some people that have more money than sense, so you never know…

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  14. Charles GouldMember

    @ Chris UK
    The aucton specifically excludes the two remaining rally wheels, trim rings and redline tires!
    So, you would have to buy those separately.

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  15. Yoda

    I am with Alfonso. Your only shot with this one is to save as much of the firewall as possible and send it off to the Goodmark repair center and have a new car built around it. Otherwise, use it for yard art.

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  16. DolphinMember

    This chassis makes no sense at all when you consider the cost of building a car around it, compared to the cost of buying a decent car that’s a realistic starting point. Then there is the hard sell pitch in the eBay listing, which as Chas pointed out includes the statement that the wheels/Redline tires are excluded from the auction, so that artfully placed wheel is just there for effect. You are buying essentially a VIN with this one, but there are title issues with that. I’ll be surprised if it reaches the $500 the seller wants as a nonrefundable deposit.


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  17. RMS

    Is that a bumper hitch hanging off the rear panel?

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  18. Moparman RLEMember

    Three words for the seller: “Surely, ye jest!!” :-)

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  19. AMCFAN

    We know the condition and what it was and is now. The seller presents the true condition and has made no effort to clean it up/out etc. OK, the Redlines haven’t been sitting there. He found it and is selling it. The reality is someone for what ever reason will buy it. I have to say that it is pretty cool despite the condition. I mean here (we are to assume) is a real RS/SS Big Block 4/spd.69 Camaro. The original color isn’t Green and the story is plausable. Looks like light damage to todays standards With all the still seems like millions of non dying Camaros (go to any drag strip or local car show) The clones/fake paperwork/fake engine number restampings, vin tags and aftermarket cataloge parts that say GM Authorized parts (made in japan). Hell of a business alone on just SS emblems alone and now as someone already mentioned A Dynacorn body. It is refreshing to see an original car. Broken 396 emblem and all. A rare car that has fallen through the cracks that should have been crushed 30 years ago….but wasn’t. Find this car in another 30 years it will be restorable. I think it is still a cool find.

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  20. Darel

    What a joke. This illustrates how played-out the entire muscle car scene is. Spend years and thousands basically building a car from scratch and park it next to 15 identical cars at a car show.

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  21. AMCFAN

    My advice is to locate and build an AMC Javelin. If you research Trans AM Racing history plus everything AMC was involved in with NHRA and IMSA it is a no brainer. You can buy almost what ever you want and be presentable for under $20K and the best thing is you WON’T park next to 15 others like it.

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  22. Michael James Halonen

    how did this go for $960 its about $140 in scrap here

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  23. Barn Finds

    Yep, bidding ended at $960. That does seem high for lawn art…

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  24. Gnrdude

    SOME NUT BALL Actually Paid 960 $ for this PIECE of CRAPOLA! Omg there’s a Sucker Born every Minute.

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  25. Brian

    If it has really been sitting in that spot since the 1970s, I’m amazed it isn’t in even worse shape than it is!

    I wonder if the owner has an old “precrash” photo? It would have been interesting to see a before and after shot! Just wondering in words…

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  26. Ron

    where is the car now I will pay them 1220 right now I need another xss 396 car I miss my old one.

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