1 of 2,108 Endura Delete: 1968 Pontiac GTO

A little over a week ago we featured a ’68 GTO that got picked up by Fox News. They claimed it could be a one of one car. Well, we featured this one a couple months back, you can see the original story here, and it appears to have a very similar option list. Since it’s still available, we thought we better take another look at it. The owner of this one states quite clearly that this car will require a full restoration. Looking at the photos I can’t help be agree, but the solid foundations are present to build a great car. You will find it listed for sale here on craigslist. Located in Houston, Texas, it comes with a clean title. The seller has set a price of $10,995 for this beauty.

This GTO carries Option Code 674, which was the Endura delete option. This car carries a chrome LeMans bumper rather than the then newly developed Endura front bumper. This also meant that cars with this option couldn’t choose the concealed headlights option. Of the 87,000 GTOs that were built in 1968, I have been able to verify the seller’s claim that only 2,108 GTO buyers chose this option. Apart from that, I will say that this GTO looks to be really solid. The paint is the original red, and it would have featured a black vinyl top, but that is long gone. Given the fact that this car spent a fair amount of time residing in Arizona then it’s no real surprise. The previous owner has fitted new floor pans and a new trunk filler, so the seller states that there are no rust issues to deal with. The car was originally fitted with the “Hood Tach” option, but this is now missing.

The interior also reflects the wear and tear that the Arizona sun can inflict upon a car. The seller states that the car needs a new interior and he is not kidding. Unfortunately, virtually everything in here is cracked, split, dry or crisp. Having said that it is entirely possible that all of the interior trim and door trims could be re-upholstered, while the seats appear to be sound enough that they may only need new covers. The dash pad is cracked in a number of places so will require replacement, and the carpet is long gone. Still, a red car with a red interior is going to look mighty nice if that’s the path that the next owner chooses to follow.

Under the hood is a 400ci V8, but the bad news is that it isn’t the original engine. The engine is said to run really well and it feeds its power through the original 4-speed to the original 10-bolt Posi rear end. The car has manual brakes, but it is fitted with power steering to take the hard work out of negotiating those twisting roads. The seller states that the car drives really well and that it has new mufflers and new shocks.

This GTO seems like a solid candidate for a restoration project. The thing that would have the greatest impact on its potential value is the fact that it no longer houses the original engine. It would be interesting to know what was originally in there. It has front drum brakes instead of the discs on the last Endura delete GTO we featured, but could this car be almost as special as that car?

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  1. Rock On

    If the original engine is long gone, then you may as well drop a 455 in the car for some added torque.

  2. Will Fox

    A bit closer to the truth, I’d bet this Goat’s been wrecked, and the owners put a used LeMans nose on it because the endura bumper was too expensive.

    • Balstic

      It has the Endura delete code, so no it is not a used Lemans nose.

  3. Jimmy

    Too bad you couldn’t get the hideaway headlights with the chrome bumper. It would have given it a more cool effect.

    • Pauly

      Sort of like this? :)

  4. Allen

    Or stroke that 400!!!

  5. rmward194 Member

    Looks like a do-over…Bobby just wrote this one up on August 1st.


  6. mainlymuscle

    Endura delete ?WHY ?
    I will take the Endura nose on my 68 and 70 Goats all day, everyday.

  7. Mr. Bond

    One of the neat features of the GTO is the hideaway headlights on the endura front end. I think most people who know what a 68 GTO is would immediately assume you had clone and a poor effort at that.

  8. Paul

    Here’s the hidden version. :)

  9. Herbee

    My 69 442 red with red interior and I always thought it would have looked better with black or white interior but it was still cool and this is a cool car to

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