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1-Of-37: Rare 1989 Chevrolet S-10 Cameo

This 1989 Chevrolet S-1o Cameo pickup is believed to be one of just 37 made, and given how rare the Cameo package is, it’s likely that number has gotten even smaller in recent years. The Cameo package was an appearance package, mostly, and came in two flavors: one with a complete wrap-around aerodynamics kit, and one with just the front and rear bumpers called the Cameo EL. This is a case of the former, and more desirable, Cameo example, listed here on eBay with bids to $5K and no reserve.

The long and short of it is that this is basically a body kit and some stickers, though the Cameo did get a revised, “sportier” suspension. The GMC Sonoma GT was a similar concept, and both trucks are equally rare today. Whether they’re sought after is another topic entirely, as these are a fairly obscure entry on most car collectors’ radar. Regardless of how desirable a Cameo is, the bodykit was an attractive upgrade and perfectly suited for the minitruck era of the day.

The Cameo also received high-back bucket seats with a sharp horizontal cloth pattern, which appears to be in excellent condition on this example. The seller notes that the Cameo also came with the rare digital gauge cluster, power windows, and power locks. There are some small cracks in the dash but the interior is said to otherwise be in fine shape, save for a wonky oil pressure gauge; the factory jack is still accounted for.

In addition to the full, wraparound body kit, the Cameo also received the larger of two engines available, the 4.3 V6 with the Tahoe package. Putting it all together paints a pretty clear picture that this particular Cameo is as loaded as it gets, and the seller has done the homework of verifying the exceedingly production numbers to confirm that just 37 Cameo models were produced in 1989 (2,155 EL models were made, comparatively). It’s a rare find, but how much is a body kit and stickers worth to you?


  1. Avatar photo unclemymy Member

    Having recently begun acquiring and driving mini-trucks (Mazda, Ranger, etc.), I have a new appreciation for the breed. You can get a very efficient version with a reliable engine, or a very powerful version with a reliable engine, and easy maintenance. For a truck this attractive, anywhere under $8000 would be money well spent, IMHO, if you need a good truck. Collectibility is a minor issue for me when it comes to “my ol’ truck”.

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  2. Avatar photo Moparman Member

    Nice! I have the exact same interior in my ’93 Tahoe, except that mine has the full length console. GLWTA!! :-)

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  3. Avatar photo ace10

    Word Up!

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    • Avatar photo Skorzeny

      OMG ace10, best post of the day!! Will Howard or Geomechs get this?

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      • Avatar photo Nevadahalfrack Member

        Skorzeny, you made me look!

        Ace 10-props for an apropos and funky reference! Very clever.

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  4. Avatar photo Ed Hardt

    High back bucket seats courtesy of the Cavalier.

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  5. Avatar photo KKW

    Worth about as much as any other s10, which isn’t much.

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  6. Avatar photo Monsieur ppoispois pantalons

    That was so funny that I almost pead (sic) my pants!

    Also, rare valuable in many cases.

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    • Avatar photo jwzg


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  7. Avatar photo JCA Member

    It’s fresh cuz. Hang some feathers from the rear view

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  8. Avatar photo Stangalang

    Its phat and hard!!

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  9. Avatar photo Joe B

    I loved the mint color of these when they came out and almost bought it. Unfortunately, someone got to it before I could and lived nearby, so I had to see it all the time. Looks like this one has been repainted by looking at the door jamb picture with vehicle tags.

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  10. Avatar photo markp

    The front bumper and aero package would be impossible to replace. These items are hard to replace on a GMC Syclone and the Cameo’s parts look different than the Syclones so probably available in even smaller numbers

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  11. Avatar photo Hollywood Collier

    My favorite thing is the 4.3 motor. I love those motors. I only had 2 s-10s with them but they got my favor. Nice truck.

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    • Avatar photo Bob C.

      They did fly. I drove several company S10s with this engine.

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