1 of 1: 1969 Dodge Charger R/T SE 440

The 1969 Dodge Charger R/T is being sold midway through its restoration by Graveyard Carz Rotisserie Restoration. They found the car in a trailer park 20 years ago and are just now restoring the car. Originally a triple green Charger with a 440 cubic inch Magnum V8, Graveyard is selling the car here on eBay. The ad states that, in addition to the cost of purchase, it will cost an additional $65,000 to finish the restoration. Currently, the Charger is bid to $55,000 after 54 bids. There are two days remaining in the auction. The car is located in Springfield, Oregon at the Graveyard Carz shop.

Here is a picture after the car was chemically dipped to remove all the rust and any filler. Next, the car was painted in black epoxy. The seller states that the frame rails were solid but the floors, wheel houses, quarters, and rear body panels were shot. All the sheet metal is being replaced and Graveyard Carz has treated all the inner panels with 3M rust proofing. In addition, all the sheet metal has been coated in PPG DP90 black epoxy.

While the engine and transmission are not original to the car, they are date code correct. The Charger is powered by a 440 cubic inch Magnum V8 backed by a 4-speed transmission and 3.54 Dana 60 rear end. The car is said to be 1 of 1 with this drivetrain, options, and color. Graveyard Carz states that this is the only XS29L9 Charger with the optional A47 Special Edition. The winner of the auction will own the car, all of its parts, and the rebuilt engine and transmission. The owner can take the car home or choose to have Graveyard Carz finish the restoration for a cool $65,000.

The car will be featured on a future episode of Graveyard Carz and will come with a letter of certification to document the restoration and originality of the car. So, it is decision time! Would you repaint this car with its F5 green exterior, green bucket seats, and green vinyl top?


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  1. Steve Bush Member

    Yeah, once it’s done, you’ll have a perfect 1969 RT/SE Charger with a 440 and 4 speed. But for $120k I much rather have 4-8 really nice old cars that I wouldn’t be paranoid about driving on a regular basis. Unless maybe if I had Jay Leno money.

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    • Skorzeny

      As cool as it would be to have this when it’s done, I’m in agreement with you. I could get 4 or 5 old cars to mess around with and drive for that money. I do NOT denigrate the person that will eventually buy this, still jealous…Thank God it’s not gonna be a General Lee clone.

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    • Dan

      Obviously Leno doesn’t spend his money on clothes…🙄

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  2. Sleeping In The Car

    Honey, I am selling the house and moving into the Charger. Would you like to come with me?

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  3. Classic Steel

    No matter how eloquently one states the drive train replacement, date code close, runner up engine , replacement engine etc etc ITS NOM.

    So drop 50-120 k on restoration or in my opinion find a 318 model and modify it clone style aNd bank $80 grand.

    Fyi: will this car even transport without damage stripped down?

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  4. Troy s

    With the shop completing the job you’d have a 120 thousand dollar triple green Dodge Charger. Hey, if it’s all someone ever wanted…great!
    Got to be able to drive it to really enjoy a ride like this.

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  5. Stephen Miklos

    Growing up I knew people with these RT/SE Charger or Challenge. They where in mint shape trailered to car shows. Rarely driven .. why.. there where afraid something will happen. This Charger I hope get the big make over at Graveyard. It would be hard to drive this on the road fearing some chuckle head hitting the Charger. It’s a tough call to make. 1 of 1 should be in a museum. Good luck to the new owner. 😄

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  6. bultaco

    $120k for the finished car is a lot of money, but worth it. And people drive $120k cars every day. I see new Mercedes, BMWs, Bentleys, Porsches, etc., in Boston traffic every day. So I hope whoever is lucky enough to own the Charger drives it (carefully and sparingly, of course).

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  7. Shorty

    You’d have a $120,000 car that isn’t numbers matching, yeah I’m with the others but 4 to 5 other cars.

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  8. Mope Man

    Were dreaming here folks right?

    The car had the engine go south.

    If this was such a good deal why did the pro shop 🛑. To be honest the shop is getting a good deal now after assessing the shape and cutting it from the herd.

    Good luck to new owners as it will-look good for a modified car.

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    • Matt

      My guess is that whoever commissioned the work couldn’t pay for it and gave the car to the shop in exchange for the work that was already performed. Instead of sinking more money into it and then sitting on it for months until it sells, they’re looking to get paid up front to finish it.

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  9. George Mattar

    If you drive a REAL car like this when you could tell what brand it was in Boston traffic, you are dumb. Mass drivers are the worst. Cell phones glued to their faces, tailgating, cutting other drivers off, the list goes on. Those $120,000 cats you see are all leased and their drivers are all o it to impress others, even if their payment is $1,200 a month. I know. I work at a car dealer. My house payment was less. It is plenty of money, but the best looking Dodge ever.

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  10. Turbo

    Makes the Packard look like a deal at 80 grand

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  11. RobA

    This car’s price is driven by those probably wanting to have a car on TV. I will admit I have been looking for a 2nd gen Charger for a LONG time and am very willing to overpay on one. But even I would not pay $55K for this car as it sits.

    There is an original yellow/black 4 speed RT/SE on Craigslist for a little less than $70K right now….and it is already restored.

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  12. Jon

    In my opinion, if it’s not a numbers-matching car it isn’t worth the money … otherwise grab a body, throw in an engine and tranmission, and drive it … and there are a lot of those for “minimal” money …

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  13. Tobert lingaas

    Just curious….. how can it be a one of one without original motor ?

  14. Steve Clinton

    “Graveyard car” is right.

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  15. 3x2x4sp389

    I had a 69 triple green coronet RT 440 I redid it in triple black and was never sorry for one minute

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  16. Terri tayor

    All the comments about the engine not being factory are justified. It being the only green one, well I would say paint it back green. If you watch the big auctions, these type of builds still bring a lot of cash. If the new owner has graveyard finish it, it will be the best that it can be. Those guys know mopars. 120 large might be the top of the scale for that car, but it is still one of one. I would love that car.

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  17. Tad Bailey

    This is a rough crowd. It will definitely end up costing over $120k and worth it to someone.

    Does anyone here know the cost of a total restoration like this? It ain’t cheap.

    I don’t think the the fact that it doesn’t have the original engine will hurt the value much, I’ve heard on average perhaps 10% on most any restored vehicle depending on the replacement engine.

    I for one would love to have a vehicle in perfect condition before I die. Since that probably won’t happen I’ll just deal with my 6 cars in various states of running.

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  18. Charles Sawka

    Had a triple green 65 Dodge Monaco. Very pretty combination. I say go for it especially if it’s in its code .

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