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1 of 697: 1969 Pontiac Trans Am

This unrestored 1969 Trans Am is a 4 speed Ram Air III hardtop that can be seen here on eBay. There were only 697 Trans Ams built in 1969 which was the first year this model was introduced. This car is one of the 689 hardtops. There were also 8 convertible Trans Ams made in 1969 which are even more coveted by collectors. The car is located in Georgia and is bid to $40,475 with just under two days remaining.

A 1969 Trans Am is denoted by the D80 code on the cowl tag. Pontiac Historical Services (PHS) can also verify the authenticity using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). The 1969 Trans Am could be ordered with the Ram Air III 400 cubic inch V8 engine that produced 335 horsepower or a buyer could pay a little more and get the Ram Air IV 400 cubic inch V8 engine that was rated at 345 horsepower. Most enthusiasts believe that these ratings were conservative. The Trans Am package costs an additional $1,083 and came with a special handling package, Formula steering wheel, side vents and blue stripes. The seller states that the engine is the correct WQ block but does not reveal whether the VIN is stamped on the block.

The interior of this car looks very well preserved with its dark blue seats, black carpet and dash. The 4 speed shifter is connected to a M21 close ratio transmission and protrudes through the factory console. The ad states that the transmission is a Muncie wide ratio transmission (M21) which might be a misprint. The paint on the exterior of the car is well worn and really kind of cool looking. If rust prevention was not an issue, I would leave it like it is and drive it.

I have always liked the steel dual scoop hood on the 1969 Trans Am. This car appears to just need paint but pictures may not reveal the whole scope of its needs. What do you think this car will be bid to?


  1. jerry z

    Always wondered why Pontiac never built a 5.0 version for Trans Am racing. Funny the Canadian Firebird used the 302 like in the Z28.

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    • CCFisher

      While the limit for the Trans Am series remained 305 cubic inches, the homologation rules changed before the Pontiac Trans Am was introduced, so the production cars no longer had to stick to this limit. There was a Pontiac 303 built in very limited quantities for racing use only.

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    • Will Fox

      Not really. Canadian Pontiacs all used Chevy Powertrains.

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        The Firebirds used Pontiac motors only….no Chev motors were used in them until about 1980 when the 305 was used.Chevrolet motors were used in the Canadian spec full size cars and also the Beaumont (Chevelle).

    • Big_Fun Member

      I didn’t know that, thank you. Now, I must research this 303 CID engine.

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    • Lynn Member

      The Chevy engine in the production trans am made it legal for trans am racing.

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  2. JoeNYWF64

    Later racing mirrors are incorrect, but look good.
    I doubt very much back then you could get a blue interior with black dash & black carpet.
    Odd the rear spoiler never seems to look level on these cars.
    To this day, i believe, there are conflicting “facts” whether or not the formula steering wheel was ever avail on the ’69’s(& if so, was it the same as the ’70-75 one). & if those fender vents were functional or not.

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    • Fred

      I believe it was a mid year option.

      And if I recall, the steering wheel center cap was specific to the TransAm

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    • Joe Sacheli

      Just so you know the formula wheel was available on the late production 69 T/A’s, late Sept. and yes the fender vents are functional. One more thing…this car is NOT FOR SALE …it’s a scam !!! I bought this car 2 yrs ago. and have since then done a complete restoration on it…they are using pic’s that Restore a Muscle Car use for their on line listing when they where selling it

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      • Scott Member

        Wish you could post pictures of the finished car, but then again someone would try to sell that one also.

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    • Mark

      I don’t believe it’s a 1969 I looked up the 69 trans am only found there were 4 convertible and 4 hard tops in 69 the rest were firebirds.

  3. Dabig Kahuna

    Several ( Jerry Titus?) racers built small displacement Pontiac engines that were used in trans am series racecars.

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  4. CCFisher

    Have to believe that if the seller has taken the time to identify the block as a “WQ” block, he/she also knows what VIN is stamped on the block. Draw your own conclusions.

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    • Tom Member

      Well said. Pretty sure GM matching VIN / BLOCK stamping was in full swing in 1968.

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  5. OhU8one2

    Being a lover of all things Pontiac. Except the Aztec. A 69′ Trans Am is the ultimate catch. I’ve wanted one of these since I saw one cruising Central Ave in Phoenix. And this one has all the right stuff. All fixed up and painted, I would be in my glory. I have even envisioned my garage. 69 Trans Am,73 SD455 in Brewster green and any Macho T/A. Ah life would be so good.

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    • V

      i wish i had a pontiac 2003 aztec with the rare color Fusion Orange Metallic with optional stripe kit/ rally edition and optional tent and cooler for my six pack ..Options included a center console that doubled as a removable cooler and a tent/inflatable mattress package that, along with a built-in air compressor, allowed the Aztek to double as a camper… PONTIACS ESCAPE FROM REALITY

  6. Tom Member

    IF – IF this IS 1 of the 697 (689 hartops & 8 convertibles) HOLY SCHNIKES !!!

    Dream car for sure especially with the 4 speed. AC too. AC was rare period, wonder how many of the 697 came with AC?

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    • PaulG

      I don’t see A/C on this particular car, but it was available unless you ordered the Ram-air IV engine.
      Here’s more information if you’re interested:
      At this time, car’s over 40K…It’ll be interesting to see where it ends up.

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      • Rik

        The dash has the center A/C vent, but I don’t see the bulge on the firewall that would have held the rest of the equipment…I think PHS could give a full report of what the options should have been on this VIN

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      • Tom Member

        Hi PaulG, good comment, I was going by the vent in the top center of the dash which AC cars had and others did not.

        I falsely assumed “I saw” the compressor under the hood but I am mistaken.

        That caused me to go back up to JoeNYWF64’s comment about the black dash and black carpet…..hmmmm. Something not adding up here.

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    • Jason Miller

      It was not a A/C car. It has a A/C dash, but none of the other components are on it

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  7. Jason Miller

    This is yet another fake listing for this car. The car was bought and restored already. Pictures from the ad were when it was for sale at Restore a Muscle Car in Nebraska.
    This car was purchased already and the restoration is now complete.

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  8. Troy s

    Rare bird indeed, always liked the idea of the ’69 Trans Am but I can’t remember seeing one, at least on the road maybe a show. For a thousand plus extra dollars I get the rarity, that would have been huge as an option price back then….for a handling package and neat stripes. Unlike the Z/28 which came with a specific high winding engine.
    303, 366, and the Ram Air V 400 were linked, it’s odd Pontiac was designing a 366 cubic inch NASCAR engine despite the no racing policy at GM.

  9. Retired Stig

    I pointed this out recently, but looking at the above comments, I’ll throw this bit of Trans Am history out again, just for the pleasure of fellow enthusiasts. The attempt by Pontiac to actually follow SCCA rules and create a legal 5.0 liter engine was a dismal failure. The 303 was both down on power and unreliable, although the cars handled well. As a result, Titus and other Pontiac racers took to trying to pass “Canadian” Firebirds off as legal racers with 302 Chevy engines. Didn’t work, a rare time SCCA officials weren’t fooled.

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  10. b-rad jeepster

    did anyone read Joe sacheli’s post it is not a real ad end of subject.

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    • Ike Onick

      And did you see the prices they are asking for some of their cars?

  11. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    According to eBay “this listing is long gone”. One would hope that someone read Joe and Jason’s comments and/or discovered the scam and shut it down.

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    • Jason Miller
      It still up, even though barn finds have listed it as expired. At least it’s been notated on several forums as a fake listing.

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      • CATHOUSE

        It is now listed as no longer available as the seller has ended the auction.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        I hope the eBay account (and the connected ‘net addresses used by the “seller”) have been permanently banned.

        Too bad that it is unlikely no government officials will hunt down and prosecute such criminals.

  12. SteVen

    BTW black carpet and dash would be found on cars with black or parchment interiors only. They would have been blue with a blue interior.

    Also, the same folks who keep calling these engines “Ram Air III” must be related to the folks who call early ’65 Mustangs “64 1/2” as neither exist. Pontiac never made a “Ram Air III” engine. The engine is a 400 H.O. with Ram Air induction. Pontiac would typically call this “400 Ram Air’ or “400 Quadra-jet Ram Air” or “400 H.O. with Ram Air package.”

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    • 347Mustang

      SteVen, If you look up ram air III or IV it comes up everywhere, including old Pontiac adds, Had 4 bolt mains instead of two. Better cam, etc. Yes, it was and is a real thing.

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      • Jason Miller

        Unfortunately it was always referred to as a L74- 400 H.O on your order paperwork and the early P.H.S documents. It was never called a Ram Air III. It was magazine editors and enthusiasts that came up with the term. I call mine a Ram Air III, to most because that they can relate to. But to be in the moparitis mindset of correctness, it Should be called a 400 H.O or a L74-.

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      • Poncho

        My original 1969 TA has decals on the hood that say "Ram Air III". I wouldn't think that it is wrong as the decals are as faded as the rest of the paint and stripes. Can't argue with original and unrestored.

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      • SteVen

        347Mustang, please provide a link to any Pontiac ad from when this engine was offered(1969-1970 model years) that ever used that term. I am quite confident that you will not find one.

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      • SteVen

        Poncho, that “III” would have been added later. It did not come from Pontiac that way. Sorry.

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      • SteVen

        Folks, just so folks realize, while many enthusiasts, even some Poncho owners, call this engine “Ram Air III,” within the Pontiac collector and restoration community this is not controversial. It is a long known fact that the use of the term is purely colloquial. I just pointed it out here so the BF community would be aware. I wasn’t starting a debate as there is no debate. Go ask any POCI show judge or professional Pontiac restorer or marque expert and they will confirm. Peace.

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      • Glen Riddle

        Pontiac never called any engine “Ram Air III.” That was applied later to denote the 400 HO with outside air induction. The 335 HP rated L74 was called “400 HO” by Pontiac. “Ram Air” induction was an option on that engine.

        Just look at the ’69 Firebird brochure:

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  13. bobhess bobhess Member

    I hate to avoid the controversy but that’s one fine looking car!

  14. Chris M.

    Great debate! Im guilty I always assumed that the term RA III was real Pontiac language. Thanks for the great info! Also love the term Moparitis Mindset!! Lol Its a real thing! I’ve suffered with it for too long!

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    • Jason Miller

      Poncho. Those decals have been available over the counter since 1969. And have been available since the 80s in various restoration catalogs remember the paddock yeah they had them. It’s a sticker someone well, stuck it on there. The only 69 trans am to have the ram air call out was the promotional car and they were red, yep red. My original trans am had never had them during my current ownership 1978- current to the previous 2 owners prior with all their pictures from new.

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    I wonder if this preproduction ad car with unique steering wheel, stripes on top of the rear spoiler & RED letter decals still exists …

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    • Jason Miller

      That steering wheel is unique. It’s actually a formula 1 enterprises steering wheel that’s often confused as a Momo prototipo.

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  16. Joe Sacheli

    Mark you need to look a little harder… There were 697 T/A’s built in 69′ 689 hard tops and 8 convers

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  17. Troy s

    There was a prototype of the Trans Am which went by a different code name, four letters starting with P is all I remember when I read about it in a book. Similar scoops, all hunkered down low like a road racer. The author, from the 60’s mag Cars, claimed the kids…the street racer crowd didn’t like it all that much. It was a quick car but it just got little attention over there at the Connecting in New York city. Or in the parking lot where all the racers hung out. Wonder if that’s the same car up there from Joe’s link, re-badged?

    • Jason Miller

      Troy S. Yep the Original development cars were named PFST meaning Pontiac Firebird Sport Turismo. No it’s definitely not the same car. There was a couple prototypes one white, one palladium silver, the latter was found, and restored by Scott Tiemann and sold at Barret- Jackson.

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      • Troy s

        Thanks for the feedback, Jason Miller!

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  18. Thomas Weeks

    Why does there always got to be som self acclaimed historian that has to prove how smart he is just to make someone feel stupid,? If I said I got a ram air 3 motor do we all know what motor I’m talking about?? Yes !!! Let all just play together guys

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  19. Little_Cars

    If this is a scam ad then the Barn Finds listing should be pulled down and not available to read, PERMANENTLY! Why waste our time on something that is not legally for sale? And another thing…if there is a center AC vent on the dash and the car didn’t come with air, was it plumbed to blow vented air like the side dash vents? Seems odd.

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    • Glen Riddle

      Little_Cars, I believe it was. Click on it and BF says it is expired. I’m guessing they did that in response to things mentioned in the comments.

      I believe Ebay then also pulled the listing.

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  20. Edwin

    In high school, Bergen Country NJ 1973, a friend had a 69. He sold it to another guy in school when he got a new 73.

    The 69 got rolled one July night right in town by the new owner.

    I cried then and cry now when I think about that loss…

    • GregNJ2SC

      Where in bergen county, my dad grew up in lyndhurst and had a 69 trans am then a 73. He went to saint Mary’s in rutherford

      • Edwin

        Remarkable. This was in Ramsey, 10 miles away from Lyndhurst, straight up 17. That 69 passed thru three owners in my HS, first was “KA”, then sold to “TB”, then sold to “AH”, who wrecked it. Given the scarcity of a 69, I wonder if your dad sold it to “KA” (Kevin) from Ramsey. My best recollection is that would have been 1972 or 1973. I don’t know where Kevin originally got the 69, or if it was new/used.

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