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1 of 1,014: 1969 Pontiac Grand Prix Model J

1969 Pontiac Grand Prix

Yellow used to be my least favorite color, but I think flat black has surpassed it. Why do people like to do this to their cars? Anyway, the Pontiac Grand Prix is a wild looking machine and this particular one is special. It’s not because of the 350 horsepower 400 cubic inch engine under the hood either. It’s because of that shift stick poking up out of the console. See, Pontiac only produced 1,014 of these with manual transmissions. This one has a 3-speed and is claimed to run and drive well. You can read more about these rare beasts here on Hemmings. The car is located in Ronkonkoma, New York and is listed here on eBay where bidding ends later today!


400 Cubic Inches



  1. Mark E

    Hey! What’s wrong with yellow?!??

    (But I can go along with disliking this satin black primer nonsense…) >_<

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    • jd

      I could do Yellow in the back seat of my Satin Black sedan~

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  2. A.J.

    They do that to the car to hide the problems with the body. Flat black will hide a lot of sins. The Grand/Prix or Monte Carlo with a manual transmission is certainly very rare and makes these cars go from very uninteresting to interesting.

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  3. JW

    My wife babysat for a lady that drove one of these in the 80’s, it was black cherry color with a black vinyl top. It was immaculate but a automatic. I think some people paint their cars in satin black to intimidate others as they put their money in the go fast goodies not high dollar paint jobs. I don’t like yellow on new cars & trucks but I love it on old ones such as my 68 Chevy K10 I put together out of 2 trucks and a blazer then painted it in 95 Mustang chrome yellow, it was my first and last time painting a vehicle way too much orange peel to sand off so I left it that way since it was a farm / work truck.

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  4. dj

    There was a 72 Hurst Grand Prix on there this past week. All important parts were there and very little rust. It had the 455, sunroof, Hurst MPG gauge so forth. 1 of 50 with PHS documents. I think it sold for 11k.

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  5. Fred

    There is a considerable difference between flat black and satin or matte black. Flat has no sheen whatsoever and looks like primer. It will hide anything. Satin black has a bit of a sheen, looks blacker and with proper bodywork and masking actually looks good to me.

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    Wow I never saw one of these with a 4 speed! Looks good in the car too. These cars are very heavy and have that boat like ride but the 4 speed should make it interesting to drive.

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  7. Ed P

    This looks like a good car to finish restoring. A new interior is needed and will somebody please put a paint job worthy of a Grand Prix on this car?

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  8. DENIS

    Should be fairly quick with the stick(3 spd). I think the primer too may be to cover up defects but…..? May be ok.. Pretty rare car…

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  9. Barzini

    I also don’t get the flat black look (or 20″ wheels). What’s modern today will soon look dated and someone will get nostalgic about this fad many years from now just as I do now for older slotted mag or chrome reverse wheels.

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  10. pontiactivist

    I love these! I would like to have this. Would do a stroker and a 4speed hot rod with it with old torque thrusts and leave the outside alone for now. Keep the original drive train if it’s codes matching for later date. Would be a sweet sleeper.

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  11. Flman

    There is a 2015 Lamborghini Adventador (~$400k) rolling around in my town with that ridiculous flat black paint look. Pretty sure it’s a basketball player that owns it and those young kids have waaaay more money than taste most times. But all that aside, the flat paint detracts from the look and the lines of the car, It makes zero sense.

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  12. jd

    Sorry only 455 ci need apply~

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  13. Rick

    I owned one with an automatic and i LOVED the car. It had a 140 mph speedo and i could pin it and still have gas pedal left. This was back in the “widetrack” suspension days and this car stuck to the road. It lived its life as a stock gp j model, i was the second and last owner. My ex snuck out with it and got plastered in a bar. When she left the bar she decided to show off and do a burn out. She left 300 feet of rubber be fore she got sideways and plowed a telrphone pole. I miss that car, the ex? Not at all!

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