1 Of 1,377: 1977 Pontiac Can Am

1977 Pontiac Can Am

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The Pontiac Can Am was an option package for the LeMans which featured a Trans Am Shaker Hood, multi-colored striping, and a couple of high performance engine options. Of the 1,377 built, most received the 200 horsepower W72 version of the 400 V8. So, this was a relatively potent muscle car for the time. A ton of orders were received, but supposedly the rear spoiler mold broke and production ended. This particular example is a complete wreck. The body is full of rust, the engine is seized, and ironically they are asking extra for the only part of value to Can Am owners – the fiberglass spoiler. Find it here on craigslist where the seller is asking $1,500 for the car and $550 for the spoiler and taillights. Thanks goes to Olaf E for the tip!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Steven C

    Really, really hate when people sell cars and hold some of the parts that need to go with it for ransom. I would never buy anything from someone that thinks that’s a reasonable thing to do.

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  2. Mike

    Dream weaver

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  3. Darrun

    After reading the ad, I wonder if the original spoiler is included with the car for $1500? His ad states “Extra” spoiler and tail lights for $550. Regardless, definitley looks like a donor car for a clone. At least he acknowledges “it looks like crap”. Some sellers would advertise as needing a little body work. LOL

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    • Rich

      Spoiler is included. Ad says 100% original and 100% of parts. Then mentions having an extra spoiler.

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

    Forgettable era, forgettable car.

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  5. James Scott

    I would give the guy a gift of some kneepads and napkins for his chin and tell him to figure it out!

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  6. Kincer DaveMember

    There used to be one of these in my hometown around the mid to late 80’s it was showroom condition with a set of aluminum centerlines on it, the motor sounded real healthy out the dual exhaust. I hope whoever had it kept it in good condition. I always liked that car. Haven’t seen it in years.

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  7. Dave at OldSchool Restorations

    slower than a stock Z28…………. and when done, not worth 1/2 as much as a Z.

    broken spoiler mold ??? I doubt they only had one mold for the number of cars they were building daily…

    …but “sure”, some Pontiac Exec broke it, because it was a loser for the Division

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    • TomMember

      Breaking the only mold you have……now THAT IS a spoiler!!

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  8. Mr. Bond

    Only 1376 now, I’d guess. I doubt anyone would take this on.

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  9. JagManBill

    This one would do if it weren’t so bad. I want my original back – 1976 serial 001, black on black on black, 455/4 spd COPO. It was the prototype for this car.

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  10. Kenny

    my buddy’s brother-in-law had one since new just sitting in his garage all covered with junk piling up on top of it and bicycles leaning against it and such. I remember him saying it was rare but I didn’t think it was anything special at the time, especially after seeing it in that condition and that was back in 1979 or 1980. I think he still has it sitting in his garage but I hate to think of what shape it’s in now after he’s had a bunch of kids. It’s probably a whole bunch better than this piece of junk but still nothing special in my eyes. I would rather have the same year Trans-Am.

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      Hey Kenny can you find out if he still has it? I’ve been looking for one for years now.

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  11. Blindmarc

    Can’t see this as any more than scrap. And I really like these too!

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  12. Jubjub

    No, it’s true. The molds for that spoiler really did break.

    Always liked these. Great trim package and graphics. Never really knew if they were as good as the Grand Ams. I had a ’73 and really liked it. Ever see the Grand Am All American show car? Totally cool. Bring an Evel Knievel outfit!

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  13. Marvelous

    The era of decals and fiberglass accessories. It’s like lipstick on a pig…it’s still a pig.

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  14. Prowler

    Give it back to the tin worms and push it back in the lake

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  15. Bob Cook

    Your negative comments show that you didn’t live through this era. Yes, it was slow by today’s standards, But not bad for late 70’s. I regularly ran a ’77 Corvette on the way to work. Beat him to 105mph every time!
    The Delphi engineers developed the suspension used on these and they rank alongside some of the best ever made by GM.
    Go ahead and deny all you wish. I lived it firsthand!

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    • TomMember

      Beat him to 105 mph every time……it just took 3 minutes to get to 105 !!

      Sorry Bob !!! I really didn’t mean that but I couldn’t resist !!!!!

      I lived this era too….love a lot of the cars from the 70’s for looks but “show and NO GO” were their moto by in large. Don’t get me wrong the ratio of cars I liked to cars I did not like in the 70’s is like 1:100.

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