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1-of-3 Rarity: 1993 Lister Corvette

I am beginning to wonder about rarity – plenty of super expensive sports cars and exotics which are 1 of 1, command ridiculous prices at auctions when on the other side of the coin there are run-of-the-mill economy boxes where there may be only 1 or 2 remaining – essentially matching the rarity factor of the exotics. But before we get into the vagaries of the used car market, then take a look at today’s special edition, which is 1 of 3 ever produced – so should be astronomically high in price. Luckily, if you have a spare $72,500 then today’s Lister Corvette could be yours. But with its controversial looks and its bright yellow paintwork, you are going to have to be used to getting a lot of stares and questions. If you are ready to put down your cash, then head over to Celebrity Cars of Las Vegas here to secure this yellow beauty. Hat tip to jonny for this one!

I am familiar with the 1990s Lister company, due to them producing one of the wildest cars ever made, and an absolute hoot to drive on Gran Turismo – it was a V12 race car called the Storm which was addictive to drive around classic European circuits. Now Lister has a long history in the UK, stretching back over 50 years mainly focusing on Jaguars. But in the 1990s, Lister North America decided to build a limited run of Corvettes – similar to Callaway but only made 3. There is scant information on the car itself or the history of Lister North America so would welcome any knowledge that Barn Find readers have about this company.

Now the car here is clearly been loved and looked after with just 7,274 miles on the clock since it was produced in 1993. Its rather controversial body hides what is some properly fast engineering to make this Lister Corvette extremely rapid. It has an LT1 motor, with a Vortech supercharger and over 600 horsepower, much like the modern Jaguars it mettles with today. The car also comes with Doug Ripple Motorsports rear-end gears and ZR1 brakes.

This is then, quite a fearsome machine. However, it has an aesthetic which lets the side down with a bulbous front end and odd front lights. The rear and side profiles are a slight improvement but with a very 1990s look to it, it’s going to be an acquired taste. So would you like to be the new owner of this rare Corvette, or would you do what the previous owner has done – keep it under wraps so no one can see its controversial body kit ready to sell at another auction in a few years?


  1. Cadmanls Member

    Design has a lot going on, but I suppose they wanted to redesign every inch. Little too busy for my taste. But someone else may like it, that’s what makes the hobby interesting.

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  2. Poncho

    I’d be all over buying this one…… but don’t like yellow so I’m out.

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    • norman bissonnette

      You could paint it another colour .

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      • Pete R.

        Or another color… 😁

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  3. Maggy

    I like the drivetrain that’s about it.Looks like a jag front end and someone slapped some fiberglass over the wheel wells.Not my type of styling but that’s just me.glwts.

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    Wellllll… at least it’s a stick. And it has 600 horsepower, but that’s about all the good things I can say about that. They took a quintessential 80’s Corvette and tried to style it as if it was designed in the early 60’s. Definitely not my cup of tea, but hopefully whoever buys it loves it, drives it and takes it to shows. That bodywork, though. Egads!

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  5. KC John Member

    So much yellow! Glad they only built 3 of these

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  6. Oy vey!

    “1-of-3 Rarity: 1993 Lister Corvette”
    Three too many.

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  7. Troy

    Nice looking car but if I was going to drop $72,500 on a car it would not be a Chevrolet, I don’t like having to keep tow trucks on speed dial

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    • Philip

      Maybe your confusing Chevrolet with Citroen…both begin with a C and both are French names…since when has Chevy been synonymous with Found On Road Dead?

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      • Mario

        You’re half right Philip. Chevy and Citroen both start with “C” and end with Tow Truck. GMC = Got a Mechanic Coming

        $72,000 and make sure to keep your AAA membership up to date. No better end to a leisurely weekend drive than riding in an air-conditioned tow truck.

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    • Pasquale Bellomo

      Troy then go buy a POS Ford or some euro trash high maintenance sports car! If you think that’s expensive a Tahoe now costs more then a Corvette stingray it’s sad

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  8. T. Mann Member

    I usually like all Corvettes

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    • Bad brad

      Atta boy troy. I own tow truck companies in az. I would leave this ugly mother on side of I17 with a free tag on her lol.

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  9. steve

    Another example of a perfectly good Corvette being ruined.

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  10. TomP

    Funny, I was just talking with Simon Nailer and Nathan Rasheed at Lister this morning. Lister is still in business. Over the years they sold everything from mail-order body parts, to dealer installed full body kits, to factory Lister conversions, to super high performance cars. They threw out their production records over the years, so, besides this yellow car, no one knows how many of their other cars are out there. Regarding “rarity”, I’d say thats the biggest mistake a company like this can make, because “rarity” does affect dollar value.

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    • SubGothius

      Agreed, I can never fathom why anyone touts rarity in their ads. Any prospective buyer either knows already what it is and how rare it is (or isn’t), or they don’t know and won’t likely be swayed to buy just because a seller calls it rare. Rare does not necessarily equal good or desirable.

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  11. Fran

    A ugly version of an ugly car! Haha

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    • Neil R Norris

      “RARE” … The most overused word in car sales vernacular. That and “restored”. Usually appearing just before the details on the 383 stroker motor and tubbed rear-end. Remember folks, it’s only a deal if you want it. And this one? … nope, I don’t want it.

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  12. C5 Corvette

    Interesting, but I’ll stick with my Stock Corvette’s!

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  13. Rudy C

    I’m probably in the minority here but the more I look at the more I like it. Of course at 72 large I’d have to drive it like I stole it cause that’s the only way I could afford to have it in my garage!

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  14. Jay McCarthy

    Is this Listers version of Speed Racers Mach 5

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    • maggy

      as long as it makes that cool sound while the feet come out from underneath the chassis and make it jump.

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      • Grumpy

        I like it
        A crossover between the two great cars

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  15. Jamie F

    Cool car, but for $72 large, I can name about 50 cars I’d rather buy.

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  16. Mike Watkins

    Most commenters don’t like it and don’t beat about the bush saying so. But I do like it, mostly, so I suppose that proves I have terrible taste. Well, maybe do away with the thingy behind the driver’s headrest— a headrest for the headrest? And those horizontal projections above each wheel, appears to have been a decision driven by “well, we really HAVE to do SOMETHING on the sides of the body.” And those covered side pipes—ouch!

    But I do like the front end. However I wish they had gotten a wee bit more creative with the rear end.

    OK, ok, no shoving! I’ll see myself out! Geez!

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