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Special Wishes 1-Of-1: 1985 Porsche 930 Turbo

In 1986, Porsche established its own “Porsche Exclusive” Division. Its predecessor was known as Sonderwünsche (Special Wishes) and produced cars like this 1985-model 930. These cars were tailored to a buyer’s needs, and this one is unique. It is currently owned by a Master Mechanic who specializes in the restoration and maintenance of Porsche products. He has ensured that the vehicle has remained in top mechanical condition, and after 6-years of ownership, he has decided to part with this mighty beast. The 930 is located in Keene, New Hampshire, and has been listed for sale here on craigslist. He has set a sale price of $125,000 for the German barnstormer.

The Porsche is finished in Metallic Black, and the owner claims that this is the only 930 to have been painted in this color. If this is accurate, then that makes this a genuine 1-of-1 vehicle. The paint isn’t perfect, and the owner does admit that it has received a few minor touch-ups over the year. He describes its overall condition as being a “nice 5-footer.” The paint on the front bumper shows noticeable deterioration, and it will require attention at some point. Rust is not an issue with this car, with the floors looking particularly clean. The wheels that the car rolls on aren’t original. The vehicle was ordered and delivered with Gotti wheels. However, these began to leak around the gasket, so a previous owner removed them and threw them away! The current owner has made inquiries, and even though those specific wheels are no longer in production, he states that Gotti will make a replacement set for about $3,000. If the buyer wants to preserve the Porsche’s originality, this could be a wise investment. The 930’s panels appear to be straight, while I can spot no issues with the trim or glass.

This is the clearest shot that the owner provides one of the most defining components of the 930. Nestled under the back of the Porsche is a 3,299cc air-cooled flat-six engine. This is equipped with a KKK turbocharger, as well as an air-to-air intercooler. That combines to give the engine output of 326hp. This power finds its way to the rear wheels via a 4-speed manual transaxle. This is a classic that shouldn’t be found wanting in the performance department. A ¼ mile ET of 13.2 seconds is a good starting point, but the car should be capable of winding its way to 171mph. Those figures are impressive today. In 1985, they were headline-making. Being a Porsche specialist, the owner has put plenty of time and effort into ensuring that the 930 is in good health. He has performed a full “engine out” service, which included replacing all of the hoses and the plugs, plug wires, cap, and the fuel pump. The vehicle doesn’t get a lot of use, but the owner drives it enough to keep all of the fluids circulating. He says that the car runs and drives perfectly and that a recent long journey revealed no problems or issues. Included with this classic are a full-service history and other documentation.

The interior of the Porsche is nothing if not distinctive. Red leather abounds, and most of it is in good condition. The owner identifies some curling on the rear deck as being the only significant issue. The rest of the trim seems to be in good order, and the car comes equipped with power windows, power seats, and air conditioning. The steering wheel is an Italovanti item, but as this is featured in the Porsche Wishes Catalog, it is believed to be original to the vehicle. The Porsche was fitted with a Nakamichi sound system in 1988, but this has made way for a CD player. However, the owner does retain the Nakamichi components, and these will be included in the sale.

At $125,000, this Porsche 930 is by no means a cheap investment. However, the asking price is not unprecedented. It isn’t perfect, but taking it to the next level would not be a challenging undertaking. If the owner can verify that the paint is unique, it will make it even more desirable. When properly maintained, the 930 is a car that can offer an enjoyable and troublefree motoring experience to its owner. The fact that this car has been owned for the past 6-years by a Porsche specialist is a reassuring sign. This has to make it a classic worth serious consideration for anyone who has harbored the desire to park a 930 in their garage.


  1. Jaydawg7 Jaydawg7

    The Gotti wheels look more at home on the slantnose & personally I would put a set of Fuchs on this one. But… to be honest, anything would look better than what’s on it now.

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  2. Tom c

    Considering the fact that some crappy little 356’s can sell for what the ask is for this , it could be a good deal. Hell of a lot more fun to drive.

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  3. Evan

    I know we’ve come a long way in the last 35 years, but it still boggles the mind that this was about the fastest car you could buy in 1985, whereas nowadays 326hp isn’t far off what you’ll find in a V-6 Camry or fleet-spec F-150.

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    • Leland

      Agree, new cars are much better in almost all ways, except you can’t work on them yourself. My opinion on this car, though, is by the mid 80s, the company should have made them mid engine. The heavy rear with this much HP is silly dangerous. They don’t call them the Widow Maker for nothing. 125K to end up six feet deep is a poor investment.

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      • Tom c

        The best way I could describe driving one of these would be mostly exhilarating sometimes terrifying.

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    • dab

      85 Corvette had 220hp.

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    • abikepeddler

      I get what your saying but the Porsche also weighs over 600lbs less then a current model V6 Toyota Camry. It’s all about power to weight or power to frontal area. That bloated Camry trips the 1/4 in 14.4 sec to the Porsches 13.1. This 930 is fast by today’s standards and that is coming from a NON-Porsche fan.

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  4. Wera9666

    Better in every way except 1 biggie. Modern cars are most often soulless. That said I’m happy to do without the soul if I’m driving cross country.

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  5. Albert

    Friends don’t let friends apex early in a 930!

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    • Leland

      I’m afraid many have more cash then common sense when it comes to cars. Just because you can afford a turbo Porsche does not make you an Andretti. These cars are very much like a big block Roadrunner, great in a straight line, not so much in a curve. To tell yourself different is a foolish denial that could go deadly.

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  6. Tom c

    Leland this car is nothing like a big block mopar , they handle, brake , and accelerate like nothing else a person will ever drive. But a 356 is worth more , idiot’s.

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