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Certainly, one of the signature cars of the 1980s, although, Audi wasn’t the only manufacturer to make race-inspired cars for the street, or ones with AWD. The seller posted it here on craigslist in Greenwood, Washington, just northwest of Seattle. The seller is asking $65,000 or reasonable offer, here is the original listing, and thanks to Kyle K. for sending in this tip!

Some would chuckle at referring to this 1984 Audi Ur-Quattro as a supercar, but it could be argued as fitting into that category. It’s not a sleek, crazy-looking winged monster with an Italian name on it, which is probably what a lot of us think of when we think of a supercar. Or, maybe that’s just me. As a long-time Audi owner and fan, this would be the holy grail for me.

Audi offered the Ur (meaning, first, or original) Quattro beginning in 1983 in North America, and the seller says that this is a Canadian model, including the speedometer showing kilometers and KPH rather than miles and MPH. Otherwise, they were reportedly identical to cars sold in the U.S. market. This one shows 115,358 KM, which equates to just under 72,000 miles. There were only 17 of them sold in the Canadian market in 1984, so this is a rare one.

This car was fully restored in 2019, including new Oceanic Blue paint. It has a few modifications, including a kevlar trunk lid – it’s amazing how much difference in flattening out the curves when a few pounds are shaved off of the upper portions of a car. It also has a Euro front bumper, flat Cibie headlights, and a couple of other things. All of the original parts come with the sale. The charcoal leather interior looks great as does the trunk, but don’t see the underside.

The engine is all business and is one of the least pleasing (visually) that I have ever seen, sadly. It’s a five-cylinder Audi 2.1-liter turbo, which put out 160 horsepower. It’s backed up by a five-speed manual that sends power to all four wheels. The seller has this one priced at Hagerty’s #2 excellent condition value. Have any of you owned or driven an Ur-Quattro?

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  1. alphasudMember

    Yes, I worked on and drove one several times at the first shop I worked as a technician. This was back in the late 80’s and the owner was a doctor who made house calls to the Amish and Mennonite communities. He needed a car capable tackling the rain/snow/mud in the rural countryside. It was a pain to work on but always an honor because even back then it was special. I owned a fixed up Audi Coupe so I dreamed of owning one someday.
    I don’t recall seeing that blue in 84 so I’m wondering if that was a Canadian exclusive. Also the seats are not original but from a later 80’s coupe. The 84 seats had diagonal leather pleats in the centers. My coupe had the same interior as the customers UR.

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    • Scotty GilbertsonAuthor

      Good catch on the seats, Alphasud, I neglected to mention that. I would bet that some liberties were taken during the restoration. It’s nice to have an Audi expert on board, I wouldn’t mind picking your brain on mine someday.
      Here’s a list of the colors that were available, at least as far as this website goes: https://b2resource.com/paintcodes.php

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      • alphasudMember

        Looking at the add and the description again that interior might have debuted on the 84 UR models. When the seller mentioned the relocated fuse panel that is what the 85 model year Coupe and 4000Q models received. Ocean blue is a nice color and rare indeed. My Coupe was Helios blue which is a dark blue metallic with the brown interior. The doctors UR was Gobi beige with brown interior. The cadence of the 5cyl. engine is so special. I still get goose bumps when one is at full boil.

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  2. Derek

    Might not look nice but sounds fab!

    P.S. Michelle Mouton at Pike’s Peak.

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  3. Howie

    Looks great!! And perfect color. Posted 16 days ago. No plates?

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  4. Brett Lundy

    Those were just as exotic as the any other cars of their day and they had multiple world rally championships to back up their pedigree that nothing else could touch. They didnt have the looks of a countach, or a 308 with Magnum behind the wheel, but those were not winning championships either.

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  5. BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

    65k will buy you a whole buncha lotta new Audi that has 40 years more Quattro.

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    • ABikePeddler

      Sadly, then you would be stuck with a new Audi and not be driving a World Championship homologation car. The UR Quattro is one of the all-time elite road cars.

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      • BobinBexley Bob in BexleyMember

        I’ll agree with that statement & add with todays engineering marvels it just can’t hang with its grandchildren. Just a car hobbyists novelty here.

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    • Catalin Tabla

      65k can buy u an appreciation or a depreciation! Your choice

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