1 of 12! 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione

The soul of race car electrifies every Ferrari, but some were especially crafted for competition. This 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB Competizione heading to auction in Monterey, California, left Maranello with one purpose:  winning. One of twelve such GTB/C cars (C for Competizione i.e. competition), it gained a lightweight aluminum body, wider front and rear panels for racing tires, special engine parts for added durability and performance, and more. Miraculously maintaining its original engine, this specimen, chassis 9067, comes to auction in August of 2022, presented by RM Sotheby’s. Bring your popcorn and the big check book when this thoroughbred masterpiece races toward the estimated hammer price of $7,500,000 to $9,000,000 USD. Thanks to reader Araknid78 for spotting this red hot Italian.

Dry sump oiling, a host of magnesium parts, a hot cam, forged pistons, and other internal mods brought about 280 HP from the 3.3L (201 cid) two-cam V12 at at 7500 RPM. Thanks to Wikipedia for some details. The trio of brake master cylinder reservoirs typically feeds separate circuits for the combined rear and individual front brakes.

The original sticky Dunlop racing tires provided enough grip to fracture the Borrani spoked racing wheels, leading to multiple failures in competition. Don’t expect to see this beauty mobbed with fans at Monterey, as the incredibly thin aluminum bodywork on the GTB/C can be dented by unknowing admirers leaning on the car.

Presented in its original color scheme inside and out, chassis 9067 wore seats and other racing equipment most of its life, which began in the hands of Italian movie actor Luciano Conti, who Western fans may remember from the 1971 classic Down with Your Hands… You Scum! Wearing number 228, this lightweight racer failed to finish its maiden voyage in the muddy 1966 Targa Florio.

From the mid 1980s through 2013, chassis 9067 competed in many vintage racing events under multiple owners. This would have made Enzo Ferrari proud. Most automakers go racing to sell street cars, but Signore Ferrari built road cars to finance Ferrari’s real purpose:  winning races.

One more picture of this Italian treasure. Gorgeous from any angle; would you expect anything less from an Italian supermodel? Stay tuned 19-20 August as this purpose-built classic may set records not on the track, but at the auction block, looking better than ever following an immaculate 2017 restoration. It will take more than a fist full of dollars to win this Ferrari. Can you imagine a more perfect racing-bred GT?


  1. Boot McHoot

    Wait a sec… I think there might be one just like this in MY barn! Oh, no… that heap under all that stuff is a red Rambler. Never mind.

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  2. Big Len

    When I was a kid going to school, I would walk past a nearby house that had a Ferrari in the garage. The garage door was open many times and the rear of this car looked like what I saw. I think it had either 2 or 4 round lights, but it said “Berlinetta” in script on the right side. Does anyone know what I was looking at?

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    • Todd Fitch Staff

      Hi Big Len. Maybe you saw a Camaro Berlinetta. They had “Berlinetta” in script. Just kidding (sort-of). The closest Ferrari might be the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/6C Berlinetta. What do you think? https://www.fiskens.com/cars-for-sale/Ferrari-275-GTB-6C-Berlinetta-Scaglietti/13649.htm

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      • Big Len

        That was it Todd!!! After all these years, I’ll be damned. Thank you so much. The car was a mint green. Amazing.

    • Michael Berkemeier

      Was the house a mid-century modern on a wooded lot in Highland Park, IL, just north of Chicago?

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      • Eric B


  3. Bruce

    I got to help paint one of these in black and after we finished it a chance to drive it. Far faster than a stock one. I was never that thrilled with the body design as it always seemed fat to me. But as a fast car in the day it most certainly was. I had gone from MGA 1600MKII and Giulietta Alfa to this and it was most certainly an Eye Opener. As for the body just driving the car over a long distance will put waves and ripples into that thin body skin. We ran into similar problems on an Aston Martin that we repainted for a HALMARK calendar. Just breathing on that car would make it ripple but when photographed it was like it was cut from onyx stone. Beautiful but both just a total pain in the ass to keep smooth.

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  4. Scuderia

    Prettier than a GTO

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  5. bikefixr

    How is this a Barn Find? Gimme a break…we can all scan the big-money auction catalogs. How’s about we put thing up that the majority of us can afford?

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    • CVPanther Member

      Most people would have moved along to the next listing, instead of clicking on this and whining about it.
      Just sayin….

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  6. Emel

    What a gorgeous car ! Of course it’s a Ferrari ! So this is where the japanese got their idea for their Z cars. Specifically the 240Z & the 260Z.

  7. Michael Berkemeier

    You’re Abe Froman? The Sausage King of Chicago?

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  8. Howie

    Well at least it is not on Craig’s List.

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  9. Beignet atthe Beach

    My 275 GTB/4 story.. I was the car wash boy at The Vintage Car Store in Nyack ,NY and they had a blue one there just brought in for a consignment sale. After cleaning EVERY SPOKE of those lovely wheels, (washing and waxing and detailing was a breeze compared to the darn wheels!), I was ASKED to ,”take it up the Thruway 2 exits and Blow-Out-The-Gunk”. I could not say anything to Mr. Jurist other than nod rapidly… Still the experience of a lifetime…this beautiful BIG BLUE FERRARI…V-12 at FULL chat…Nyack to Airmont… and BACK. He paid me minimum wage, but, OMG the side bennys I was NOT taxed on!

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  10. shelbyGT500 Member

    UMM , i was thinking about this car ,but then my wife told me to stick into Barn Finds .Bingo she is right.

  11. douglas hunt


  12. Mitchell

    Italians and frenchmen invented automotive technology. And everyone
    else copies it more or less well. as long as there is no patent on it.
    The seats in this one look like abarth racing seats. Abarth and Ferrari?

    Ferrari is something special. Quality cars for quality price.

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